One of the best parts about owning a cat is developing a nurturing and healthy relationship with her. This section of our website offers ample information on how to raise a healthy and well-adjusted feline friend who will make a good companion for everyone in your household. We share expert advice on topics such as what to do if your cat is clingy, how to stop your feline from chewing on electrical cords, how to train her to use her litter box, how to stop her from scratching furniture, how (and if) you should introduce her to the outdoors, and so on.

Feline Personality:

Are Cats Nocturnal?

This post is all about the sleep cycle of a cat so that you will understand your feline companion more. What times he/she is most active and how she will adapt with your living conditions.

My Clingy Cat

If you have an overly needy cat that can be a problem for you and your kitty. Read here how to help your cat become the best version of herself and handle her fears.

Do Cats Get Jealous

Our felines are very complex creatures and it is completely normal to expect from them some human like behaviors. In this article, you will learn if your cat is being jealous and how to tell when she is.

Male vs Female Cats

Most living creatures have their behavioral gender based differences and so do our dearest furballs. In this article, you will learn exactly how to felines differ based on gender and which cat gender is better for you.

How Do Cats Mate

Felines have specific mating rituals and set of behaviors which they exhibit during this time. In this article, we will go through this process and help you to better understand it.

Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners

Our kitties are known to show us love in many different ways and kneading could be one of them. In this post, we will talk about why do cats knead and why does she do it to you.

Destructive Behavior In Cats:

Cat Chew Cords

What seems like a good feline entertainment may not be as innocent as your cat sees it. But of course, your cat is not aware of the electricity and its dangers. This is our take on this problem and we propose a few solutions on how to stop your cat from chewing wires around your home.

Why Do Cats Chirp

This is a very odd behavior but a completely normal one for an indoor cat. Still, there are various sorts of chirping and if you are looking to understand this part of feline behavior then please read this article.