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Why Are Cats So Cute? Do Cats Think People Are Cute?

Why Are Cats So Cute

Cuteness may be subjective, but definitely not with cats and kittens. Cat owners and other decent human beings could all agree that cats are so adorable. But what makes them so? Why are cats so cute? Well, as it turns out, there’s a science behind a cat’s cuteness, or how we perceive these soft and […]

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  • January 12, 2022

Snowbelle’s Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround

NomNom Cat Food Review

NOTICE: NOM NOM CAT FOOD WILL HALT ITS PRODUCTION ON 28 MARCH 2022. My name is Laura, and NomNomNow helped my cat, Snowbelle go from “drowsy and diabetic” to the active, energetic, and playful pet she once was. I hope that our journey will inspire you to take an active role in your pet’s health, […]

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  • Updated February 23, 2022

50+ Paw-some Gifts for Cat Lovers to Fit Any Budget!

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifts don’t have to coincide with a holiday or an occasion. You can give one just because. And sometimes, it’s the unexpected present that brings the most joy. So, whether you want to celebrate someone’s achievement, special day, or just want to show them how much you care, a gift is a perfect way of […]

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  • Updated July 29, 2022

10 Steps To Pet Disaster Preparedness For Every Pawrent!

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Do you know any pet disaster preparedness steps? This is something serious to ponder about. Looking back on the previous years (2018-2019), apart from all the good stuff that happened, a lot of natural catastrophes also occurred from coast to coast. From floods, to tornadoes, storms and even bush fires. We, pawrents, cats and dogs […]

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  • Updated April 21, 2021
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