About Us

FelineLiving serves as a comprehensive online platform with the objective of providing cat owners with all the necessary information to make optimal decisions regarding their pets' dietary needs. 

Our group consists of a dedicated ensemble including researchers, writers, editors, consultant veterinarians and notably, loving cat enthusiasts. 

With an unwavering passion for felines, our team is fully committed to delivering reliable and secure insights that contribute to the well-being and contentment of cats, ensuring their health and happiness.

Our Mission

FelineLiving is your ultimate resource, dedicated to equipping you with the information required to enhance your cat's quality of life. Whether it's detailed evaluations of cat products or expertly crafted guides covering topics like feline health concerns, medications, and beyond, you'll discover a comprehensive collection of resources designed to empower you in providing the utmost for your cat—all conveniently consolidated in a single destination.

If you've invested time exploring cat-related content online, you're likely aware that much of it can be sluggish, unengaging, and sometimes even appears to be directly copied from elsewhere. Our mission is to provide you with straightforward facts, devoid of unnecessary embellishments. This approach allows you to minimize research time and maximize moments spent enjoying quality time with your beloved cat.

Our Story

Following a near-fatal incident of skin allergies and urinary tract disease in her cat Vixen, founder Mary Nielsen was driven to immerse herself in feline nutrition research, driven by the aspiration to provide the best possible life for her feline companion.

This motivation catalyzed her mission to assist others in acquiring the knowledge they need, offering reliable insights into cat food, products, and overall care.

Presently, FelineLiving has assembled a consortium of highly informed experts from the realm of cat care, including veterinarians, behaviorists, and seasoned product evaluators. This collective effort ensures that you receive unparalleled guidance on all aspects related to cats.

Meet the Team

Comprising compassionate and skilled veterinarians as well as passionate pet aficionados, our proficient content squad diligently crafts and assesses our material. 

This dedication guarantees your access to the latest and most dependable insights into feline health and overall welfare. 

Our comprehensive buyer's guides are founded upon thorough investigation and, whenever feasible, practical trials. Prior to endorsing any product, our team invests significant time delving into the market landscape, pinpointing premier offerings, and scrutinizing customer feedback.

Our Veterenarian Reviewers

Sarah Beth, DVM

Sara Beth Ochoa, DVM

With a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from St. George University, where she excelled academically, Dr. Ochoa is a highly qualified veterinarian. She has been working at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital in Whitehouse, TX (Practice Profile) for over 7 years, providing quality care for various animals. She also completed her undergraduate studies at Louisiana Tech and gained more clinical skills at LSU after graduating from veterinary school.

Keeno Ian Moralde

Keeno Ian A. Moralde, DVM

Ken earned his degree from UPLB and gained experience as a resident veterinarian at UP Diliman Teaching Hospital before becoming a Veterinarian Surgeon at Furpet’sake Veterinary Clinic. With over 9 years of experience under his belt, he has conducted numerous pet surgeries. Additionally, Ken is deeply committed to initiatives involving spaying, neutering, rescue, and rehoming. He frequently takes the lead or actively participates in campaigns that provide these services either for free or at a reduced cost.

Our Editorial Team

Noreen Dollisen

Ma. Leonor Dollisen

Noreen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Informatics International College. Although this qualification may not directly showcase her deep affection for cats, it certainly underscores her technical proficiency and multifaceted personality.

Her genuine devotion lies with felines, particularly those in need of shelter. Her love for cats traces back to her early childhood, when she would rescue stray kittens and secretly bring them home, carefully tucked away in the pockets of her school uniform.

Sheena Paredes

Sheena Paredes

Sheena holds a degree in BS Psychology. While her academic background may not directly align with her current role, her university experience has been instrumental in cultivating the skills and mindset necessary for producing top-notch content.

Alexander Jones

Alexander Jones

Xander is a member in the ‘Crazy Cat Dude' association since time immemorial, he has maintained his dedication as a passionate cat writer for numerous years especially during his retirement. Consistently, he actively engages in the rescue and rehoming of abandoned felines and kittens.

Raymond Umpa

Raymond Umpa

With over a decade of expertise, he's a seasoned writer skilled in crafting compelling and well-optimized content tailored for a wide array of platforms and target audiences. His portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of projects, including articles, social media posts, newsletters, and ebooks, spanning diverse subjects and specialized areas. His talents lie in adeptly researching, composing, and refining content that precisely aligns with the requirements and tastes of both his clients and readers.

Maiah Dominise

Maiah Dominise

In her role as the content manager, Maiah is fully committed to guaranteeing the clarity, reliability, and captivation of the information presented to you. When she isn't immersed in product evaluations or content refinement, she finds joy in the company of her pets and exploring new destinations. Maiah takes immense pride in being the devoted caretaker of 6 dogs and 3 cats, affectionately embracing her role as a furmom.

Our Pledge

At FelineLiving.net, our foundational principle is the unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of editorial integrity. Central to our ethos is the unwavering emphasis on the quality of information we provide.

  • Our primary focus revolves around creating content that is deeply rooted in evidence. Every statement we put forth is backed by scientific literature, meticulously cited within each article.
  • The expertise of subject matter authorities plays a pivotal role in crafting, refining, and meticulously reviewing all of our content.
  • The sources we utilize for conducting research are of the most reputable nature.
  • We consistently revisit and enrich our pages with the most up-to-date insights.

While we utilize affiliate marketing to support our endeavors, our recommendations remain entirely impartial.

Our dedication transcends the realm of delivering exceptional insights into cat nutrition. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to ethical principles that encompass both animal well-being and environmental preservation.

We actively distance ourselves from brands associated with any form of animal cruelty and proactively consider the ecological impact of food products in our evaluations. Our objective is to facilitate positive change, one feline meal at a time.

What to do Next?

Your presence on this platform signifies that, much like numerous others, you are on a quest to elevate your cat's nutritional intake, either to bolster their overall health or to amplify the happiness of your beloved companion.

The intriguing aspect is that we have diligently assembled all the necessary tools to assist you in this endeavor. Consequently, starting from this juncture, you are empowered to:

  • Delve into our extensive nutrition manuals, designed to assist you in grasping your dog's needs and addressing any concerns.
  • Immerse yourself in our cat food manuals, carefully crafted to aid you in choosing the ideal nourishment for your individual canine companion.

We genuinely wish that the content we have thoughtfully compiled brings you fulfillment. If you possess any insights that