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Which breed is best for a house with children or other pets? What are the different temperaments, lifespans, behavioral characteristics, and health needs of different breeds? Which kind of furry friend will be a best fit for your lifestyle? Quiz yourself about fun facts about any breed you want to know more of, from calico kitties Siamese cats to Maine coons!

Cat Breeds:

Top 10 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds: Choosing Your Perfect Feline Companion

If you’re still longing for a pet cat, there are some hypoallergenic cat breeds to choose from. These cat breeds are known to produce fewer allergens than most types. Keep in mind that no cat breed is completely hypoallergenic.

Polydactyl Cats: 9 Amazing Facts About This Breed

This refers to felines with six or more extra toes when we expect just less than that. The term polydactyly is derived from the Greek language that means “many fingers or extra toes”.

The Chimera Cat Profile: Everything You Need To Know About This Exotic Cat

Have you ever heard about the Chimera cat? The thought itself sounds like a myth, but here they dwell with us in this world in their own subtle way.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat: All You Need To Know About This Siamese Cat Breed

In case you haven’t known, Chocolate Point cats are rarer than the Seals. Only a handful of these cats have been spotted since the 1880s. They were only recognized by cat registries in the 1950s.

Lilac Point Siamese Cats – Everything You Need To Know!

Lilac Point Siamese Cats have one of the most subtle colors of the Siamese breed. They happen to be the diluted version of both the Chocolate Point and Blue Point cat.

Blue Point Siamese Cats – All You Need To Know About This Siamese Cat Breed

Have you met a Blue-coated Siamese cat? Can you tell the difference between all types of Siamese cats? We’re here to learn about one of the interesting variants of the Siamese. It’s not every day that you can find this type of Siamese lurking near you. Although they might want to be friends with you on day one thanks to their nature!

Siamese Cat Breed

One breed of cat that is highly distinctive and instantly recognizable to most people. This cat is in fact one of the most ancient breeds of cat, and many of today’s modern pedigree breeds have the Siamese cats to thank for.

Best Cat Breeds

If you want to know which are the best cat breeds in terms of popularity and which might be the most suitable for your household and personality, well, I have this list for you.

Black Maine Coon

The black Maine Coon is a unique version of the breed with pure black fur, inheriting such genes from purebred Maine Coon parents with the dominant black-fur gene.

Ragdoll Breed

If any animal deserved its name, it’s the Ragdoll cat. They’re soft and cuddly and go limp when picked up (hence the name ‘ragdoll'). They’re calm cats yet friendly. Your Ragdoll might follow you around like a puppy.

Flat faced cat breeds

How could you resist that cute fluffy flat face? It is understandable if you were drawn to these cats and if you are planning to get one so the best thing you can do is read about the flat faced breeds. It is always good to be informed. Does the breed you like go well with children? How independent is the breed? Are they energetic or passive?

Long Haired Cat Breeds

Long haired felines are a sight to behold and pet to tightly hold. There are many people who melt at the sight of a fluffy feline and its no wonder. In this article you will learn what are the most popular long haired cat breeds and what are their characteristics.

Grey Cat Breed

Grey kitties have that sophisticated beauty which is hard to resist. But these breeds vary a lot by their personalities and you should know how your new kitty is going to react to your lifestyle. In this article, you will learn everything about the most popular grey cat breeds.

Everything About The Tuxedo Cats

Tuxies are a very interesting type of felines and they make awesome pets. In this article we will discuss everything about them from their origins to some amazing tuxedo cat facts!

Tortoiseshell Cats Facts, Genetics And Personality

Cats with Tortitutude, yes tortitude, they are very unique with both personality and their looks. Tortoiseshell cats are beautiful and tied to many cultural stories and in this article we will discuss them in detail.

Interesting Calico Cats Facts You Wish You Knew!

Calicos are one of the most beautiful and pure kitties and are believed to bring good luck all over the world. This and many other facts about them will be discussed in the article.

The Siberian Cat Breed And Personality

Siberians are beautiful, smart and lovable cats. But do you know where they originate from and how to recognize one? Read here everything about their breed and personality.

Tabby Cat Personality and Behavior

“Tabby” is not technically a cat breed but a distinction on behalf of their coat pattern. There are various coat patterns a tabby may have. The patterns and the unique personalities of tabby kitties are discussed in this article.

Tabby Cats Patterns, History And Personality

A more indepth look at the tabby kitty. In this article we will discuss everything from their history to their genetics and their personality.

Orange Tabby Cats Facts, Personality And Genetics

Orange tabby is a unique type of a kitty! They like to eat a lot and did you know that they are ALL tabbies? These and many other facts are talked about in the article.

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon

You may not be able to tell a difference between these two cats but these two beautiful breeds have their differences same as they have their similarities. In this article, we will cover the origins of both breeds and what are their similarities and differences.

Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic And Do They Shed a Lot

Word goes that Siamese kitties are hypoallergenic but is this really the case? These felines have a lot to offer to anyone who decides to give them love and in this article we will discuss them in detail.

Lykoi Cat Breed, History And Characteristics (Wolf Cat)

Lykoi is a fascinating breed! Relatively new to the world they are quickly winning everybody's hearts and with a good reason! They look like werewolves but are cute as your regular kitty! In this article we will discuss their origin, characteristics and genetics!

Cats That Look Like Tigers

Our feline friends are related to the wild cats such as Tigers and some of them can really resemble some of their wilder cousins. If you are interested in breeds that have that wild appearance, then this is a great list of cat breeds for you to discover.

Top 10 Long Haired Cat Breeds And Their Characteristics

Who doesn't love the fluffy kitty? They are fun, beautiful and soft.. In this article we will talk about the most popular long haired kitties and their characteristics.

5 Types of Cat Eye Colors Explained

Feline genetics are messy complex phenomena. So many different patterns and variations! Their eyes are no exception because they too are quite complex and in this article, we will go through the spectrum of feline eye colors and how their genetic eye color system works.