What's in a name? One of the most important (and fun) things you get to do as a new pet parent is to come up with a new moniker for your little furball. If you need some inspiration, then we invite you to explore our names section in earnest. Browse through hundreds of ideas for kitty names that include everything from cute to chic and silly to stately. Your cat's name is going to stick with her the rest of her life, so make sure you find a name that suits her adorable personality!

Cat Name Guides:

Cat Names From Movies: The Funny, The Cool, and The Scary

Are you the proud new owner of a kitty who needs a name? How about naming your pet after a fictional kitty character? Our movies are littered with them. And because we’re super helpful (tee hee), find the perfect mouser name in this list of movies that we made to help you out.

200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky

We’ve made up this exhaustive list that includes everything from unique and cute names to traditional ones to help you in your search.

Anime Cat Names That Your Cat Will Want to Answer To

Got new kitties? A fan of anime? What could be better than naming your adorable cats after a character from your favorite Japanese animation? There are just so many cute anime cat names you can come up with. And if you need ideas, you might like to browse this list for help in naming your furry companions.

200+ Unique & Unusual Cat Names

Are you looking for a unique name for your kitty cat? That's a great idea! Your cat needs a name as unique as he/she is! Check out our list of unique cat names and pick one that will have everyone fascinated when they ask for your cat's name!

200+ Funny Cat Names

Your kitty cracks you up and you need a matching name? Here is a list of the cutest and funniest names you can give to your cat!

281 Cool Cat Names For Your Awesome Cat

Every cat is cool but some of them are really channeling their inner James Bond so in order to match their personality with a name we have created this huge list of names for your kitty.

248 Nerdy Cat Names For your Furball

Some cats are nerdy by nature and you will notice this through their behavior. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of nerdy names for your feline so that you can find the one which fits her personality the most.

50 Famous Cat Names For Your Legendary Feline

If your feline companion is well known in her town or at least her neighborhood you may want to pick an appropriate name for her. In this article, we have some of the best names for a kitty superstar!

200+ Female Cat Names

You will need a beautiful name for your girl! One that matches her looks and personality. Use this article to help you figure out how will you call your kitty in the years to come.

369 Male Cat Names For Your Fearsome Feline

Once you adopt you kitty you will have to name him. You should always go for a name that matches the kitty's unique personality so you will first have to get to know him a little better. In this article you will find a big list of names for your male cat.

500 Awesome Unisex Cat Names For Your Cat

Here is a huge list of unisex names for your furry friend! Sometimes you need a name that can fit both masculine and feminine personality of a kitty or if you would for whatever reason need a unisex name for your beautiful feline this is an article for you!

200+ Siamese Cat Names

Did you know that Siamese kitties originate from Thailand? They are loving, special and unique! We love them and we have assembled a big list of names for your siamese!

212 Great Names for Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are so beautiful, elegant and they have their unique personality which means that you need a name which is best suited to your kitty. In this article, you will find a perfect name for your Bengal kitty describing her to the teeth!

228 Egyptian Cat Names For Your Divine Beauty

If your kitty has some friends or family from the Egypt chances are that you will be looking for an Egyptian name for her. In this list we have all of the names from the Egyptian gods to the regular names used in Egypt today!

320 Russian Cat Names For Your Feline Comrade

Russia is an interesting place and there is no shortage of Russian names for cats to enjoy. If your kitty is of Russian origin or if you are then this may be a great place to start looking for the name.

92 Japanese Cat Names For Your Kawaii Kitty

If your kitty is from Japan or if you are just looking for a name to fit her kawaii personality then this article may be a good place to start. We have a list of Japanise inspired cat names for you and your feline to choose from.

231 Italian cat names For Your Roman Kitty

Italian names are very inspiring and this holds true with our feline friends as well. If your feline needs an Italian name then this is a place to look. In this article we have a huge list of hand picked Italian names for your kitty.

270 French Cat Names For Your Exotic Feline

French is a wonderful language and it is a host of numerous wonderful names for your feline companion. If you or your kitty are of French descent maybe the French name is appropriate for her and in this article you will find a huge selection.

Cat In Different Languages From All Around The World

Our dearest felines are called differently around the world and in this article, we will discuss the origins of the words and differences between the countries. If you are looking for an unusual name for your cat which means litteraly “The cat” then this is a great place to start.

200+ Black Cat Namesicle 

Black cats are beautiful, powerful and elegant and you need a name for such a beauty. Here is a comprehensive list of most awesome names for your feline companion.

200+ Orange Cat Names

Did you get a beautiful new orange kitty or maybe even two? Don't worry because we have you covered. Here is a list of the best creative names for you to check out!

200+ White Cat Names

You welcomed a new white and fluffy cat and now you need a beautiful name for her! Don't worry, we got you covered. Check out our comprehensive list of unique and beautiful names for your white kitty.

200+ Black and White Cat Names

If you have a black and white cat then you will need a proper name. These cats come in so many varieties of spots and their personalities. In this article you will find a list of over 200 names for your new cat!

83 Amazing Names for Gray Cats

Your beautiful gray kitten is going to need an equally beautiful name! In this article, we have compiled a great list for you and your kitty to choose from!

200+ Tortoiseshell cat names

If you are lucky to be chosen by one of these beautiful kitties then you are going to need a special name for your special tortoiseshell. Here you will find a huge selection of the most amazing names for your tortoiseshell cat.

200+ Harry Potter cat names

If you are a Harry Potter fan and you recently became a cat parent then you may be interested in some fantasy names. In this article you will find a big selection of cat names inspired by Harry Potter fantasy universe.

151 Halloween Cat Names For Your Mysterious Kitty

Halloween is as good time as any to adopt a feline companion and if this is a reason why you need a halloween inspired name for her then we have you covered! In this article we have a huge list of the most popular halloween names for felines.

115 Christmas Cat Names For Your Bundle Of Joy

Christmas is often the time people become pet parents and hopefully, they are ready for the responsibility too. If you are looking for an Christmas inspired name for your feline then you should check out this article.

200+ Disney Cat Names

Disney has a beautiful universe and so many characters in it. If you are Disney fan then you may be thinking about naming your cat after some character that meets your cat's personality, charm and looks.

Aristocats Names For Your Classy Feline

Some cats have that Aristocatic vibe to them and if you have seen the movie you know the type. If you are looking for a name inspired by the Artistocats movie then this is an article for you where we laid out all of the cat worthy names.

150+ Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are colorful and beautiful so naturally, they need an appropriate name. You should read this article and choose one of the names from this list that is most suited to your calico cat's personality.