Why Is My Cat Always Hungry

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry? What Affects a Cat’s Eating Habits

Have you ever wondered, “why is my cat always hungry?” If you have, you are not alone. I know I have asked this question to myself and my cats. There ...
Warning Signs When Introducing Cats

13 Warning Signs When Introducing Cats: How-To Guide Tips and More!

Once you’ve adopted or rescued a cat, it wouldn’t be long enough before you desire a second cat. You would either want this so that your resident kitty will have ...
How to Deworm a Cat

How to Deworm a Cat: All The Info You Need To Know

Worms make people uncomfortable when they see them. So, it’s understandable why cat deworming is one of the least delightful topics in pet care. However, as a feline parent, you ...
How to Tell If Cat Has Fleas

11 Sure Signs on How to Tell If Cat Has Fleas Revealed

It’s a known fact that cats are one of the cleanest creatures on earth with an apparent and instinctual obsession to groom themselves now and then. This feline habit works ...
When Do Cats Go Into Heat

When Do Cats Go Into Heat & All You Need To Know About Heat Cycle

Like humans, a cat’s body goes through different changes when it reaches reproductive maturity. Now, if you’re a pet parent with an unspayed cat to worry about, you’re most likely ...
How Many Kittens Do Cats Have

It’s Kitten Season! How Many Kittens Do Cats Have?

Kitten season is here! If your un-spayed female cat looks like it’s expecting, given her enlarged tummy, then you’re probably wondering: How many kittens do cats have? And you know ...
Do Cats Bleed When In Heat

Do Cats Bleed When In Heat? Cat’s Heat Cycle & Bleeding Explained

When it’s that time of the month, it’s normal for women of age to get a visit from Aunt Flo. And so we wonder if the same applies to female ...
Can You Flush Cat Litter

Can You Flush Cat Litter? What Are The Pros and Cons of Flushable Cat Litter?

Wouldn’t it be great if cats can poop in the toilet just like us humans, or at least if we can simply flush cat waste together with kitty litter down ...

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