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Cat In Different Languages From All Around The World

Cat in different languages

Cats are popular pets in many different countries and we must learn more about cat in different languages. Where a black cat is considered unlucky in the United States and many other countries, it’s considered good luck in the United Kingdom. In Japan, it’s the three colored calico that’s considered lucky. In Russia, it is […]

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  • Updated September 6, 2023

Do Cats Get Periods? What Is The Estrus Cycle?

Do Cats Get Periods

Do cats get periods? That is one tricky question. If you’re a woman, you probably remember back in middle school when you and the other girls were taken to separate room from the boys and taught about menstruation and what to do about it. In America, a girl may be given her first real purse […]

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  • Updated September 6, 2023

Cat Sticking Tongue Out? Is It a Symptom of Something?

Cats Stick Their Tongue Out Find Out Why

Cat sticking tongue out? No, they’re not making fun of you! Neither are they making a visual pun on the idiom “Cat got your tongue.” It may be for an innocuous reason. For instance, she may have simply been startled while grooming and just forgot to put it back in. Or it could be a […]

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  • Updated September 6, 2023

Types of Worms in Cats And How To Recognize Them

Types of Worms in Cats

The worms your cat needs to worry about are a parasite that resides in the intestinal system of your pet. They absorb the nutrients of the food your cat eats, nutrients that would better go to nourish your cat. Parasitical worms can cause a well fed cat to gradually die of malnutrition. Generally, it is […]

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  • Updated September 7, 2023
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