Ma. Leonor Dollisen


Cat Health and Wellness
Cat Nutrition
Informatics International College Alabang


  • Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
  • Gained hands-on experience with strays during her stint in Qatar
  • Passionate cat lover who once filled her school uniform pockets with stray kittens

Noreen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, a qualification that may not directly explain her passionate fondness for cats but unquestionably highlights her technical proficiency and diverse interests.

She is an ardent cat enthusiast with a soft spot for homeless felines. Her deep affection for cats traces its roots back to her early childhood when she would rescue stray kittens and discreetly bring them home, concealing them in the pockets of her school uniform. Her connection with the feline world deepened when she received a Siamese kitten as a gift from her aunt.

In addition to her computer skills and writing talents, Noreen's interest in feline nutrition developed when her cat, Shadow, faced persistent UTI and bladder problems. This challenge prompted her to delve into the intricacies of feline nutrition, with the aim of assisting fellow pet owners facing similar issues.

When she's not playing the role of a "cat detective" with her growing population of 13 cats, Noreen enjoys traveling with her family and exploring new culinary delights in various foodie destinations.

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