CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for 2024

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CatSpot litter review

Ever wondered whether you should switch to using a natural cat litter? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’re going to discuss all the benefits of a natural cat litter versus sand and other types in this article.

And if you’re already using organic cat litter for your feline friend, you might want to check our Catspot litter review of products and see if it’s the right brand for you.

CatSpot Litters

CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 1
CatSpot Non-Clumping Coconut Litter
  • Made from all-natural coconut
  • Biodegradable with no harmful allergens
  • Dust-free, non-clumping cat litter
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 2
CatSpot Clumping Coconut Litter
  • Highly absorbent which form clumps quickly for easy scooping
  • Eliminates odor naturally
  • Litter pack is lightweight when hand-carried
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CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 3

Why You Should Switch to CatSpot Litter?

Sand has been used by many cat owners for years because it’s cheap and a lot of cats like it (especially those who spend much time outside because cat sand mimics what they normally see outdoors).

Unfortunately, with sand, cats have a tendency of tracking dust everywhere. (Oh, the horror!) Since it’s so fine, sand sticks to a cat’s paws and fur and will get everywhere in your home. So unless you like sweeping up dust all the time, using sand can be a bit of a hassle.

Your litter box will also require frequent changing because sand doesn’t mask the smell as well as litter does.

CatSpot litter, on the other hand, may not be as cheap but most types absorb odor well. And most won’t track dust, which is a big bonus for people who don’t like cleaning after their cat all the time. Some types are even biodegradable, so hooray for the environment!

Before we proceed, just look at these little fellas in the video below:

CatSpot Litter Review

As a cat parent, you may be experiencing some confusion with the number of cat litters available on the market. While it’s good to have several options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. We’re here to make it a bit easier for you.

We’ve chosen CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter products to review since it’s gotten hundreds of good reviews on Amazon. We’re curious to see why.

The CatSpot brand offers two types of litter at the moment: A litter that clumps and a non-clumping one. We’ve checked both out and this is what we found.

1. CatSpot Non-Clumping Coconut Litter

CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 4
Coconut cat litter product is organic and chemical-free. It’s also ecologically-sustainable since it’s made from a coconut byproduct. Considered environment-friendly because it’s completely biodegradable.

The non-clumping cat litter version by CatSpot is offered on the company’s own website and Amazon. It is inexpensive and is even cheaper if you sign up for a subscription plan or buy in bulk. The cat litter is made up of ground coconut fibers.


  • One bag has a usable volume of 16.5 liters.
  • Very lightweight


  • One 5 lb. bag of the coconut cat litter product is equivalent to 20 pounds of clay litter in terms of absorption.
  • There are no added fragrances in this product.
  • The product is considered environment-friendly because it’s completely biodegradable.
  • It’s totally safe to ingest in case it gets on your cat’s fur because it’s all-natural and chemical-free.
  • This CatSpot litter is hypoallergenic.
  • Masks odor well.


  • Since the coconut fiber is so lightweight, it can track more “dust” (coconut husk grains) than the other usual types of cat litters.

Our take:

We like how lightweight each bag is so that it’s easy to carry. And we love the fact that not only is the coconut cat litter product organic and chemical-free, it’s also ecologically-sustainable since it’s made from a coconut byproduct. Unlike clay litter or peat moss, coconut litters don’t impact the environment at all.

The CatSpot Non-Clumping Coconut Cat Litter, however, is so light that your cat will probably track quite a bit of the coconut fiber particles. Make sure to use this with a deep litter box, so when your enthusiastic feline starts digging, coconut dust won’t fly off everywhere.

Would we still use it? Yes. it does its job of masking the smell well so long as you follow instructions to stir the litter to enhance the absorption. You also have to change the litter weekly for the best performance. And when you’re done, you can use it as compost in and around your garden.

2. CatSpot Clumping Coconut Litter

CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 5
Each bag is easy to carry. The absorbency is amazing, and the odor control is superior. The power of the coconut is enough to suppress any odor from urine or waste without resorting to artificial fragrances.

The all-natural CatSpot Clumping Coconut Litter is sold at Amazon for a cheap rate as well. Like the non-clumping version, this one is also coconut-based. You can purchase it for a much lower price if you subscribe to a plan or buy the litters in bulk.


  • Each bag has a usable volume of 16.5 liters
  • This CatSpot product uses a patented process to provide quick-forming clumps.


  • An 8-lb. bag of the product absorbs the same as more than 20 pounds of clay cat litters.
  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • There are no chemicals used in the product and no fragrance added.
  • The product offers superior odor control.
  • The coconut litter is eco-friendly.
  • There is almost zero dust with the CatSpot litter.
  • It’s soft on a cat’s paws.


  • Holds together well, but the clump isn’t really solid.

Our take:

Just like it’s non-clumping brother, this CatSpot Coconut Litter is lightweight. Each bag is easy to carry, which is an especially great help for people with mobility issues. The absorbency is amazing, and the odor control is superior. The CatSpot litter is able to cover any odor from the litter box, as long as you remember to remove the clumps regularly from the litter box.

Because it’s made from coconut and chemical-free, there is little to no risk of your cat developing allergies to the litter. It’s completely scent-free, which cats love. The power of the coconut is enough to suppress any odor from urine or waste without resorting to artificial fragrances.

The cat litter is made from recycled coconut, so it’s great for the environment. You can dispose of the used CatSpot litter by adding it to your compost pile or among plants in your garden. The litter doesn’t clump solidly, but it’s still easy to scoop out.

CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 3

Differences Between the Two CatSpot Litter Products

Choose CatSpot Litter

The sale of clumping cat litters have been on the rise in recent years, but we still see a lot of non-clumping ones in the market. In fact, if you check the CatSpot website, the non-clumping is just as popular as the other. If you’re having a hard time choosing between these two products by the CatSpot brand, this guide below describing what each type does might further help.

Clumping Cat Litter

Litters that clump are specifically designed to help you easily remove urine and feces from the litter boxes of your cats. Because the litter holds together tightly to form a solid clump, there is no need to empty the litter box quite as frequently as with no-clump ones. Just use a scoop to take out the soiled litter and replenish the box with an equal amount of fresh litter. Your cat or cats will be good to go for a couple more weeks or so.

Note: You still need to empty out the boxes of your cats completely — at least once a month. Dispose all of the old litter, and wash the boxes before refilling them with fresh litter. If you have more than one cat using the same box, you may need to do this more frequently.

Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Non-clump litters have been around much longer than their clumping counterparts. Their absorbent quality is often greater than that of the clumping types, and their capacity to reduce smell is excellent. Another thing in favor of this type of litter is its usually cheaper price compared to its clumping version.

However, litter boxes using non-clump litters will need to be more frequently changed because as the litter becomes saturated, the liquid waste will pool at the bottom affecting most of the litter inside the box. This entails having the entire litter changed instead of just some parts of it.

Note: Most cat owners find that this kind of litter necessitates a weekly washing of the cat box along with complete fresh refills. And although daily stirring helps with absorption, solid waste will still need to be removed every day.

CatSpot Litter Review: A Natural Cat Litter Guide for [year] 7

Which Should You Choose?

There is no right or wrong choice here, but what it comes down to is what you and your cat prefer, although mostly it’s about what your cat likes. Many cats seem to gravitate towards litters that clump, as these don’t stick to their paws as much, but there are also cats that want the ones that don’t.

It would be best if you could pick out the type your cat wants as some people have found that their cats tend to avoid the litter box if they dislike the litter. This would most likely lead to improper waste elimination, which you would not want to happen.

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Conclusion: Does the CatSpot Coconut Litter Stand Out?

thumbs up

There are many different kinds of litter: silica gel, wheat, corn, coconut, and clay litter to name a few. But only a few can claim to be safe all around. For example, corn ingredients can be contaminated with the aflatoxin mold—a deadly kind that has killed more than one pet. And mold grows where there is moisture. The same can be said of wheat.

Silica gels are highly absorbent and don’t track dust, but they’re not easy on the paws and when ingested for long periods, can be highly problematic for the cat. However, litters made from coconut are safe. Even if the cat ingests some while cleaning himself, it won’t harm him at all.

As cat owners, the well-being of our cats is paramount. We’ve looked at all angles and found that both of the CatSpot brand’s two products stand out when safety is concerned.

What else makes CatSpot’s litter great?

1. The CatSpot coconut litter is highly absorbent. It is made from coconut husks, which are known to contain more than 500% of their own weight in liquid, and as such are much better at handling cat waste than traditional litters.

2. The source is sustainable. Since the CatSpot litter is taken from a renewable source, you can enjoy its many benefits guilt-free. Unlike litter made of clay, which is mostly obtained through destructive strip mining, coconuts are easily sourced and the husks are just byproducts.

3. CatSpot litter is lightweight. Imagine lugging a heavy bag of litter around. It’s not something you’d relish doing. But one of coconut’s main draws is how lightweight it is, so refilling catboxes shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you have many.

4. It’s easy to dispose of. Once your litter reaches saturation point, just re-purpose it for your lawn or garden. It makes for a great compost material because coconut husk contains many nutrients that the soil needs.

5. There’s no scent. Your cat probably does not appreciate strong scents in its litter, since most cats are averse to artificial fragrance. With CatSpot, there’s just the natural scent of an organic material to be found.

So do we recommend CatSpot? Yes, based on our findings, we absolutely do.   

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