Sheena Paredes

Sheena Paredes


Social Media Content Marketing | SEO Web Content Writer


  • A degree holder of BS Pscyhology
  • Avid pet enthusiast
  • Full-time furmom
  • Has been a writer since 2015

Sheena is a seasoned SEO content writer with a career that began in 2015 when she started crafting keyword-rich snippets for independent contractors and businesses. Since then, she has authored a plethora of articles covering a wide range of niches. Nevertheless, her personal favorite genre involves producing blogs and informative pieces, with a particular emphasis on animals, notably cats and dogs.

Beyond her writing endeavors, Sheena is an actively engaged mother to two vibrant and spirited children. She also serves as a loving fur parent to four dogs and one cat. Her passion for animals traces its roots back to her childhood, as she grew up surrounded by various pets. Consequently, Sheena views writing these articles not merely as a professional obligation but as a hobby that brings her genuine enjoyment.

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