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Our Process for Evaluating Products

At FelineLiving, our ongoing practice involves the thorough evaluation of products related to feline nutrition, coupled with a profound understanding of the responsibilities involved.

Undoubtedly, your four-legged companion holds a substantial role within your household. Their dietary health is a matter of great significance, as demonstrated by your commitment to seeking out nutritional guidance.

As a result, our standards for providing endorsements remain exceptionally stringent. We believe you'd value an understanding of how we meticulously select the products showcased in our guides.

We do:

Following is an extensive overview of the factors we take into account before featuring an item on our website.

Obtain confirmation from governing authorities

Pet food is subjected to a series of regulatory inspections to ensure its safety for your cat's consumption and its adherence to nutritional benchmarks.

However, it's noteworthy that not all products attain approval from each regulatory entity.

Given the divergent interpretations of what constitutes wholesome feline  nutrition across various governmental bodies and their specific areas of emphasis, we rigorously assess the endorsement ratings from EACH of the following institutions to ensure utmost safety:

Thoroughly search through user reviews in-depth

Brands might find it straightforward to meticulously choose premium food samples and present them to us for evaluation, aiming to obtain favorable ratings.

Thus, we rely on the collective wisdom of the general public to shape our assessments of a particular brand's product quality.

We painstakingly analyze both positive and negative feedback for all the products we endorse online.

Additionally, we regularly engage with these consumers to delve further into their encounters, grasp their viewpoints, and integrate their observations into our content.

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Negative Review

Examine their products and delve into the brand's past

Are you acquainted with the famous adage “History has a tendency to repeat itself”? We believe this concept holds true for cat food too.

Consequently, before endorsing a new product line or brand, we meticulously research their historical background and business practices to adeptly assess potential risks on your behalf.

Here are several aspects we rigorously scrutinize when considering a new product or brand:

  • Past occurrences of voluntary recalls associated with the brand and its range of products.
  • Recall track record of the manufacturing facilities implicated.
  • FDA warnings or recalls associated with the product.
  • The place of manufacture for the product.
  • The groups and connections of the brand.
  • Any modification of the brand name intended to obscure prior adverse events.
  • Recent changes in ownership, manufacturing processes, and formulations.

Examine nutritional information and obtain approval from veterinarians

Before a product is showcased on our website, a panel of certified veterinarians carefully assesses both the nutritional information provided by the manufacturer and the results of feeding trials conducted by impartial laboratories.

This thorough process ensures that every item included in our buying guides possesses an exceptional nutritional profile that fulfills all the needs of your cherished pet.

Consider kitty’s breed, size & age 

Because our guides often cater to specific situations like particular breeds or health conditions, we ask our team of veterinarians to comprehensively review and verify that the food recommendations align seamlessly with the context presented in the relevant guide.

Evaluate the brand's marketing assertions

Brands frequently utilize health-focused marketing statements to boost food sales.

We rigorously evaluate their marketing materials and methodically examine each assertion, ensuring that you possess a comprehensive comprehension of the nutritional decisions you're making for your cat.

Comprehend the product's pricing and strategic positioning

An array of cat foods accommodates various budgets and dietary inclinations. Across all our guides, our objective is to encompass a broad spectrum of choices, ensuring you encounter an economical option, a value-conscious selection, and a high-end alternative, as a minimum.

Moreover, our endeavors extend to encompassing specialized diets, encompassing variations like high/low protein content, grain-free formulations, low-calorie options, and beyond.

Examine the available delivery methods

What's the point of finding the perfect cat food if you encounter challenges in acquiring it promptly or dealing with significant delivery delays, especially if you live outside major urban areas?

This highlights the importance of our assessment of aspects such as usual delivery timeframes, associated expenses, nationwide delivery coverage, and the procedures for product returns in case of a change of plans.

Brands offering more favorable conditions are given a higher priority on our platform.

We don’t:

Items that will NEVER appear on the FelineLiving website.

Publish anything without meticulous research

Each and every one of our articles goes through a stringent research process, and our recommendations are not provided without thoughtful deliberation. Hence, when you encounter information on our website, be confident that it has been evaluated against the detailed criteria mentioned earlier, ensuring the trustworthiness of the guidance offered.

Contradict veterinary and governmental recommendations

In the present times, it's trendy to question health organizations or medical professionals, but we do not follow this trend. If a veterinarian recommends against feeding a specific food to cats, we will not showcase it on our website, regardless of our personal opinions or beliefs.

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