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Green Pantry cat food

What is the common thread among delicacies such as line-caught Scottish salmon, Arenkha caviar, locally-sourced Devon crab, and hand-caught Norfolk lobster? While these might sound like offerings from an upscale restaurant's menu, they are actually utilized for a rather unexpected purpose – cat food. Back in early October of 2016, a U.K. based holistic pet food company called Green Pantry introduced an opulent range of cat food named “British Banquet.”

The inception of Green Pantry cat food was a response to the demand for a more extravagant feline dietary option, driven by the requests of celebrities and other distinguished individuals. Simon Booth, one of the co-founders and the Managing Director of Green Pantry, recognized that the luxury pet food market predominantly catered to dogs.

This realization prompted him to dedicate two years to crafting a lavish pet food specifically for cats. The outcome materialized as “British Banquet” – a superior line of cat cuisine crafted from top-notch British ingredients including salmon, crab, lobster, and caviar, complemented by organic asparagus, quinoa, and saffron.

Notably, this product is entirely devoid of genetically modified components, artificial hues, flavors, and preservatives. Thus far, the reception to this offering has been overwhelmingly positive. Their Trustpilot ratings are equally remarkable.

green pantry cat food

Why Green Pantry cat food so expensive?

As mentioned earlier, the British Banquet cat food features locally-sourced Deon crab, Arenkha caviar, line-caught Scottish salmon, and hand-caught Norfolk lobster. Each gourmet package also includes organic asparagus, saffron, and quinoa, adding an extra touch of opulence and sophistication.

While it may be incredibly enticing, the company emphasizes that it is not suitable for human consumption. This “super-premium” cat food is free from preservatives, additives, artificial colors, and is also GMO-free.

Although the company offers a wide range of reasonably priced pet food for both cats and dogs, this luxurious fare is specifically crafted for affluent pet owners who spare no expense when it comes to pampering their beloved animals and want to provide them with the highest quality food.

According to the company, this nutritious cat food is designed to appeal to celebrities and other prominent individuals from around the world.

But what do the experts have to say about this?

For one thing, feline experts agree that cats are obligate carnivores which means that the majority of their nutrition must come from animal-based sources. This being the case, plant-based ingredients like the quinoa, asparagus, and saffron used in British Banquet don’t really belong in a balanced diet for cats.

Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that an all-seafood diet can actually be bad for cats. Studies have shown that cats fed an all-seafood diet (without any added supplements) have a higher risk for pansteatitis and they may be more susceptible to serious cardiac issues and mineral deficiencies. Dr. Eric Dougherty, a feline veterinarian and the Medical Director of The Cat Practice, suggests that British Banquet is geared more toward the owner’s wants than the cat’s actual needs.

Priced at more than $300 per 2kg package, British Banquet is certainly a product designed for the one percent. Not only does this product cost a whopping $11,000 per year (equivalent to $918 per month), but it is only available by special order. U.K. residents qualify for free shipping but international customers should expect to pay an extra $61 in shipping per 2kg package. This makes the market for British Banquet fairly limited, though there are certainly pet owners out there willing to splurge on such a pricey product for their pets.

While British Banquet may not be a practical choice for many pet owners, the existence of this product speaks to the growing popularity of premium pet food products. If you like the idea of a high-quality diet for your cat, consider looking into homemade cat food options using raw food supplements like Balance IT powder as an alternative. You can also find more affordable fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried cat food options from commercial pet food manufacturers.

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