Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets

Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets? 7 Possible Explanations on Cat Suckling

Why do cats suck on blankets? Oh, you mean besides the fact that they're just weirdos? Trust me, I asked the veterinarian and they couldn't quite put their paw on ...

Why Is Your Cat Breathing Heavy and What Can You Do About It?  

Compared to our canine companions, we don’t usually see our cats pant or experience heavy breathing. However, that doesn’t mean that cats don’t pant. Sadly, a cat breathing heavy most ...
Why Do Cats Trill

Why Do Cats Trill? Should You Be Flattered or Worried?

Cats are highly expressive creatures. They converse not only with one another but also with us, humans. They can communicate their needs and self through their body, facial expressions, and vocalizations. ...
How Often Do Cats Pee

How Often Do Cats Pee in 24 Hours? Keep an Extra Eye Out For Changes

As a cat parent, it’s totally normal to be very particular and inquisitive with every tiny detail about your cat’s health. And it is way better than not caring about ...
Are My Cats Playing or Fighting

Are My Cats Playing or Fighting? A Cat Parent’s Guide to Telling the Difference

Cats are active, curious, and playful creatures. So, it’s totally normal to see them playing, and chasing each other around your house. But as cat owners, sometimes our cats’ behavior ...
Best No Scratch Spray for Cats

8 Best No Scratch Spray for Cats in 2023: Save Your Furniture Now!

Scratching is one of a cat’s instincts. Cats love to scratch in the same way that we humans, love to doodle, whistle, and finger-drum. But while it is therapeutic for ...
Why Do Cats Like Fish

Cats Don’t Like Water That Much; So Why Do Cats Like Fish?

Cats have been known for their love-hate relationship with water. But when it comes to fish, cats can’t help but go gaga over it. Since cats aren’t fond of swimming, ...
Why Do Cats Hiss

Why Do Cats Hiss? Is There A Way For My Cat To Purr More & Hiss Less?

When a cat hisses, we all know that a cat is done playing and means business. But then, there are times when a cat hisses out of nowhere at you, ...

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