Snowbelle’s Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround

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Nomnomnow Cat food review


My name is Laura, and NomNomNow helped my cat, Snowbelle go from “drowsy and diabetic” to the active, energetic, and playful pet she once was.

I hope that our journey will inspire you to take an active role in your pet’s health, and to try Nom Nom. It is a fresh, refrigerated cat food that kitties can’t resist!

Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine is a Feline Favorite at Our House

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 1

Happy Together…Furr-ever?

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 2

After spending some time volunteering with shelter pets, I couldn’t wait to adopt a kitty of my own. In 2011, I met Snowbelle at a pet supply store, where she was eagerly waiting to be adopted. When I saw this beautiful white cat with a fun, frisky personality, I knew that we had a special connection. Snowbelle played with me at the store, chasing a feather toy, before collapsing into a state of furry, purry contentment.

I wanted to bring this loving bundle of fur home immediately — so I did!

For the first few years, Snowbelle remained sassy and spunky, but gradually, her personality and body began to change. She became less active, her slim body became overweight. Although Snowbelle was still a sweet kitty, she was lethargic, and showed little interest in playing anymore.

Eliminating Irresponsible Ingredients

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 3

For a while, I thought that the changes I saw in Snowbelle were just a result of her aging. However, when Snowbelle began urinating outside of her litter box, I knew that she was telling me that something was wrong. When I brought Snowbelle to her veterinarian to find the culprit behind this new behavior, I was shocked and scared.

Snowbelle had feline diabetes. I was immediately worried about what would happen to my furry friend, but the veterinarian reassured me that I could help Snowbelle by giving her insulin twice a day and changing her diet. At the clinic, I was told that Snowbelle’s diabetes was most likely caused by the cat food I had been feeding her.

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As a pet owner, I felt guilty and responsible for Snowbelle’s obesity and diabetes. After all, she depends on me to keep her safe and healthy. However I felt less guilty — and more frustrated — as I began reading cat food labels.

Almost all of the commercially available canned and dry cat foods included ingredients such as wheat and corn. These cheap “fillers” simply do not belong in a healthy feline diet.

The average cat owner does not specialize in feline nutrition, and I felt duped by brands that only cared about profits, not pets.

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 4

Nom Nom Deserves a Kitty Kiss – It’s Delicious and Nutritious!

The “purrfect” food took a little while to find, but Snowbelle and I are both delighted with Nom Nom! I encourage all cat owners to switch to Nom Nom for the sake of their pets — before their kitties develop health problems.

Today, I’m happy to report that Snowbelle has been weaned off insulin, is enjoying a healthful Nom Nom diet, and is no longer obese.

Reasons We Love Nom Nom

Nomnom now

1. Nom Nom Uses ONLY the Best Ingredients

Because of Snowbelle’s history, I became very particular about what my “fur-baby” eats. All cats deserve to receive proper nutrition from veterinarian-created recipes. The very first ingredient in Nom Nom cat food, regardless of which recipe your cat prefers, is real meat.

Nom Nom doesn’t add by-products, corn, gluten, or wheat in Snowbelle’s food, so I know that the brand doesn’t “cut corners.” I trust Nom Nom because I believe that their high-quality cat food is expertly created with my feline friend’s best interests in mind.

Check out this article for more ingredients that shouldn’t be in your cat’s food. How does your pet’s diet compare to Nom Nom? You can also use Nom Nom’s Comparison Calculator.

2. With Nom Nom, Dinners are Delicious!

Speaking of ingredients, cats can be very choosy about what they eat. I haven’t tried Nom Nom myself, of course, but I’ll take Snowbelle’s word for it: every meal is yummy! Snowbelle always begins purring right before “Nom Nom time” and she’s delighted by the taste and texture. It almost seems like she’s saying, “Nom nom nom” while she eats!

Nom Nom cat food is currently available in two flavors: Chicken Cuisine and Fish Feast. Snowbelle really goes kitty-crazy for Chicken Cuisine. If you aren’t sure which variety your cat would enjoy, you can order a “Variety Pack” sample of both flavors for free.

3. Perfect Portion for Puss in Every Meal

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 5

Like the veterinarians Nom Nom, Snowbelle’s vet recommends regular meal times. Dry cat food is often problematic not only because of its ingredients, but because it is often used to allow cats to “free feed” throughout the day. If you’ve been letting your cat nibble away, I don’t blame you! I used to make food available to Snowbelle around the clock before I learned that doing so heavily contributed to her obesity.

Providing regular meals for your cat, as opposed to free-feeding simulates the feeding routines of your cat’s wild ancestors. Cut out the snacking, and provide Nom Nom twice a day. Each meal is portioned, which takes the guesswork out of feeding your pet, as well as the annoyance of dividing up canned food.

Although Snowbelle has lost weight and regained her sleek, healthy physique, she no longer meows constantly for food. Nom Nom’s high-protein formulas and serving sizes ensure that each bite is just right. Snowbelle is full of energy after her meals and ready to hide, seek, peek, and pounce!

4. Convenience and Value

After making the switch to Nom Nom, I no longer have to drag bags or cases of cat food through the grocery store, which is always a pain. With Nom Nom’s convenient and free delivery service, Snowbelle’s food regularly arrives right at my door. Since Nom Nom uses environmentally-friendly, insulated packaging, I can feel good about leaving a smaller carbon footprint, as well as sure that my cat’s food is fresh.

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 6

Before learning about Nom Nom, I would have assumed that a delivery service for fresh pet food would be incredibly expensive, but it’s surprisingly affordable! After switching to Nom Nom, I’m not spending any more money on cat food than I was when I was purchasing canned pet food from the grocery store.

When it comes to the value of a product, I think about more than just prices. I also consider how the money I spend supports others. By purchasing Nom Nom, not only am I getting a good deal on healthy food for my pet, but I am also promoting the American economy. Nom Nom cat food is made in the U.S., and the company never outsources to other parties.

5. Finding Fur-ever Homes

I love that Nom Nom partners with adoption agencies that connect homeless pets to new families! As a former shelter volunteer, it’s great to see this support for animals that need care. Snowbelle herself is proof that shelter pets rock!

Nom Nom customers who have made a difference in the lives of animals by adopting from certain agencies even get a special discount on pet food.

Considerations for Your Pet

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 7

“Hey, Mom, that’s MY Nom Nom!”

Obviously, Snowbelle and I think that Nom Nom is cat-tastic! However, every pet — and every pet owner — is unique. Therefore, I think it’s important to take a few ideas into account before making the switch to Nom Nom.

Nom Nom should be kept frozen or refrigerated.

Unlike canned cat food or bags of what I call “carbohydrate kibble,” Nom Nom is a fresh food. This means that it should be stored in your fridge or freezer. If you plan on traveling with your pet’s Nom Nom, you may need to make arrangements, such as bringing a cooler on your trip.

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 8

Since I like to spoil my sassy cat, I heat her Nom Nom before serving it. This is optional and easy. I simply take a Nom Nom meal out of the fridge and place the bag under warm running water for a minute or two. By the time it has been heated, Snowbelle is going nuts for Nom Nom!

A veterinarian should be consulted before switching to a new pet food.

I’m a librarian, not a veterinarian, so I depend on animal healthcare professionals when it comes to Snowbelle’s health. Before making any dietary changes to your pet’s routine, check with your vet and get his or her opinion. After all, your pet is an individual and may have special needs.

Gradual changes to your cat’s routine are usually best.

Cats are, of course, creatures of habit. When Snowbelle and I switched to Nom Nom, we experienced no problems whatsoever. She adores her Chicken Cuisine Nom Nom dinners, and gobbles them down every time!

I’ve worked with other cats, however, that were finicky about trying new foods. It’s hard for me to imagine a feline acting reluctant to try Nom Nom, but it could happen. As cat owners know, their pets sometimes exhibit some strange behaviors!

If your cat is a picky eater, it is probably best to gradually switch your cat from his or her old food to Nom Nom. Once again, a veterinarian can give professional advice about the best way to do this. Nom Nom also provides some helpful tips about transitioning to a new food. (I also recommend checking out Nom Nom’s other great articles!)

A Happy Ending to Our Tail, and Feline Thoughts

Snowbelle's Story: A Phe-nom-enal Feline Turnaround 9

Our Nom Nom story certainly has a happy ending. Snowbelle is incredibly spunky again – especially considering that she’s about 12 years old. I definitely recommend Nom Nom for feline friends and I believe it is a healthier, fresher, and safer alternative to the pet foods in grocery stores.

If I could go back in time, I would have fed Snowbelle differently. Perhaps that way, we could have avoided our unpleasant (and expensive) ordeal with feline diabetes. By sharing Snowbelle’s story and information about her previous health problems, I feel that I have the chance to help keep other pets safe. I hope that her tale will make other pet owners more aware of what they are feeding their furry family members.

On the other hand, if you are into cooking, you may want to concoct a healthy recipe for your beloved pet. For inspirations of home-cooked meals, you may want to go to this page: Homemade Cat Food Recipes. Go ahead and unleash that cooking genie in you!

Snowbelle’s story shows that making dietary corrections can lead to a huge turnaround, but it’s best to stop health problems before they become serious. When it comes to your pet’s health, please take a proactive approach!

I almost forgot that Snowbelle has a message for your kitty: “Nom-nom-nom-nom!” I’m pretty sure that’s cat-speak for “Nom Nom is the tastiest food ever!”

Is Nom Nom good for cats?

Nom Nom also sells single-ingredient chicken & beef jerky treats with 100% USDA-Certified proteins that are great for your dog or cat. The fresh pet food company also offers Probiotics for gut health maintenance and a Microbiome Testing Kit to learn more about your pet's gut bacteria and overall health.

How expensive is Nom Nom?

Nom Nom is a subscription-based service that delivers fresh cat or dog food right to your door each month, but at an average of $35 per week, it doesn't come cheap. To sign up, you create a profile with information about your pet, including current and target weight goals, age, and preferred protein.

Where is Nom Nom now located?

Nom Nom headquarters is located at 3150 18th St #464, San Francisco, San Francisco.

Is Nom Nom cooked?

Yes. A fresh diet for your pet needs to be refrigerated, just like the fresh food you eat. The benefits are that a freshly cooked diet is prepared every week to order, and never frozen unless you choose to freeze it.

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