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ZiwiPeak logoHaving a cat is free entertainment. With all their silliness, pouncing, love they give, and more cats can make any
situation better! In order for a cat to stay energetic and healthy, it is important to give them the best food with healthy ingredients.

OH NO! I have been feeding my cat regular food from the store without even reading what is in it. Is that bad? Am I a bad owner?

The answer is no! You just have to be informed. With so many cat food options available it can be difficult to know which cat food is best. It is important to know what to look for in food.

What to Look for In Foods

  • Look to make sure protein is listed as the first ingredient and that it is fit for human consumption.
  • The food should be grain free, which means no rice, barley, or any other grains. These may seem healthy in human nutrition, but it is hard to break down in a cat’s digestive tract.
  • Make sure the food does not contain by products, corn, soy, or any other fillers.
  • If the food has carrageenan in the food then I would probably try to pass on that food.
  • Goods should be GMO free, but still some with GMOs are ok.

This is why thousands of cat lovers choose ZiwiPeak cat food. They are a company that is made up of cat lovers and enthusiast that spend years to make the healthiest cat food for your wonderfully fluffy friend.

The History of Ziwi Peak’s Cat Food

Ziwi is a small team of cat lovers that is pure and simple, just like their recipes. They are a company from New Zealand and make authentic farm to bowl products.

They only use fresh meat, organs, and bone to mirror a whole-prey, nutrient dense diet. I always try to find a cat food that does not include TSPP, BPA, or Carrageenan in any canned products and I was happy that’s how Ziwi is too. Their food is 100% sourced from New Zealand. 

Research of the natural cat food market has shown that more and more companies are trying to offer “organic” food, but that doesn’t always mean the ingredients are organic or healthy.

Ziwi Peak offers only natural foods and even air dries them for superior nutrition. They do not put any antibiotics or growth promotants in their food too. Which is very important in my book.

Cat owners are becoming more aware of what is actually in the mass produced bargain foods and that is just not going to work anymore. A pet’s health is more important than the price of food being a good deal.

The Ziwi DifferenceTheir food is air-dried and is a complete

  1. Their only source is from the green, free range farms and blue pristine oceans of New Zealand. They follow all regulatory standards, which is a plus for me!
  2. New Zealand is an island nation with strict laws, which has helped with no infectious animal diseases.
  3. Their food is air-dried and is a complete and balanced diet that includes over 98% fresh meat, organs, bone, and seafood. Cats thrive on meat, not all those other products like corn and wheat, which are fillers that can cause allergies.
  4. Just one scoop of Ziwi Peak air dried cuisine provides a minimum of 263k calories, which is the same serving of premium kibble that provides 195k Cal. The recipe has ingredients in it that help the cat metabolize energy at a slower rate. That means I don’t have to feed my cat as much and he feels just as full.
  5. The things they don’t include in Ziwi Peak is equally important. All the ingredients are produced in New Zealand and there are no preservatives. No fillers or products from China.

What others are saying about Ziwi Peaks Cat Food

With all products comes good and bad reviews, but the majority of the reviews have been positive for Ziwi Peaks. The average rating has been 4.3 out of 5 stars. The positive reviews talk about the high quality of the food and ingredients and some of the cons have been about the cost and some food had small bone fragments in it.

Price is always a topic of discussion, and yes, quality food costs more, but it is better than playing with your pet’s health. Below are a few reviews I found while researching the product myself and I was pleased.

Reviewer Kayle, from Texas, stated “The pros of the food is that it is high quality. There were not any discolorations or anything weird in it that made me question what was in it. You don’t see a bunch of chunks in it like you do in other cat foods and there are no grains!

Most of the cat food is protein and vitamins and mineral. The meat that is included is antibiotic free! I can feel comfortable feeding my cat this food without the worry of it hurting her stomach or her getting an allergic reaction to it.

When you feed your cat high quality food, you are going to like the results and also have a happy healthy kitty.

Top Takeaways about Ziwi Peak’s cat food

  • Ziwi Peak foods are “free” of the junk that is not good for cats and it is grain free, additive free, artificial free, and air dried.
  • All the ingredients are those that humans could consume, but I would not recommend that.
  • Ziwi Peak is a premium cat food brand and that means it can be on the more expensive side, but well worth it because if I feed my cat unhealthy foods, then I am more likely to spend more time at the vets office.
  • Ziwi Peak is made in New Zealand and that means using the cleanest, purest, most natural ingredients that benefits pets for a long, happy, healthy life.
  • April 8, 2017
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