200+ Badass Cat Names: From the Tough to the Mean And Downright Evil

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Badass Cat Names

Saccharine-sweet names probably don’t do it for you nor your kitten. You’ve got one heck of a fighter as a pet, and whether you want to honor your cat’s excellent survival instincts, tough exterior, or plucky attitude, the name has got to match.

Pick your favorite among our list of ideas for awesome badass cat names designed to give any hard-ass kitty a proper moniker.

*Note: Girl cat names are marked with an (f) next to them.

Badass Cat Names – Male

You want something tough as nails to match your cool, badass cat. No problems there. Find his perfect match on this list. Some are modern, some are traditional, but all of them can be the perfect name for your impressive little ball of fur.

  1. Ajax
  2. Axel
  3. Bladekarate cat
  4. Boris
  5. Cassius
  6. Damon
  7. Dean
  8. Diesel
  9. Hunter
  10. Jax
  11. King
  12. Kodiak
  13. Maddox
  14. Neo
  15. Puma
  16. Ranger
  17. Rocco
  18. Rocket
  19. Rogue
  20. Ryder

Badass Girl Cat Names

A badass name to match a badass cat. Pick your favorite among this list of popular tough chick names, ranging from rock queen to warrior princess.

  1. Alanisski google cat
  2. Blair
  3. Blaze
  4. Calypso
  5. Crimson
  6. Elektra
  7. Genesis
  8. Lola
  9. Nikita
  10. Nyx
  11. Phoenix
  12. Raven
  13. Rebelbadass cat girl
  14. Roxy
  15. Ruby
  16. Sabrina
  17. Storm
  18. Tempest
  19. Trinity
  20. Xena

Gangster Cat Names

From running illegal gambling operations and robbing folks to dealing drugs and plotting murder, most of these infamous gangsters have done them all.

If you’re fascinated about the truly dark world these shady characters live in, a gangster name for your cat might be the best way to show it. Choose from this list of badass cat names taken from the most notorious criminals of all time.

  1. Al Capone or ‘Scarface’ – the most famous (or infamous) leader of organized crime
  2. Benjamin Siegel or ‘Bugsy’ – legitimized illegal gambling and helped developed Sin City
  3. Bonnie Parker (f) – the female robbing half of the Bonnie and Clyde duo
  4. Carlo Gambino – a Sicilian child crime prodigy
  5. Charles Luciano – the father of organized crime
  6. Ellsworth Johnson or ‘Bumpy’ – an infamous gun runner, drug dealer, and criminal mastermindBadass Cat Names
  7. Frank Lucas – a heroine dealer who executed people in broad daylight
  8. George Clarence or ‘Bugsy’ – a sadistic monster and Al Capone’s rival
  9. Helen Wawrzyniak (f) – wife of ‘Baby Face Nelson’ and his cunning accomplice
  10. Henry Antrim or ‘Billy the Kid’ – a 19th-century gunman, and horse and cattle rustler
  11. Jack Diamond or ‘Gentleman Jack’ – a bottlegger and kidnapper
  12. James Burke or “The Irishman” – head of the Luchesse crime family
  13. James Coonan or ‘Jimmy C’ – Irish-American mobster
  14. Jesse James – a bank and train robber said to be like Robin Hood
  15. John Dillinger – a bank robber and killer
  16. John Joseph Gotti, Jr. or “The Dapper Don” – killed his way to head the Gambino crime family
  17. Griselda Blanco (f) or “The Cocaine Grandmother” – ran a cocaine conglomerate in Miami
  18. Pablo Escobar – a cocaine kingpin
  19. Stephanie St. Clair or ‘Queenie’ – a powerful crime boss in Harlem
  20. Vito Genovese – Italian-American mobster who plotted with Lucky Luciano to kill Salvatore Maranzano

Cat Demon Names

Got an extra wilful kitty? Your cat acting a little too tough and maybe just a little bit evil? Well, they didn’t get associated with the supernatural for being too sweet.

If you want a fitting appellation, the best route may be to give it a demon name. Know the super badass names for cats taken from folklore and mythologies all over the world.

  1. Abbadon – the angel of the abyss or the bottomless pit
  2. Ahriman – the personification of evilvampire cat
  3. Apollyon – the Greek counterpart of Abbadon
  4. Astaroth – the Duke of Hell
  5. Azazel – a fallen angel
  6. Baphomet – a goat-headed idol worshipped by the Knight Templars
  7. Beelzebub – the Lord of Flies
  8. Demogorgon – one of the first beings of the underworld
  9. Emma-O – the Japanese leader of the kings of hell
  10. Ifrit – a demon associated with the spirits of the dead
  11. Lilith (f) – a Hebrew devil and supposedly Adam’s first wife
  12. Ljubi (f) – a multi-headed female water demon
  13. Krampus – a horned half-goat, half-demon who punishes children
  14. Mephistopheles – a German demon
  15. Moloch – a Canaanite god associated with child sacrificevamp bat
  16. Orobas – a great prince of Hell
  17. Phenex – a great marquis of Hell
  18. Sammael – an archangel who is also an accuser, seducer, and destroyer
  19. Vapula (f) – a duchess of Hell with 36 legions of demons under her
  20. Xaphan – one of the fallen angels who rebelled

Stoner Cat Names

Demonic names too extreme for you? How about a badass name taken after known stoners? Okay, that may sound funny, but you have to admit, stoners have got a certain cool vibe going on plus a determinedly rebellious streak.

Also, quite a lot of them are super talented and famous. So, without further ado, here are the names of some popular and well-known ganja-lovin’ peeps.

  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Bob Marley
  3. Carl Sagan
  4. Cheech and Chong tabby in glasses
  5. Jay Z
  6. Jimi Hendrix
  7. Lady Gaga (f)
  8. Lil Wayne
  9. Miley Cyrus (f)
  10. Rhianna or Rhi Rhi (f)
  11. Seth Rogen
  12. Snoop Dogg
  13. Whoopi Goldberg (f)
  14. Willie Nelson
  15. Wiz Khalifa

Did you also know that there are around 1,000 slang names for ganja? Let’s take a look at some of them from this list of badass cat names taken from popular reefer slangs.

  1. Blow Kitty
  2. Blunt
  3. Bomber
  4. Camberwell Carrotcat with sunglasses
  5. Cannabis Kitty
  6. Clam Bake
  7. Cottonmouth
  8. Dagga
  9. Doobie Cat
  10. Dope
  11. Durban Poison
  12. Goof Butt
  13. Hemp Lord
  14. Loco Weed
  15. Mary Jane (f)
  16. Magic Dragon
  17. Maui Wowie
  18. Northern Lights
  19. Phattygrey cat with sunglasses
  20. Pocket Rocket
  21. Pot Puss
  22. Purple Haze
  23. Reefer
  24. Skunkweed
  25. Space Challa
  26. Spliff
  27. Smokey
  28. Tea Head
  29. Torpedo
  30. Wacky Baccy

Villain Cat Names

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to admit villains make any movie or TV show that much more interesting. Here’s a toast to the great antagonists who kept us glued to our seats (booing like mad) and made heroes work doubly hard to earn their keep.

  1. Agent Smith – The Matrix
  2. Anne Wilkes (f) – Misery
  3. Anton Chigurh – No Country for Old Menpirate cat
  4. Balrog – Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Rings
  5. Bane – The Dark Knight Rises
  6. Bellatrix Lestrange (f) – Harry Potter franchise
  7. Ben Linus – Lost
  8. Bill a.k.a. Snake Charmer – Kill Bill
  9. Black Jack Randall – Outlander
  10. Bob – Twin Peaks
  11. Boba Fett – Star Wars
  12. Cancer Man – The X-Files
  13. Catherine Tramell (f) – Basic Instinct
  14. Catwoman (f)- Batman franchise
  15. Cersei Lannister (f) – Game of Thrones
  16. Commodus – Gladiator
  17. Cruella de Vil (f)- 101 Dalmatians
  18. Darth Vader – Star Wars franchise
  19. Dolores Umbridge (f) – Harry Potter franchise
  20. Elle Driver a.k.a California Mountain Snake (f) – Kill Bill
  21. Eobard Thawne or Reverse Flash – The Flash
  22. Frank Costello – The Departed
  23. Gollum – Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  24. Grand Moff Tarkin – Star Wars franchisekitty bad
  25. Gus Fring – Breaking Bad
  26. Hannibal Lecter – Silence of the Lambs
  27. Harley Quinn (f) – Batman franchise
  28. Hector Barbossa – Pirates of the Caribbean franchise
  29. Hela (f) – Thor Ragnarok
  30. Jabba the Hutt – Star Wars Return of the Jedi
  31. Jack Torrance – The Shining
  32. Jadis The White Witch –
  33. Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones
  34. Joker – The Dark Knight
  35. Keyser Söze – The Usual Suspects
  36. Loki – Thor
  37. Lucretia (f) – Spartacus
  38. Magneto – X-Men franchise
  39. Maleficent (f) – Maleficent
  40. Mystique (f) – X-Men franchise
  41. O-ren Ishii (f) – Kill Bill
  42. Palpatine – Star Wars franchise
  43. Ra's al Ghul – Batman franchisecat in prison
  44. Saruman – Lord of the Rings franchise
  45. Sauron – The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  46. Scar – The Lion King
  47. Scarecrow – Batman franchise
  48. Talia al Ghul (f) – The Dark Knight Rises
  49. T-1000 – Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  50. Thanos – Marvel movie franchises
  51. The Governor – The Walking Dead
  52. The Master – Dr. Who
  53. Two-Face – The Dark Knight Rises
  54. Tyler Durden – Fight Club
  55. Ursula – The Little Mermaid
  56. Vee (f) – Orange is the New Black
  57. Voldemort – all Harry Potter films
  58. Warden Norton – The Shawshank Redemption
  59. Witch-King of Angmar – Lord of the Rings franchise
  60. Xenomorph – Alien

Evil Cat Names

Okay, let’s move on from badass movie villains to another type of villain. Sneaky, evil cats of TV and film. Now, these kitties are awful.

They lie, they get others in trouble, and they want to rule the world. But kitties being kitties, they’re still so cute, even when they’re being badass and evil. Get your fill of badass cat names from this list of cats filled with pure villainy.

  1. Azrael – Galgamel’s evil cat in The Smurfscat red cape
  2. Fluffy (f) – She’s foul and nasty, and she’s Angelica’s little kitty in Rugrats
  3. Lucifer – Cinderella would not be a princess if this black cat had his way
  4. Mad Cat – Doctor Claw’s fat feline companion
  5. Mr. Bigglesworth – Dr. Evil’s just-as-evil little sidekick
  6. Mrs. Norris – Not much can get past this nosy cat and her even nosier master, Filch
  7. Si and Am – rude, trouble-making, and just plain nasty cats from Lady and The Tramp
  8. Tinkles – a heinous villain set on world domination

Strong Cat Names

Had enough of names showing cats as being villains or evil? Well, we have some pretty tough badass cat names too, and they’re from perfectly nice (well, we hope) people.

cat kingpin

Here are some of the people in history who have, for one reason or another, been given the epithet Strong next to their names. Find your cool cat name here:

  1. Augustus II the Strong – King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania
  2. Leopold the Strong – Margrave of Styria
  3. Magnus I the Strong – a Danish prince
  4. Raud the Strong – Norse warrior
  5. Robert the Strong – Margrave in Neustria
  6. Sancho VII the Strong – King of Navarre
  7. Stefan Dusan the Strong – Emperor of Serbia
  8. Styrbjörn the Strong – a Viking rebel

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