Are Lilacs Poisonous to Cats

Are Lilacs Poisonous to Cats? Everything That You Need To Know

Cats are innately curious creatures. They love to play with almost anything that they find interesting, and it’s not surprising if they end up eating it, as well. So, if ...
Why Do Cats Drool

Why Do Cats Drool? Is There Something Wrong With My Kitty?

Dogs are known to drool a lot. A cat drooling, though, isn’t a usual sight, but it happens. So when your cat’s mouth starts to drool, cat owners can’t help ...
Why Are My Cats Ears Hot

Why Are My Cats Ears Hot? Do Warm Ears Indicate That My Cat Is Sick?

With the amount of time we spend petting our cats each day, it becomes easier to notice something new or wrong with them. Have they grown bigger than last week, ...
Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair? 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Licks Your Hair

Your cat licking your hair the first time may seem cute, but this can get annoying overtime. And so you ask: Why does my cat lick my hair? Is this ...
How to Tame a Cat

How to Tame a Cat? Can a Feral Be Domesticated? 7 Critical Steps Revealed

Almost every day we can see cats roaming around scavenging for food, but the moment we go near them to offer fresh food and water, they would run away and ...
Litter-Robot 4 Review

Litter-Robot 4 Review 2023: Is It Really Worth The Hype or Not?

Having cats = fun. Cleaning the litterbox? Not so much.  As much as we pet parents love our cats, we don’t know of anyone who actually enjoys the task of ...
Why Does My Cat Lick My Face

Why Does My Cat Lick My Face? Does It Like Me Or Do I Just Taste Good?

Your cat licking your face may seem weird and might even freak you out. For one thing, its sandpaper-like texture feels tingly and uncomfortable. What’s more, many perceive cats as ...
Do Cats Sweat

Do Cats Sweat? A Detailed Guide On Cat Sweating, Panting, & More  

We, humans, tend to sweat like crazy during hot weather, and this is all thanks to the 3 million sweat glands all over our bodies. Cats, on the one hand, ...

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