200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky

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200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 1

The German people are often associated with discipline and efficiency, but did you know that their language can be extremely beautiful and expressive? German is the language of poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Hilde Domin, as well as the nationality of legendary composers Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.

As a cat lover, you can translate this appreciation for the Deutsch language by giving your felines German cat names. We’ve made up this exhaustive list that includes everything from unique and cute names to traditional ones to help you in your search.

Let’s start with the German words for cat first.

German Words For Cat

The English language has a number of names for cats such as kitty, feline, or pussycat. The German tongue is the same. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. 200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 2Katze – cat
  2. Mieze – kitty
  3. Miezekatze – pussycat
  4. Muschi – pussy
  5. Stubentiger – housecat
  6. Kätzchen – kitten

German Cat Names: Colors

Would you like to give your feline friend a German name that corresponds to his shade? Or maybe you’ve got a favorite color and the English word Pink just doesn’t sound as interesting. Here are the German equivalents of those English colors:

  1. Rosa – pink
  2. Rot – red
  3. Gelb – yellow200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 3
  4. Grün – green
  5. Blau – blue
  6. Grau – gray
  7. Braun – brown
  8. Schwarz – black
  9. Weiß – white
  10. Lila – purple
  11. Silber – silver
  12. Kupfer – Copper

Beige is still beige in German. The same goes for orange, bronze, and gold.

German Cat Names: Food

If colors aren’t your thing, maybe you’d like to name your cat for popular German food? That would be a pretty fun way of giving your kitty a name (or funny, depending on your point of view). Try these ones out if you want something distinctive:

  1. Currywurst – a staple meat dish made of pork sausage
  2. Schnitzel – a breaded cutlet
  3. Bratwurst – a grilled sausage
  4. Sauerkraut – fermented cabbage
  5. Spätzle – an egg noodle dish served with lots of cheese
  6. Butterkäse – soft, buttery cheese
  7. Rouladen – a dish with bacon and beef
  8. Eintopf – means “one pot,” a type of stew
german cat names

You can also name your cat Kartoffelpuffer if all he does is lie down. That is German for potato pancake. Or Kartoffel Klosse for potato dumpling if your cat’s a fatty.

Although we can’t imagine yelling out that mouthful if your kitties have done something naughty. (“Kartoffelpuffer! Kartoffelkloesse! What did you guys do?”)

How about sweets? Maybe naming your fur friend after a dessert will make him sweeter.

  1. Lebkuchen – gingerbread cookie
  2. Apfelkuchen – an apple cake
  3. Stollen – a fruit cake
  4. Bienenstich – a cake with honey and almonds
  5. Brezel – a pretzel
  6. Käsekuchen – a cheesecake
  7. Eiskaffee – German iced coffee
  8. Dampfnudel – a dumpling with vanilla sauce
  9. Streusel – a pastry with a crumbly topping
  10. Zimststerne – a cookie with cinnamon

German Cat Names: Places

You can also combine your love of travel with naming your cat. Here are the ten biggest cities in Germany that you can name your cat after.

  1. Berlin – the capital of the German-speaking country
  2. Hamburg – the second largest city in Germany
  3. Munich – a metropolis city that is the capital of Bavaria and home to the annual Oktoberfest
  4. Cologne – the largest city on the Rhine famous for its 12 Romanesque churches
  5. Frankfurt – Germany’s financial and business center
  6. Essen – the central city of the Ruhr
  7. Stuttgart – a manufacturing hub home to Porsche and Mercedez-Benz
  8. Dortmund – a city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region known for its football team
  9. Düsseldorf – a wealthy city known for its art and fashion industries
  10. Bremen – a city famed for its maritime trade

We also think giving cats names based on popular tourist attractions in Germany is cool. How about these ones?

  1. Danube – for the river that originates in western Germany and flows through 9 other countries
  2. Rhine – river running thru Lake Constance
  3. Rügen – the largest of the German Baltic Islands
  4. Rothenburg – an imperial city that lies on the Romantic Road tourist route
  5. Insel Mainau – a flower island on Lake Constance
  6. Dresden – the capital of Saxony, which hosts the Zwinger Palace
  7. Mosel – a valley full of medieval villages and breathtaking castles
  8. Görlitz – a town with cobblestone floors and fantastic architecture
  9. Triberg – the highest waterfall in Germany
  10. Andernach – a place in Germany famed for cold water geysers

German Cat Names: Comic Characters

Comic books abound with German characters. Want a name that recalls someone with superpowers? This list is for you. We marked female characters with an (f) next to their names.

  1. Abraham Erskine200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 4
  2. Achilles
  3. Amanda Sefton (f)
  4. Baron von Blitzschlag
  5. Black Swan
  6. Blitzkrieger
  7. Blockbuster
  8. Bulwark
  9. Deacon Frost
  10. Doctor Mabuse
  11. Donner (f)
  12. Doppelganger
  13. Enemy Ace
  14. Eric Koenig
  15. Erich Eisenhardt
  16. Faust
  17. Fledermaus
  18. Grösshorn Eule
  19. Gummi (f)
  20. Harbin Zemo
  21. Iron Cross
  22. Ishmael Questor
  23. Isolationist
  24. Jaeger
  25. Jakita Wagner (f)
  26. Javelin
  27. Juni (f)200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 5
  28. Key
  29. Libra
  30. Madame Libertine
  31. Man-Killer (f)
  32. Margali Szardos (f)
  33. Maverick
  34. Maximilian Frankenstein
  35. Maximus Lobo
  36. MVP
  37. Mysterio (the third one, Francis Klum)
  38. Nightcrawler
  39. Otto Vermis
  40. Ozymandias
  41. Plasmus
  42. Reaper
  43. Robert Hellsgaard
  44. Sara Krowler Mordo (f)
  45. Slag 
  46. Stormfront200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 6
  47. Teuton
  48. The Heap
  49. The Skywitch (f)
  50. Transporter
  51. Veda (f)
  52. Vormund
  53. Wall
  54. Will von Hammer
  55. Wild Huntsman

Had enough of quirky and unique cat names? Let’s move on to traditional German names. Search for the perfect female or male cat name for your kitty from the lists below. These names are meant for people but would fit any feline companion of yours. Each name is listed next to its meaning.

Traditional German Female Cat Names

  1. Adele – nobility or noble
  2. Agnes – holy200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 7
  3. Anke – favor
  4. Bertha – bright one
  5. Ella – all
  6. Charlotte – free woman
  7. Freya – mistress
  8. Frieda – joy
  9. Gertrud – spear
  10. Greta – pearl
  11. Griselda – grey battle
  12. Güte – goodness
  13. Hedwig – combat
  14. Helga – prosperous
  15. Heidi – of noble kin
  16. Hilda – fighter
  17. Herzogin – duchess
  18. Ida – industrious one
  19. Ilsa – pledged to God
  20. Irma – from Irmin, godess of war
  21. Johanna – God is gracious
  22. Katharina – pure
  23. Klara – bright or clear
  24. Königin – queen
  25. Kristin – follower of Christ
  26. Liebe – love
  27. Liesa – bountiful
  28. Liesel – oath to God
  29. Louise – famous warrior
  30. Magda – maiden
  31. Mathilda – powerful in battle
  32. Nadine – courage of a bear200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 8
  33. Selma – helmet of God
  34. Sigrid – beautiful and peace
  35. Silke – heavenly
  36. Sofie – wisdom
  37. Sonja – wisdom
  38. Ursula – little bear
  39. Wanda – wanderer
  40. Zelda – strong woman

Traditional German Male Cat Names

  1. Adal – precious
  2. Alan – little rock
  3. Ardal – intelligent200 Plus German Cat Names: The Conventional and The Quirky 9
  4. Aren – eagle
  5. Augustus – grand
  6. Axel – Father of peace
  7. Björn – bear
  8. Conrad – brave counsel
  9. Damir – give peace
  10. Dolf – majestic wolf
  11. Dwight – golden-haired or blond
  12. Emery – brave or powerful
  13. Emil – industrious
  14. Eric – peaceful ruler
  15. Finn – bright
  16. Franz – free man
  17. Frederick – calm monarch
  18. Friedrich – merciful leader
  19. Fritz – ruler of peace
  20. Geoff – traveler
  21. Graf – count
  22. Gunther – warrior
  23. Hans – God is gracious
  24. Henry – household ruler
  25. Hugo – mind
  26. Jonas – dove
  27. Kaiser – emperor or ruler
  28. Karl – strong man
  29. Klaus – victory of the people
  30. Kurt – polite or courteous
  31. Leon – liongerman cat names
  32. Levin – old friend
  33. Mann – vassal
  34. Maximilian – greatest
  35. Oskar – champion warrior
  36. Prinz – prince
  37. Retter – savior
  38. Sigmund – victory
  39. Theo – bold people
  40. Tobias – God is good

The Top 10 Most Popular Names Germans Give Their Cats

Curious what the German folk like to name their cats? Felix and Max are extremely popular and can be found in almost every kind of German pet name list.

The rest of the names are all here, listed according to rankings with the number one posted first:

  1. Felix
  2. Minkagerman flag
  3. Moritz
  4. Charly
  5. Tiger
  6. Max
  7. Susi
  8. Lisa
  9. Blacky
  10. Muschi

That’s it. Whew, that was a lot of names. 200+ in fact! We hope you find the best name for your awesome feline in this guide we’ve given you. Happy cat naming!

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