Who We Are

Greetings, fellow cat lovers and cat parents! Welcome to our furry little corner of the internet! My name is Mary Nielsen. Together with my husband Dave, I run felineliving.net.

An important note: We are not veterinarians, animal behaviorists, nor cat breeders. The advice and tips we give here for raising happy and healthy cats are based purely on our own experience and research. It's our goal to find the best information we can find on anything feline-related and share it with hardworking pet parents like us.

Advisors and Veterinary Approvers

Sara Redding Ochoa DVMSara Redding Ochoa, DVM

Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM was raised in north Louisiana. She knew since she was a little girl that her dream was to become a veterinarian. She has always had a passion and love for animals. She attended Louisiana Tech University for her undergraduate degree. Sara graduated from LA Tech in 2011 with a degree in animal science. She then moved to Grenada West Indies for veterinary school. She completed her clinical year at Louisiana State University and graduated in 2015 from St. George’s University.

Since veterinary school, Sara has been working at a small animal and exotic veterinary clinic in east Texas, where she has experience treating all species that walk in the hospital. In her free time, she likes to travel with her husband Greg, bake yummy desserts and spend time with her 4-legged furkids, a dog Ruby, a cat Oliver James “OJ”, a rabbit BamBam and a tortoise MonkeyMan.

Why This Website?

When I was growing up, my mother adopted several cats and dogs. Being around animals so much really honed my affinity for these animals at an early age.

In other words, I've been an animal lover for as long as I can remember!

My first cat was a big orange tabby cat named Zack. He made such a positive impact on my childhood. As a sweet, loyal, and lovable guy, he surprised us by tenacity and rough-and-tough demeanor in the neighborhood. Sometimes, he'd show up at our door with scratches and missing fur!

Sadly, one day he left home and never came back. Despite having other dogs and even a new adopted cat in the house, I was still heartbroken over losing Zack. His memory has stayed with me all these years.

As I reached my teen years, my love for cats and dogs grew into a keen interest in cat and dog behavior, health, nutrition, and so on. Since then, I've spent countless hours and invested a lot of time, money, and energy into reading books, attending seminars and classes, and speaking to animal experts about these topics. Learning about cats and dogs has been one of the greatest joys in my life.

Here's the problem: during my search for knowledge about kitten and cat care on the web, I found that I was having a hard time finding all the information I needed in one place. Sure, there is lots of info out there. But I felt like I was having to bounce around from site to site in order to get a complete picture of what it means to raise a healthy and well-adjusted cat.

So, in addition to learning everything I could about kitten and cat rearing, my goal became creating single website where other new cat owners could find the answers to all their questions–the very same questions I've had throughout all these years!

Thank you so much for visiting my website and taking the time to read a bit about me and why felineliving.net was born. I encourage you to poke around. Hopefully, you'll find cat-related content that is interesting, practical, and helpful.

The website is a work in progress. More and more quality content is coming, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, I welcome and encourage your questions, comments, and feedback.

I hope you find this little site useful for your life as a fellow cat lover.