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Your presence in this site section is greatly valued, and we recognize the importance of your time. Thus, let's cut to the chase.

Being a part of the Chewy and Amazon Associates Program enables us to sustain and enhance our website through earnings earned from linking to Chewy and Amazon products. There are no concealed motives. Our aim is straightforward: to furnish the most exhaustive and all-encompassing content pertaining to our beloved topic – everything concerning our pet cats!

By dedicating our time and allocating our resources towards creating comprehensive reviews and meticulous buyer's guides, our sole dedication revolves around aiding you in discovering the suitable product at the appropriate cost.

Our Goal

Our objective is to generate indispensable content encompassing cat care products, food and accessories that are currently accessible. Additionally, we strive to simplify the process of looking after your pet to the utmost extent possible.

Our Methods

One approach towards accomplishing our objective is by publishing enlightening articles that guide you in selecting and effectively utilizing your upcoming purchase.

A significant portion of our website is dedicated to product evaluations and side-by-side analyses, and we want to be transparent about the methodology behind crafting these pages and posts.

The Criteria for Our Product Reviews


Every member of our team possesses extensive expertise in pet care, ranging from dogs and cats to lizards and rodents. Our ability to discuss pets stems from the countless hours we've spent tending to our own pets, both in personal and professional capacities.


With an in-depth understanding of these products and subjects, we possess the authority to provide insights into their quality, purposes, and overall worth. Our awareness of emerging products allows us to stay ahead in the market. Our keen focus on the latest advancements in this field enables us to discern exceptional products from the rest. We're equally familiar with products that don't make the cut.

There's a timeless principle that encourages us to “write what you know,” and pets are what we truly know.


We view our position of authority as a serious responsibility. Consequently, when a product is commendable, we don't hesitate to praise it. Conversely, when a product falls short, we're candid about its shortcomings. We maintain no allegiances to any brand or manufacturer. It's their role to impress our team – or not.

The online landscape is replete with competing sites claiming trustworthiness. Rather than making baseless assertions, we prefer to demonstrate why we stand as the most reliable source.

Glimpse into Our Reviewing Methodology

Nothing excites us more than putting products to the test. With our team full of animal enthusiasts, we're genuinely thrilled whenever we lay our hands on a new food or gadget. While we strive to evaluate numerous products using our own pets, it's a fact that we can't cover every single one. Our commitment to expanding our hands-on testing endeavors knows no bounds.

Seeking User Input

When firsthand experience is lacking, we turn to fellow users and meticulously study customer reviews on major retail platforms like Amazon and Chewy. These reviews offer us invaluable insights into features and limitations that our team might not have encountered personally. We persistently pursue a comprehensive grasp of the products under our review.

Engaging with Experts

The term “expert” is often thrown around casually these days, but we exercise caution in its use. Our aim is to provide you with accurate information, and although our team boasts significant experience, not every member qualifies as a “pet expert.” Whenever feasible, we seek counsel from our in-house veterinarians, Dr. Sara Ochoa, and Keeno Moralde. The most reliable guidance always comes from true experts.

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Disclaimer of Liability

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