The Best Vitamins For Cats In 2024! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements?

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Best Vitamins For Cats

Cats, just like us, humans have different needs. Play, cuddles, shelter, and of course, a healthy diet that could provide them the essential nutrients that they need.

But as obligate carnivores that thrive by eating meat, do they still need added vitamins and minerals?

And if they do, what are some of the best vitamins for cats in 2024 that we, as responsible pet parents, can provide for them?

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 1

Do Cats Need Vitamins and Supplements?

Most of us are used to taking vitamins and supplements for several reasons – from strengthening one’s immune system, promoting digestion to improving brain function, enhancing skin health, and so on.

Hence, as cat owners, it’s just normal to ask if we can also apply the same practice to improve our cat’s health. Again, can cats benefit from these supplements, too?

According to Dr. Sherry Sanderson of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, “Most cats consuming a complete and balanced diet probably have a better-balanced diet than most humans.” So, if your cat is eating high-quality cat foods in his daily diet, he is more likely to get the nutrients that he needs.

However, she also added that “There are circumstances where a cat has an underlying condition that may warrant a supplement.” But then again, as consumers, we should be critical of what we are buying, especially when it comes to cat health products.

And Dr. Anderson reiterated that by saying, “Many supplements are untested and unproven in veterinary medicine.” Hence, we should learn to take everything with a grain of salt.

Whenever we see a new trendy supplement for cats, the best thing that you can do is to consult your veterinarian.

While vitamin supplementation can be helpful during special situations, the best person that could determine what your cat needs will still be his doctor.

Some examples where a vet may most likely prescribe cat supplements are when a feline has a disease that inhibits nutrient absorption, or a condition that causes vitamin deficiency.

Pregnant cats and cats with allergies may also benefit from other supplements. And vets may also recommend vitamins that are specially formulated for cats at a certain life stage when they are more vulnerable to illnesses.

Best Vitamins for Cats in 2024

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 2
VetriScience Nu Cat Soft Chews
  • Loaded with over 20 nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Contains important minerals as well as omega fatty acids
  • Includes taurine which supports eye health
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The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 3
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora
  • Great-tasting probiotic powder
  • Live probiotics to aid in digestive functions
  • Great supplement for kittens, adults, and seniors
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The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 4
Tomlyn Immune Support Powder
  • Easy to administer
  • With L-Lysine to prevent respiratory infections
  • Keeps cats in peak health with just 1 scoop per day
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The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 5
VetriScience Cardio Strength Capsules Heart Supplement
  • Approved by vets for dogs and cats alike
  • 11 synergistic ingredients to boost cat's overall wellbeing
  • Perfect supplement for multi-animal households
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The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 6
Safe Bay Milk Thistle Extract for Cats and Dogs
  • Keeps liver and kidneys in optimum condition
  • Made from natural milk thistle extract
  • Contains potent antioxidants to combat free radicals
Check Price on Chewy
The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 7
PetNaturals L-Lysine Chews
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Comes in a delicious chicken liver flavor
  • Contains no wheat, corn or artificial ingredients
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 8
NaturVet VitaPet Senior Plus Glucosamine Soft Chews
  • Wheat-free supplement with a soft texture
  • Contains the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Joints support for aging cats
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 9
Zesty Paws Core Elements Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
  • Natural and pure source of omega fatty acids
  • Enhances the condition of skin, coat, hips, and joints
  • Tasty food topper that provides pets with omega-3 fatty acids
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The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 10
Nutramax Cosequin Chicken Flavored Capsules
  • Cosequin helps support and maintain joint health
  • Vet-recommended joint health supplement
  • Supports cartilage production and protects existing cartilage from breakdown
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The best vitamin supplements are the ones that your cat needs. With the overwhelming options available in the market all claiming to be the best cat supplements, it takes skills and expertise to weed out those that are least beneficial for your cat.

Ultimately, choosing the right cat supplement can be determined individually. Again, cats, just like humans, have different needs.

While your friend’s cat could benefit from cardiac supplements, your feline buddy may be better off with a vitamin for overall health. Hence, before you buy cat supplements for your cat’s diet, it’s best to seek advice from your vet first.

It’s important to be doubtful of any vitamin and supplement that promises to be a panacea for all potential health issues a cat may have. But it doesn’t mean that there is no effective high-quality supplement out there.

We researched some of the best cat vitamins and supplements in the market today. Take a look at them below:

  1. VetriScience Nu Cat Soft Chews
  2. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora
  3. Tomlyn Immune Support Powder
  4. VetriScience Cardio Strength Capsules Heart Supplement
  5. Safe Bay Milk Thistle Extract for Cats and Dogs
  6. PetNaturals L-Lysine Chews
  7. NaturVet VitaPet Senior Plus Glucosamine Soft Chews
  8. Zesty Paws Core Elements Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
  9. Nutramax Cosequin Chicken Flavored Capsules

Best for Overall Health: VetriScience NuCat Multivitamin

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 11
A complete vitamin for your feline. Composed of 25 key nutrients plus Omegas from fish oils to boost coat and skin health, this is an all-rounder.

Foods, particularly meats, are the primary source of essential nutrients for our pets. But just like us, humans, our feline companions can also use some extra support. Even healthy cats can benefit from a daily dose of multivitamins.

If you are simply looking for nutritional support to help promote your cat’s overall health and wellness, then, you’d want to give these soft chews a try.

For someone who has lived with cats for some time, it’s not a secret that they can be picky eaters. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry about letting your cat take his daily dose of VetriScience NuCat Multivitamin.

One pack comes with 30 bite-size chewable tablets that could pass as treats for your fussy cat. If you’ve had challenging experiences with liquid multivitamins, you’d definitely notice the difference once you give this a try.

Your cat might even ask for more, but just limit it to one chew daily.  So, it’s good to have some cat treats handy as alternatives if he asks for an extra tablet or two.

Each soft chews is loaded with 25 key nutrients, which include vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids from fish oils, and even taurine, an important nutrient for the eyes that a cat’s body can’t produce alone.

VetriScience NuCat Multivitamin is also packed with biotin, and omega fatty acids from fish oil, which all play a key role in promoting a cat’s skin and coat health.

This supplement is also formulated with linoleic acid that gives additional digestive support while promoting heart health, brain function, and skin moisture and elasticity.   

Formulated with a balance of essential amino acids, folic acid, ferrous sulfate, and several vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin E, and a lot more, this is no doubt the best supplement for your cat’s overall health and immune support.

Best for Digestive Health: Purina Pro Plan Fortiflora Probiotic

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 12
Specifically crafted to promote normal intestinal microflora for kitties suffering from diarrhea. It contains a specific number of live microorganisms to help support gut health.

This top-rated probiotic supplement is formulated by nutritionists, researchers, and veterinarians, and is well-loved by cat owners.

Each sachet contains a safe and effective amount of a single live good bacteria species called, Enterococcus faecium, which is known to promote proper functioning of a cat’s digestive system.

A single dose of this supplement helps restore normal intestinal microflora that is especially helpful both for adult cats and kittens suffering from diarrhea.

Purina Pro Plan Fortiflora comes in powdered form that can be easily sprinkled on top of your cat’s preferred food as advised by a veterinarian. And on top of that, it also has a tasty liver flavor that makes it more palatable for sick and healthy cats.

This bestselling probiotic supplement is also fortified with other equally important nutrients and antioxidants including vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, taurine, manganese, and calcium.

It also contains brewer’s yeast, a popular ingredient in several supplements that helps to increase appetite and repel fleas in cats. 

Best for Feline Immune System: Tomlyn Immune Support L-Lysine Powder

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 13
Formulated by a veterinarian, this supplement supports your kitty’s immune system, respiratory and eye health. Simply give 1 scoop per day to keep you cat in optimum health.

Having a healthy immune system is crucial to keep illnesses at bay, and that’s exactly what Tomlyn Immune support does to your cat plus other important benefits associated with the intake of L-Lysine.

In particular, this veterinarian formulated supplement also supports respiratory, and eye health.

Each scoop contains high levels of L-Lysine at 500 mg, making it highly effective not just in boosting your cat’s immune system, but also in managing several health issues such as feline herpes, upper respiratory problems, and conjunctivitis.

Best of all, your cat can enjoy all these benefits whilst enjoying its tasty fish flavor. And as a busy cat parent, you won’t have a hard time incorporating this into your kitty’s diet because you can simply sprinkle the powder over kibbles or wet cat food every day.

Felines living in a multiple-cat household can all benefit from this immune supplement as it is proven safe and effective for cats of all ages. 

Best for Heart Health: VetriScience Laboratories Cardio Strength

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 14
Formulated to support cardiovascular health both in dogs and cats. Enriched with 11 synergistic ingredients that are vital for senior pets.

This veterinarian-approved specialty product by VetriScience Laboratories is formulated with 11 synergistic ingredients to support heart health and function in cats and dogs.

The powerful formula used in this Cardio Strength supplement is made with key ingredients like coenzyme Q10, taurine, lysine, l-carnitine, and omega fatty acids that help keep your cat’s heart in prime shape while increasing his energy levels.

This supplement is highly recommended for cats and dogs with underlying heart conditions, and it is especially beneficial for those breeds that are more prone to developing cardiovascular problems, as well as for seniors or aging cats.

The addition of potassium in this supplement also strengthens its effects on heart health by helping to ensure normal serum electrolyte levels.

And with the combined actions of all the ingredients, each capsule is geared to help reduce oxidative stress, and promote blood circulation whilst maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the normal range. 

Best for Liver Health: Safe Bay Milk Thistle Extract for Cats and Dogs

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 15
Specially designed to support your furry friends' wellbeing. Made by using only pure Milk Thistle extract, this powerful herbal supplement helps to maintain better liver and kidneys.

The liver plays several bodily functions that are all essential in maintaining the body’s equilibrium – from removing toxins, promoting digestion to aiding in blood clotting, controlling metabolism, and transforming the substances from food so the body can use them more efficiently.

The liver is also one of the most important organs both for humans and animals, but with its heavy workload it’s just a matter of time before it can crash and deteriorate. In the US alone, liver failure is the 5th leading cause of death in cats and dogs.

Don’t wait before the damages become irreversible. It’s not yet late to care for your cat’s liver. Don’t deprive your cats the healthy and long life that they truly deserve.

With a balanced diet paired with regular liver detox and cleansing, you can breathe well knowing that your feline buddy is out from the alarming radar of liver disease and its subsequent effects.

Safe Bay Milk Thistle supplement is made in the USA and is made from natural milk thistle extract, which is a potent ingredient that can help maintain a healthy liver and kidneys.

It is also packed with antioxidants and highly effective nutrients, which help to fight damages from free radicals.

And if these are not enough, this supplement also has anti-aging benefits and can act as a natural adrenal support.

It is also non-GMO and is manufactured without cruelty testing, which simply loses the purpose of providing health solutions to cats and dogs while causing harm to other animals.

Safe Bay Milk Thistle supplement is also free from harmful additives, so, you can be sure that each drop helps rather than harms your pet.

Best of all, you can simply add one or two servings to your cat’s food every day and let the potent ingredients do their job.

Best for Respiratory Health: PetNaturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 16
Comes in a delicious chicken liver bite sized chew that cats love! Recommended for felines that need added immune support, respiratory health support.

The best cat supplement for respiratory health is PetNaturals L-Lysine. And as its name implies this is formulated with L-Lysine, an amino acid with multiple benefits not just to a cat’s respiratory health, but also to his immune system and eye health.

L-Lysine also provides cats with antioxidants and supports the production of enzymes, antibodies, and hormones that are all necessary for several bodily functions even of generally healthy cats.

This amino acid also supports tissue repair and collagen formation that aid in promoting healthy skin in felines.

PetNaturals L-Lysine Chews are made without wheat, corn, or other artificial ingredients; and each chewable tablet comes in a delicious chicken flavor that will make cats purr with delight.

This supplement is also made in the USA, formulated by veterinarians, and tested and proven by cats and cat owners worldwide.

And it’s also perfect for multi-cat households, as it can be given to cats at different life stages, from kittens, boarding, to senior cats.

Best for Senior Cats: NaturVet VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins Plus Glucosamine

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 17
This soft and yummy chews are filled with essential nutrients to help maintain overall health. Also has glucosamine for added joint support.

As pet parents, one of our ultimate long-term goals is to be together with our cats in aging comfortably and gracefully against the test of time.

And while our feline companions have nine lives, they won’t always stay as active and as healthy when they were younger.

You will start to notice significant changes in your senior cat’s energy level, mobility, eyesight, respiratory health, and overall disposition when he is about 11 years old.

Eating a balanced diet and having regular exercise won’t be enough by that time, and due to some circumstances, these actions may not even be possible due to the limitations brought about by old age.

Senior cats need special care and attention, from the food that they eat, their living environment, to their vitamins and supplements.

NaturVet VitaPet Senior Daily Multivitamins Plus Glucosamine is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support whole-body health in senior cats.

One pack contains 60 soft and tasty chews that are specially formulated by veterinarians and manufactured wheat-free in the USA.

Each bite-size chew is packed with glucosamine that is especially helpful for aging cats. This special ingredient provides extra joint support, so they can stay agile even in their golden years.

Other active ingredients include calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, pyridoxine, Vitamin E, inositol, and cobalt.

Best for Healthy Skin and Coat: Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Cats and Dogs

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 18
This premium supplement is made from fresh salmon oil and is a tasty food topper which gives pets that extra boost of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for your better coat and skin health.

Looking for an easy-pump cat supplement that provides multiple health benefits to your cat? Then, you’d better try Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil that is nothing short of the rich taste of fresh-caught wild salmon that cats love a lot.

This supplement doesn’t only promote healthy skin and coat in cats, but also provides them with several other health benefits from boosting their immune system, lubricating their joints to promoting cardiovascular health.

And you don’t have to scratch your head each time your cat is due to their daily dose. Simply pump the recommended amount per day on your cat’s food depending on his body weight, and your feline companion can already enjoy the benefits from this highly nutritious fish.

Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is a premium fish oil supplement that is packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

The powerful EPA and DHA from the Omega-3 help keep your cat’s skin and coat silky, soft, and healthy.

And its Vitamin E content also helps in strengthening its potent effect in promoting skin health and producing lustrous hairs.

Best for Cat’s Joints: Nutramax Cosequin Capsules Joint Health

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 19
This product helps maintain the health of your feline’s joints and cartilage, also it can help better the urinary bladder health.

Arthritis and other joint issues not only affect the quality of human life, but also our feline’s transient, yet precious time here on earth.

The good thing is that there are supplements that can help our dear cats bounce back from their pains and joint mobility issues so they can once again regain their active, playful, and happy nature.

If your cat is afflicted with joint issues, Nutramax Cosequin capsules might just be what he needs to get back to his once bouncy and joyful disposition.

This supplement contains a blend of potent ingredients like glucosamine, manganese, and chondroitin sulfate, which all work well together to protect your cat’s bones, promote cartilage production, and prevent the breakdown of existing cartilage.

Nutramax Cosequin was manufactured following similar standards as those practiced by big pharmaceuticals.

It is well-recommended by veterinarians as an effective and safe joint supplement in cats. And aside from that, Cosequin can also be used to support feline urinary bladder health.

The Best Vitamins For Cats In [year]! But, Do Cats Need Vitamins And Supplements? 20

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right vitamin for your cat can be exhausting with the overwhelming options, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. As mentioned earlier, the best vitamin and supplement that can help your cat is the one that he needs the most.

And in identifying what your cat needs and where he can benefit from, your veterinarian knows best. So, before adding any vitamin and supplement to your cat’s diet, make sure to consult with your vet first.

Also, remember not to overwhelm your cat’s body with multiple vitamins and supplements at the same time, because as always, “too much of anything is bad.”

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