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It’s Kitten Season! How Many Kittens Do Cats Have?

How Many Kittens Do Cats Have

Kitten season is here! If your un-spayed female cat looks like it’s expecting, given her enlarged tummy, then you’re probably wondering: How many kittens do cats have? And you know what? We’ve got that covered here. Besides knowing the possible number of kittens settling in that big tummy of your pregnant kitty to the various […]

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  • Updated July 21, 2022

Are Lilacs Poisonous to Cats? Everything That You Need To Know

Are Lilacs Poisonous to Cats

Cats are innately curious creatures. They love to play with almost anything that they find interesting, and it’s not surprising if they end up eating it, as well. So, if you are fond of decorating your house with aromatic and beautiful indoor plants, such as the common lilacs, you can expect to see your feline […]

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  • June 23, 2022