Anime Cat Names That Your Cat Will Want to Answer To

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Anime Cat Names

Got new kitties? A fan of anime? What could be better than naming your adorable cats after a character from your favorite Japanese animation? There are just so many cute anime cat names you can come up with. And if you need ideas, you might like to browse this list for help in naming your furry companions.

Let’s go old school first and start with that long-running anime series, Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Cat Names

Adapted from a Japanese manga, this anime TV series follows the story of Goku in his quest to find the seven magical orbs known as the Dragon Balls.

dragon ball z


These are the most popular heroic characters (a couple of these were unforgettable villains before turning hero) in the series.


  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Son Gohan
  • Son Goten
  • Trunks
  • Piccolo
  • Krillin


  • Bulma
  • Android 18


But if you want to go the villain route, these are the memorable ones. They’re all males:

7 dragon balls
  • Frieza
  • Cell
  • Majin Buu
  • Broly
  • Babidi
  • Cooler
  • Captain Ginyu
  • Baby
  • Android 17
  • Zamasu

Supporting Characters

Other characters from Dragon Ball that you might want to consider. These are all male names except for Chi-Chi, who is Goku’s wife:

  • Shenron
  • Zeno
  • Mr. Popo
  • Master Roshi
  • Chi-Chi
  • Chaozu
  • Tien Shinhan
  • Whis
  • Beerus
  • Yamcha

And just to continue with the old school theme, let’s check out another classic otaku favorite (In Japan, otaku means someone who obsessed with something, particularly anime), Sailor Moon, before we move on to newer animes.

Sailor Moon Cat Names

This female-centered TV series follows the adventures of the lovable middle-school character, Usagi Tsukino, as she, together with her friends, defend the earth from nasty villains.


If you’re looking to name your girl kittens for a heroic character, you’re in luck. The protagonists are mostly female, with only one exception — Usagi’s love interest, Tuxedo Mask.

Here are the original Sailor Soldiers’ names with their real-life alter egos. Pick the sailor soldier’s name or the alter ego or both. Who knows, maybe your pet will transform into a magical being too.

  • Sailor Moon or Usagi Tsukinoanime cat names
  • Sailor Jupiter or Makoto Kino
  • Sailor Venus or Minako Aino
  • Sailor Mercury or Ami Mizuno
  • Sailor Mars or Rei Hino

New Sailor Soldiers were revealed in later episodes:

  • Sailor Pluto or Setsuna Meioh
  • Sailor Uranus or Haruka Tenoh
  • Sailor Neptune or Michiru Kaioh
  • Sailor Saturn or Hotaru Tomoe
  • Sailor Chibi Moon or Chibiusa

Now if your felines are all male and look fairly heroic, you could name them Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru, or Prince Endymion.


If your furry friend is more the villainous type rather than a sweet-tempered kitty, or you just find heroes boring, maybe you’ll find the perfect cat name in this list of Sailor Moon antagonists below:

  • Queen Berylsailor venus
  • Queen Metaria
  • Sailor Aluminum Siren
  • Sailor Lead Crow
  • Queen Nehelenia
  • Wiseman (male)
  • Prince Demande (male)
  • Sailor Galaxia
  • Fiore (male)
  • Zirconia

Done with classic animes? Let’s move on to an extremely popular anime (and one of the best, in our opinion) that’s fairly recent. It’s not exactly new, but compared to the first two up there, it’s definitely modern.

Fairy Tail Cat Names

Fairy Tail centers around Natsu Dragneel, a brash member of the wizard guild, Fairy Tail, as he searches everywhere for the dragon Igneel who raised him.



  • Natsu Dragneel
  • Gray Fullbuster
  • Laxus Dreyar
  • Mystogan
  • Gildarts Clive
  • Gajeel Redfox
anime girl


  • Lucy Heartfilia
  • Erza Scarlet
  • Mirajane Strauss
  • Juvia Lockser


For a series based on fighting, there’s a loooong list of villains to be found. But here are the most notable ones who gave our heroes a lot of headaches and a beating down or two.

anime cat names


  • Zeref
  • Jellal Fernandes
  • Brain
  • Hades
  • Mard Geer Tartaros
  • Jackal
  • August
  • Larcade Dragneel
  • Invel Yura
  • Bloodman
  • Wall Eehto
  • Ajeel Rami
  • Jacob Lessio
  • Neinhart


  • Ultear Milkovich
  • Kyoka
  • Minerva
  • BrandishAnime girl
  • DiMaria Yesta
  • Irene Belserion


  • Acnologia
  • Zirconis
  • Animus
  • Motherglare
  • Scissor Runner
  • Levia

Supporting Characters

What would an anime be without sidekicks and supporting characters? Here’s a list of the guys, gals, and the like who helped our heroes out and made Fairy Tail a standout series to watch.


  • Makarov Dreyar
  • Loke
  • Elfman Strauss
  • Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki
  • Bickslow
  • Fried Justine
  • Alzack Conel
  • Hibiki Lates
  • Eve Tearm
  • Ren Akatsuki
  • Jura Neekis
  • Lyon Vastia
  • Sting Eucliffe
  • Rogue Cheney
  • Saber Tooth


  • Levy McGarden
  • Lisanna Strauss
  • Mavis Vermillion
  • Cana Alberona
  • Evergreen
  • Bisca Moulin
  • Sherry Blendy
  • Sherria Blendy


  • Igneel
  • Belserion
  • Metalicana
  • Grandeeney (female)
  • Weisslogia
  • Skiadrum
  • Elefseria
  • Ignia
  • Atlas Flame
  • Mercphobia
  • Selene (female)
  • Aldoron
  • Viernes

Naruto Cat Names

Who hasn’t heard of Naruto? When the fairly new series ended in March of 2017, it was all anime fans were talking about. And if you haven’t yet, well, it is the story of an energetic and rebellious boy ninja named Naruto Uzumaki as he grew up to be a responsible man and Hokage of his clan.


These are the people who fought to defend the village of Konoha from invaders. They’re also quite cool, so if you feel like your kitties have that sneaky ninja vibe going on, name them after these guys.

anime cat names


  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Kiba Inuzuka
  • Shino Aburame
  • Shikamaru Nara


  • Sakura Haruno
  • Hinata Hyuga


Fighting anime shows would not be complete without fantastic villains to complete them. Have moody kitties? An anime villain’s name might fit them best. Take care, though, that they don’t grow up exactly like the villain you named them for. That would be frightening.


  • Orochimaruanime cat names
  • Gaara 
  • Zabusa Momochi
  • Kimimaru Kaguya
  • Deidara
  • Sasori
  • Kakuzu
  • Kinkaku and Gonkaku
  • Hanzo
  • Kisame Hoshigaki
  • Danzo Shimura
  • Nagato
  • Kabuto Yakushi
  • Obito Uchiha
  • Madara Uchiha
  • Momoshiki Otsutsuki


  • Konan
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki

Supporting Characters


  • Choji Akimichi
  • Rock Leeanime cat names
  • Neji Hyuga
  • Asuma Sarutobi
  • Might Guy
  • Kankuro


  • Ino Yamanaka
  • Tenten
  • Kurenai Yuhi
  • Temari

Other Popular Japanese Animations

Haven’t found the perfect name yet? Here’s a rundown of all the top anime series (old and new) and the truly interesting characters that people them. An ‘f’ next to a name indicates that it’s a female character. 

  • Eren Jaeger – Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)Street fighter Ryu
  • Sora – Kingdom Hearts
  • Shinji – Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Light Yagami – Death Note
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Kirito and Klein – Sword Art Online
  • Luffy – One Piece
  • Rukia Kuchiki (f) and Kurosaki Ichigo – Bleach
  • Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
  • Gon, Leorio, Killua, and Kurapika – Hunter x Hunter
  • Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul
  • Spike Spiegel and Jet Black – Cowboy Bepop
  • Rintaro Okabe – Steins;Gate
  • Rin and Yukio Okimura – Blue Exorcist
  • Elizabeth Liones (f) and Melodias – The Seven Deadly SIns
  • anime cat names Maka Albarn (f) – Soul Eater
  • Tatsumi – Akame ga Kill
  • Shiro (f) and Sora – No Game No Life
  • Ash Ketchum and Pikachu – Pokemon
  • Fuu Kasumi (f), Mugen, and Jin – Samurai Champloo
  • Kagome Higurashi (f) and Inuyasha – InuYasha
  • Shinichi Izumi – Parasyte
  • Koro-sensei – Assassination Classroom
  • Hiyori Iki (f) and Yato – Noragami
  • Yuuseke Urameshi, Kazuma kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama – Yu Yu Hakusho

Anime Cat Names / Characters

If you want to name your kittens for anime cats, well, there’s plenty of them to choose from. We listed down the famous ones and the name of the anime series you can watch them in.

Sailor Moon

What would the Sailor Senshis do without their smart kitty sidekicks? They’d probably lose. Also, the show just wouldn’t be as much fun without these wise-cracking cats to keep the senshis in line.

  • Artemis
  • Diana (f)
  • Luna (f)

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail has quite a lot of cats called Exceeds, a race of cat-like beings with limited magic. Do you want a name for your white, brown, or black cat? This anime has cats galore in various shades such as purple, red, and blue.

  • Happy
  • Carla (f)
  • Panther Lily
  • Lector
  • Frosch
  • Samuel
  • Nichiya
  • Nadianime cats
  • Shagotte (f)
  • Lucky
  • Marl (f)
  • Belletokia (f)
  • Clap
  • Gogotora
  • Kurubushi
  • Martam
  • Touka (f)
  • Mejeer
  • Monmo
  • Muganto (f)
  • Mysdroy
  • Salberay

More Cats in Anime Shows

  • Meowth – Pokemon
  • Korin – Dragon Ball
  • Nyanko-Sensei or Madara – Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book of Friends)
  • Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Servicepikachu
  • Anpu – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
  • Poyo – Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
  • Takkun – FLCL
  • Chi (f) – Sweet Home
  • Sakamoto – Nichijou
  • Tama – Sazae-San
  • Nekobasu (The Catbus) – My Neighbor Totoro
  • Daniel – Ballad of a Shinigami, Momo: The Girl God of Death
  • Spinel Sun – Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Potya – Yuri!!! On ICE
  • Cat King – The Cat Returns
  • Lune – The Cat Returns
  • President Aria Pokoteng – Aria the Animation
  • Kuroneko-sama (f) – Trigun
  • Kuro – a boy feline in Ao No Exorcist/a girl in Love Hina
  • Arthur – Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
  • Kamineko – Azumanga Daiohpokemon
  • Nyanko Big – Tada Never Falls in Love
  • Wind Cat – Fuujin Monogatari
  • Neko-sensei – Princess Tutu
  • Buyo – InuYasha
  • Morgana – Persona 5
  • Chimera (f) – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

More cat names: Spanish Cat Names

Cat Anime Movies

Because we just can’t get enough of cats, here are the best anime about cats. Take your pick of feline anime names from the range of movie choices below.

1. Stand By Me Doraemon – Doraemon’s a robotic cat from a different time, the 22nd century to be precise, and he must travel to the past to make an unlucky boy named Nobita happy, or else the future will be terrible.

2. Cat Soup – It’s the story about little Nyatta, a kitten who travels to the world of the dead and back to get his sister’s soul.

3. The Cat Returns – Haru Yoshioka saves a cat from an accident and the cat turns out to be Lune, a Prince of the Cat Kingdom. To celebrate, Haru goes to a feast at the castle and begins transforming into a cat. To escape, Haru is helped by the cats Baron, Muta, and Yuki.

4. She and Her Cat – This anime video short is about Chobi, a male cat and his great love for his female owner as told from Chobi’s perspective. A female feline named Mimi wants to marry Chobi, but no one’s as good enough for him as Her (how he refers to his owner).

Cat TV

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