Crave Cat Food Reviews 2024: What You Need to Know

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Crave Cat Food

Any cat owner knows the importance of quality food in their furry friend's diet — the better the food, the happier and healthier the cat.

Our mission is to help you find the best cat food on the market. We do that by reviewing cat food companies and showing you exactly how healthy their food is for your cat.

In this article, Crave Cat Food Reviews, we take a closer look at the said brand. Crave is a newer pet food brand that's gaining popularity among cat owners and provides cat food products high in animal protein.

Crave Cat Food Reviews

Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 1
Crave Adult Dry Cat Food with Protein
  • Multi-protein formula from chicken, turkey, and duck
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Doesn't contain chicken by-products, corn, wheat, or soy
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Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 2
Chicken Recipe Cuts in Gravy
  • Made with real chicken in a hydrating meal
  • Contains the necessary nutrition for cats
  • Perfectly portioned for easy serving
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Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 3
Salmon Paté
  • Real salmon is the main protein source
  • Provides extra benefits like fatty acids and fish oil
  • Prepared in U.S. facilities
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Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 4

1. Crave with Protein from Chicken

Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 5
It's a grain-free product that puts its focus on several meat sources – turkey, chicken, and duck, for this recipe. Protein-rich is an understatement here.

Primary Protein Source: Turkey, Chicken or Duck Meat

Crave Adult Dry Cat Food is one of the best food for cats from the Crave brand. It's a grain-free product that puts its focus on the meat source – turkey, chicken, and duck, in this case.

With animal protein as the main component, it provides enough nutrients for energy-production, muscle-reconstruction, and immune system strengthening. 

Cats have sensible digestive tracts, which means they can’t eat any type of meat, and Crave Pet Foods considers that. 

Because this is dry cat food, it comes with a downside. It's less appealing to cats, and it might even be less digestible, especially in cases of sensitive stomachs.

If you're getting dry food in large quantities, make sure it is stored appropriately in an airtight bag. If air gets to the food for an extended period, it can lose vital nutrients.

As for the ingredients, there's a lot of unnecessary plant-based protein, salt, and other vitamins that might need a second look from a certified veterinarian. It also contains more carbohydrates than is ideal for cats. However, it has high amounts of protein from meat.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 40%
Crude Fat 18%
Moisture 10%


  • Real chicken, turkey or duck is the very first ingredient
  • Comprised of 40% protein plus vegetables
  • No chicken by-product meal, soy, corn or wheat
  • Provides the nutrients needed
  • Made in USA


  • Picky eaters don't like it

2. Crave Chicken Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 6
What makes this food better than dry food? For starters, it has 82% moisture and fewer unnecessary supplements.

Crave Chicken Recipe cuts in gravy is a better option than its dry counterpart if you want your cat to eat with enthusiasm. It doesn't have as much protein as other dry products, but it's still enough for most veterinarians' approval.

What makes this food better than dry food? For starters, it has 82% moisture and fewer unnecessary supplements. It still has ingredients that don't look particularly digestible for cats, like tapioca starch. Still, it's food your cat will probably enjoy more, and each cat has individual needs.

It comes in a perfect portion format, which means you get two servings for two balanced meals in one product.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 9%
Crude Fat 3.5%
Moisture 82%


  • Made with real chicken to provide cats with the meaty flavor
  • Grain-free cat food
  • Recipe is specially formulated for adult cats
  • No animal by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Proudly crafted in the USA with care


  • A bit expensive
  • Packaging difficult to open for some

3. Crave Salmon Paté 

Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 7
Salmon is its primary source of protein, it offers benefits such as fatty acids and fish oil. It's a wet food with 78% moisture, which makes it easy on the tummy.

The Salmon Paté is one of Crave's most popular cat food products. It's a wet food with 78% moisture, which makes it easy for cats to eat and digest. With salmon as its primary source of protein, it offers extra benefits like fatty acids and fish oil in the form of fat preserved with mixed Tocopherols.

Like the other wet food products from Crave, this one has fewer ingredients than dry food, lower protein content (but still enough to be nutritionally approved), is focused on protein from meat, and has low carbohydrates.

It comes in a perfect portion format, which means you get two servings in one product for two balanced meals.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 12%
Crude Fat 5%
Moisture 78%


  • Real salmon is the very first ingredient
  • Formulated with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Cooked and processed in U.S. facilities
  • No chicken by-product meal, no corn, no wheat, and no soy products


  • Difficult to open
  • A bit messy for some

Crave Cat Food Reviews [year]: What You Need to Know 4

What You Need to Know About Crave Pet Foods

Crave Pet Foods is a subsidiary of the world’s largest pet care company, Mars Petcare, which has existed since mid-2017.

They're a brand that focuses advertising on one area – high protein recipes and quality cat foods at an affordable price.

All their products are manufactured in North America, using ingredients sourced locally when possible. They also get certain ingredients from other parts of the world, such as vitamins and minerals from China

According to their website, they select their pet food ingredients with the utmost care. Their goal is to provide food that supports the health and well-being of cats and dogs.

Crave Pet Foods gives customers high-quality food to satisfy their cat's wild needs with the help of recipes created based on scientific studies of cats' needs. Their food is packed with nutrients (protein, vitamins, minerals) for a perfectly balanced lifestyle.

Most of the products Crave sells are targeted toward adult cats. They currently offer only one type of kitten food.

To make things easier for all cat owners, we created an in-depth analysis of 3 different Crave cat food products intended for adult cats. We’ve included reviews for wet and dry foods that consider nutritional balance, ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and other important aspects of cat health.

If you have a cat, you know that cats are hunters. They need high amounts of protein from meat in their diet, plus low fats and low carbohydrates to stay healthy. Protein helps their bodies function properly and provides the energy they need for an active life. The best cat foods often include nutrients like vitamins and minerals, since cats' bodies can't manufacture them on their own.

However, high amounts of vitamins and minerals can do more harm than good. Just as it would affect humans, an overdose of supplements can cause digestive problems and make your cat sick. That's why you need to see a veterinarian before introducing something new to your cat's diet.

Crave puts effort into creating products that give cats everything they need. They create all their pet food, whether it's wet or dry cat food, based on high protein and low carbohydrate recipes, an adaptation of wild cats' diets dating back hundreds of years.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials has approved all Crave cat food products, so you know the food has the nutritional value that makes up a healthy cat diet.

Cat Food Best Practices

  • If an ingredient you see on any cat food label makes you question how safe it is, ask your veterinarian before feeding it to your cat.
  • Be careful when it comes to excessive vitamins and minerals. Certain supplements may hurt more than they help, so it's better to be safe and avoid them.
  • Don't let brand advertising fool you. Check everything twice, from the source of the ingredients to where and how the food is manufactured.

Certain nutrition aspects promote a healthy diet more than others, including: 

  • High protein from meat (animal protein sources like birds and fish)
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Low fats
  • Vitamins and minerals like D-Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamins B5, B1, and D3.
  • Know how much your cat should eat. The biggest nutritional problem cats face is obesity. If you don't treat it properly, it can lead to arthritis, diabetes, and other health problems. Check with your veterinarian to create a personalized meal plan for your cat based on individual needs.

How Buyers See Crave Cat Food


Crave cat food products have received positive feedback from customers. Let’s take a look at what people have to say about them.

Positive Reviews

“I have two Maine Coon mix cats. Not only are they fluffy but big cats in general, which means bigger appetites. I usually go through bags of other brands of cat food pretty quickly. I saw this brand some months ago and thought I would try it. They love it! Their fur is shinier, also noticed fewer fur balls happening. I don't go through the bags of food as often as I was before. Price especially for the bigger bag is a little high but I'm willing to still purchase it since my cats love it so much.” – Eileen, Crave Pet Foods customer

“My cat sometimes has problems digesting other grain free cat food. He's never had any problems with this brand and he seems to really like it. The price is great too for a brand with quality ingredients. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality, affordable grain free cat food. ” – Rachel, Crave Pet Food customer

Negative Reviews

“My cat Daisy, who has never walked away from a piece of food before, wouldn't even give this one a look or sniff, she just turned around and walked away. I tried it again later thinking that would make a difference as she might be hungrier, but the same thing happened. I don't know what it is about this particular food that she didn't like but it was completely unappealing and unappetizing to her.” – Etude

“After slowly introducing my cats to this food, both have taken to vomiting & diarrhea. No other dry foods cause my cats to vomit. Have over $50 worth of food in their pail that all needs to be thrown away thanks to this food. Brought to the vet and confirmed they were in fact sick due to food so I'm not just making assumptions. Not worth the risk for a “high end” brand.” – Tim

If you try Crave cat food for your pet and would like to leave a review of your own, visit their website.


When it comes to pricing, Crave Cat Food is an affordable brand, with prices that range from $1.19 for a wet pack, to $32.99 for dry food.

Where You Can Buy?

Crave Cat Food is available for purchase in-store or online at most major retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Chewy.

crave cat food reviews


Crave is an above-average company that offers cat food approved by the AAFCO. It's nutritionally guaranteed to provide everything a cat needs for a balanced diet.

It's also high in animal protein and doesn't have as many questionable ingredients as other companies, despite that it may not be as nutrient-rich as some other brands.

Overall, it's a straight-forward, quality brand worth trying. The food comes from a company that respects the scientifically-recommended nutritional aspects of a cat's diet – high protein, low carbs, and fats.

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