Review of Halo Cat Food Updated for 2019

Halo cat food logo Halo might just be the ideal cat food. According to Consumer Reports, they are one of the top selling cat food products to keep any feline healthier. I would rather spend a bit more money on the Halo brand cat food, containing the right ingredients.
Let me put this in a better light. Would you feed your child a fast food burger every day? Incomplete nutrition eventually causes health problems for your child. Feeding your child well-balanced meals every day will supply just the right amount of nutrients to keep that child healthy. I believe the same holds true for our felines.

A 30-year History of Halo Food

A 30-year history, later explains how the Halo company proves they care to provide healthy, Holistic ingredients from the best real food ingredients for your pet. Feeding your feline well-balanced and nutritious foods every day keeps your pet healthy.

You will soon realize you spend less money visiting the vet because of not developing health issues from low-quality foods. 

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This company remains transparent in making sure you know what goes into their Holistic pet food products.

The Halo Company does not just put together cat food without the most knowledgeable consultants available. Esteemed experts in animal care and veterinary nutritionists help to put together high-quality recipes that your feline enjoys eating.

Essential natural nutrients in every serving of food such as,

  • Essential amino acids
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Hormones
  • Probiotics
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Antibodies and enzymes to support bones, muscles, cell repair and production, soft tissue, vital organs, growth, and the aging process in your senior pet.

Transparency with research and ingredients

You win the nutrition battle by reading ingredient labels on all pet food products. The first ingredient listed on the Halo feline food label is the component of the highest percentage.

If you find chicken as the first ingredient, that food contains mostly chicken. But, chicken alone does not make a well-balanced feline diet. Through years of research, Halo found the proper amounts of essential nutrients satisfying your cat’s nutritional needs.

You will find no artificial ingredients in any Halo foods. Ingredients are all wholesomely, natural and easily digestible foods. Foods contain natural sources of insoluble and soluble fiber

Halo’s Top Five “Safe” IngredientsTurkey white meet

Feline Meats include,

  • Beef (2)
  • Chicken (14)
  • Turkey (10)
  • Duck (1)
  • Rabbit (1)
  • Venison (1)
  • Fish (4)
  • Lamb (2)
  • Salmon (9)
  • Seafood (3)

Other ingredientsFresh fruits and vegetables

  • Eggs
  • Pea Protein
  • Oats
  • Pearled Barley
  • Human-grade meats
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (not an essential addition to your cat’s diet. However, provides increased antioxidants and fiber)
  • Whole grains

As you read and review the content label on any Halo cat food product, you will never find any of the following No artificial colorsingredients in any Halo product.

  • Artificial colors
  • Flavors
  • Preservatives
  • Wheat
  • Wheat gluten
  • Corn
  • No by-products

Halo provides adequate nutritious foods for four different life stage types of your cat.

  • Kitten (3)
  • Adult (34)
  • Senior (4)
  • All Stages (32)

Top Selling Halo Feline Food in 2018

According to Consumer Research, the top-selling canned feline food for 2016 was produced by Halo and is called Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe. This amazingly tasty stew named after a cat called Spot became a top selling cat food product from Halo.

Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe offers complete Holistic nutrition for your pet. Infused with all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs for complete nutrition. This product is grain free and BPA free.

The Halo company says you will never find any chicken meal, meat by-products, artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or rendered meat in this or any of the Halo products.

When you read the label on this variety of Halo cat food, you will see as I did, that chicken is the first ingredient. Chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, and Zucchini finish this wholesome recipe. You will find recommended measurements for proper feeding schedules.

Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe can be found in specialty pet stores and online shops or via the Halo website.

If your little critter is finicky, as mine is I found plenty of different five stars rated varieties of Spot’s Stew in moist or dry types that I thought my cat would like. Your cat is bound to find their favorite meal. The available types of cat foods include,

  • Wholesome Chicken and Beef Recipe
  • Lamb Recipe
  • Chicken
  • Crab and Shrimp Recipe
  • Wholesome Turkey Recipe
  • Healthy Chicken Recipe

History of Halo and Their Mission Statement

For over 30 years the Halo history is evidence in the fact that the staff, partners, and customers love and have a deep devotion to the welfare of all dogs and cats.

Halo enhances your pet’s well-being by offering a top quality Holistic pet food for cat lovers everywhere.

They strive to help your pet live a longer, healthier life by providing the specific nutrients vital to the health of your cat. 

Halo provides education, products, services, and resources yearly to mesh all resources possible to provide to you and your pet products that make a difference in the life of your cat.

Halo provides you and your cat with specific Halo diets according to your pet’s health issues. Your cat will love the grain free products as evidenced by watching your pet beg for more of their favorite recipe.

What Halo Customers and Cats Say Listen to what your cat is telling you

Never think that your cat cannot tell the difference in a quality food and a less than purrfect product. Listen to what your cat is telling you when you feed your pet. Your cat is the best one to tell you what they think about the food. I found that the taste of this food is welcomed by my cat.

Consumer reviews show that a higher percentage of Halo cat food customers say that their pet cannot wait for their next meal. Cats who eat the Halo diet show less litter pan waste. Pet owners report that Halo cat food smells similar to human foods and their furry friend picks up on this scent as appealing.

Pet owners believe that their cat eats less food because Halo is more filling and satisfying. I find that my cat seems to eat less frequently. Many cat owners who use the Halo cat food products report fewer health issues, thus cutting vet costs.

Pet owners say that their cat shows notably increased energy, strength, vitality, and shinier coats.


Halo supplies your cat with prime quality, Holistic, and natural food products and this company is available for questions and answers you may have about feline care tips, pet advice, and the hydration needs of your cat. Through the Halo website, a list of products and services is available for those interested in their products.

  • Varieties of dry food
  • Freeze-Dried Food
  • Supplements
  • Wholesome treats
  • Grooming supplies
  • Review on ingredients

With well over 40 awards and recognition to the Halo name, it is easy to understand how this brand became a top seller of food products for your pet.

  • April 19, 2017
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