Dr Keeno Ian Moralde


Food & Nutrition
Spay & Neuter
University of the Philippines Los Baños


  • Specializes on soft tissue surgeries
  • Holds Vet Med degree from UPLB (2013)
  • Spearheads low-cost or free spay and neuter campaigns
  • Veterinarian surgeon with more than 9 years of experience

Ken, a dedicated and highly experienced Veterinary Surgeon, currently practices at Furpet’sake Veterinary Clinic, located in Iligan City, Philippines. With over a decade of dedicated service in the field of feline and canine medicine, he continually expands his wealth of knowledge and expertise. His specialization lies in performing intricate soft tissue surgeries for his beloved animal patients, including procedures such as spaying, neutering, tumor removal, wound closure, and hernia repair.

Ken's educational journey began at the renowned University of the Philippines Los Baños, where he gained a strong foundation in the principles of animal health and welfare, ultimately earning his veterinary degree. To further refine his clinical skills and surgical finesse, he completed a residency program at UP Diliman Teaching Hospital.

Beyond his clinical work, Ken is a proactive advocate for spaying and neutering initiatives, playing a pivotal role in addressing the issue of stray animal overpopulation and distress. He lends his unwavering support to various animal welfare organizations, collaborating on rescue and rehoming projects that provide abandoned and mistreated animals with renewed opportunities to find caring and nurturing homes.

During his well-deserved moments of relaxation, Ken finds immense joy in exploring different places and immersing himself in the wonders of travel. Additionally, he cherishes the time spent with his personal menagerie, which includes nine cats and three dogs.

1123 E 47th St
Chicago, IL 60653

Phone: +1 (312) 555-3890

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