Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro’s Best-Sellers

Our pets are our pride and joy, and nothing brings us more joy than seeing our pets being happy and healthy. These days, we are lucky to have all the information available to help us pick the right products for our pets. Looking at the ingredients, every brand seems to offer the best cat foods. But with all the options being offered to us, it can be difficult to find the best cat food for our pets. To help make the choice just a bit easier, we’ve come up with this Nutro cat food review.

Almost every pet food company offers a line of premium healthier options. Each one of them marketed to have all-natural ingredients that are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Nutro is one of these premium pet food brands. What sets the Nutro brand apart is their “feed clean” philosophy.

Nutro Cat Food Review

Nutro has been making pet food since 1926. John Saleen purchased a dog food company and re-named the brand Nutro. Based in Industry, California, Nutro was operated by members of the Saleen family, and sold dog food to the locals. Years later, the company was sold to Ed Brown in 1975. In 1985, Dr. Sharon Machlik helped develop the Max line of products. The success of Max led to the expansion of the company. In 2007, Nutro was acquired by Mars Incorporated- makers of Whiskas, Pedigree, and Royal Canin.

Nutro’s clean philosophy is about providing simple, purposeful, and trustworthy food to pets. The ingredients are non-GMO and do not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Only ingredients that serve a precise purpose go into Nutro products. According to their website, all raw materials are sourced only from trusted farmers and suppliers.

We are quite impressed with this simplistic approach to pet food. But are Nutro cat foods really as good as they say? To help you decide which are the best food for cats, we have made a review of Nutro’s highest-rated wet and dry cat food from their product lines.

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 2

You love what you see? Purrfect! Rest assured that I put these products on the list specifically due to their genuine quality and not for other reasons. I would just like to be transparent with you and inform you that FelineLiving may obtain a share of sales or other monetary compensation from the links on this page. I hope your furry friends will love these reviewed products and that it will spark joy in each pair of feline eyes!

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Nutro Cat Food Review

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 3
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Cat Food
  • With vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Features real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Contains non-GMO ingredients
Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 4
Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals
  • Comes With Our Guaranteed Great Taste Or Your Money Back
Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 5
Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy
  • Made with real turkey
  • Grain-free food
  • Savory chunks
Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 6
Nutro Perfect Portions Adult Cat Paté
  • Real salmon as the first ingredient
  • Soft pate with smooth texture
  • Made in USA
Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 2

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food

The Nutro Wholesome Essentials Cat Food uses real chicken, other poultry, or fish as its #1 ingredient. It contains healthy grains and other wholesome ingredients for a healthy, balanced diet. Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food come in variants for every life stage and health condition. It even has other natural sources of protein such as pea protein and potato protein.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Cat Food

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 8

The Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Cat Food Chicken and Whole Brown Rice Recipe has farm-raised chicken as its main ingredient. A blend of whole grains is added for fiber and more nutrients. It is rich in omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Its ingredients also include added sources of protein such as chicken meal, pea protein, chicken fat, and potato protein.


Healthy weight. A good number of reviews state that their indoor cats have been able to maintain healthy weights since eating this food. They do not overeat and the servings are enough to sustain them in between meals.

A picture of health. This cat food has received numerous rave reviews from owners of kitties who grew up on Nutro cat food. According to them, their now senior pets who have been eating this chicken and whole brown rice dry food have never had any medical issues and are very healthy cats to this day. Many of them believe that the good health and longevity of their pets are because of the benefits that they get from eating Nutro cat foods all their lives.Cute Cat Dreaming


Kibble is too large. A few customers find that the kibble of the Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Cat Food Chicken and Whole Brown Rice Recipe is too large for their cats. This causes a few kitties to not eat this dry food at all. Some reviews note that the pieces should be smaller as it is usually purchased for senior cats.


The Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Cat Food Chicken and Whole Brown Rice is an overall great dry cat food for indoor adult or senior cats, based on our review. It allows them to maintain a healthy weight despite lessened activity. Many buyers note that their indoor cats do not beg for food, and are sustained by their meals throughout the day. The owners take this as a sign that it has only high-quality ingredients as opposed to having too much fillers.

It has also received great reviews from owners who have fed their pets Nutro cat food since they were kittens. According to them, the now senior pets have never had any medical issues because they have been eating a healthy and balanced diet from Nutro cat food since day one. Some feel however, that the kibble is too large, especially for older pets.

Nutro MAX Dry Cat Food

Nutro MAX Cat food offers simple and complete nutrition at a great value. It promises to deliver natural nutrition for maximum health. Aside from chicken meal or fish meal as protein sources, it also has tomato pomace, cranberries, and blueberries that are rich in antioxidants. It is enriched with omega-6 fatty acids, as well as fish oil, chicken fat, sunflower oil, and soybean oil for healthy skin and coat.

Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food – Roasted Chicken

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 9

This roasted chicken flavored dry food is tasty as it is nutritious. It offers a complete and balanced meal with protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It includes natural fibers such as ground whole wheat and brewer’s rice for healthy digestion. It also has chicken meal, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, and Menhaden fish oil among other ingredients.


Kitties love it. A lot of kitties seem to love this roasted chicken flavored dry food. Even known finicky eaters like Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food. Some cats who usually only eat wet food have even been converted.

Affordable price. Many customers are confident that they get great value from Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food Roasted Chicken. Their pets get high-quality, tasty, nutritious food at an affordable price with this particular brand of dry food.


Grains. A few reviews do not agree that this is a high-quality dry cat food due to its grain content. Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food Roasted Chicken contains ground whole wheat and brewer’s rice as sources of fiber. Some customers feel that cats do not really benefit much from such ingredients.


Based on our review, the Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food Roasted Chicken is an overall good quality cat food at an affordable price point. Its flavor is a hit among a lot of kitties as well. As with other Nutro cat foods, this variant gets rave reviews from owners of pets who grew up eating Nutro. However, a handful of customers feel that grains are just fillers and are not really vital in cats’ nutritional needs.

Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food

Made with real poultry, fish, or shrimp, this Nutro cat food are completely grain-free. It comes in twin packs of 2 single-serve containers. You can save the unopened half for your kitty’s next meal. Perfect Portions has two variants: Cuts in Gravy, and Paté. Both variants come in different flavors.

Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Turkey Recipe

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 10

This grain-free wet food is made of high-quality turkey sourced from Nutro’s trusted network of farmers and suppliers. It also contains chicken liver, farm-raised chicken, and pork plasma. The gravy is made even tastier with turkey broth.


All meat, no filler. Customers love that their cats are getting real chunks of meat with every twin pack of Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Turkey Recipe cat food. There are no grains, corns, or other by-products. It’s all good solid meat in delectable gravy that kitties love.

Good-sized portions. The portions in twin packs are just the right size, according to numerous reviews for this Nutro cat food. To some, the amount of food and liquid per pack are perfect as a treat, but not as a meal. Some feel however, that the portion is the right amount for their cat’s evening meal.


Plastic packaging. While the twin packs are convenient compared to splitting the contents of one can in half, many are concerned that the amount of single-use plastic that goes into every box does not help the environment.


Based on buyers’ reviews, the Nutro brand has established a reputation for quality cat food. Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Turkey Recipe is another product that shows Nutro’s excellent quality. The visible chunks of meat on this wet food is truly appreciated by both cat and parent.

The portions are just right, according to reviews. However, some feel that it is not enough to be given as a meal. Some buyers like the convenience of the twin packs. Other customers however, are not in favor of the single-use plastic container. Reviews show that more and more buyers prefer spending on products that have less impact on the environment.

Nutro Perfect Portions Adult Cat Food Real Salmon & Tuna Paté

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 11

This wet food in paté form contains real salmon and tuna as the main sources of protein. It also includes chicken and chicken liver. The extra tasty sauce has chicken broth and dried pork broth.


Perfect texture. The Nutro Perfect Portions Adult Cat Food in Real Salmon and Tuna Paté is just the right texture for senior cats and those who no longer have all of their teeth. It requires little effort to chew, and the sauce is an added source of moisture. You can slice slivers of paté to give as little treats to your cats.

Great tasting flavor. The salmon and tuna variant is quite popular among feline fans of Nutro wet cat food. Looking at the ingredients, it is no surprise that cats love this wet food. Aside from salmon and tuna, it has chicken and chicken liver cooked in chicken broth and dried pork broth.


Packaging. Aside from the single-use plastic, some customers find the lid difficult to open without spilling the sauce.


The Nutro Perfect Portions in Real Salmon and Tuna Paté is another high-quality grain-free cat food from Nutro. It contains no fillers and is packed with flavorful salmon, tuna, and other protein sources. Based on our review, the paté is an overall great texture for cats of all ages as it requires very little chewing. Just like its Cuts in Gravy counterpart, not everyone is happy about this product’s packaging. It is again made of plastic, and peeling off the lid without spilling precious sauce is quite a challenge.

Nutro Cat Food Review 2020: An Honest Feedback on Nutro's Best-Sellers 2


Based on our review of Nutro cat foods’ ingredients, quality, and feedback from other cat parents- this brand is definitely worth a try. Nutro’s “feed clean” philosophy is certainly appealing to health-conscious pet parents. The idea behind this philosophy is to include only uncomplicated ingredients that have a precise purpose in pet nutrition.

Receiving feedback from owners who have fed only Nutro brand products to their cats from kittenhood up to their senior cat years is the best review they could possibly receive. These owners are firm believers that their senior cats’ good health all throughout their lives are owed to the quality of the food that Nutro provides. They report healthy weight, digestion, and soft, shiny coats. According to them their cats are pictures of health, and we cannot be more impressed.

cat platter

We especially love the Nutro Perfect Portions wet cat food. You can really see meat content, especially with the Cuts in Gravy variant. We find that it is great as a treat, meal, or even mixed with kibble. The twin pack is good because it is convenient and leaves no half-opened portions. However, we feel that Nutro needs to make changes to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that goes to waste. One buyer, suggested recycling the plastic parts of the containers.

As cat owners, we know that no single brand is perfect for every cat. Nutro also has quite a few reports of cats not liking the food, or not sitting well with their little tummies. As such, it is always recommended to follow the suggested feeding guide when transitioning to a new brand or type of cat food. We know our pets better than anyone. It is up to us to make an educated decision on which cat food best suits our pets according to their needs.


Have Nutro cat foods ever been recalled?

Yes. In 2009, some dry cat food products were recalled due to incorrect zinc and potassium levels. In the same year, a voluntary recall was done for three types of dry dog food due to possible plastic contamination from a worker’s hat. No plastic pieces were found in the food.

In 2007, Nutro was included in a wide-range pet food recall due to melamine. During this time, some Nutro products were manufactured by Menu Foods, who imported wheat gluten from China that have been contaminated with melamine.

Weight Management in Cats

Food plays an important part in weight management. Your choice of which pet food to give your cat determines whether your pet becomes obese, loses weight, or gets the proper weight for his breed and age. A balanced nutrition is a must, and we emphasize quality trumps quantity all the time.

Gray kitten eating cat food

Overweight kitties tend to lose interest in activities such as playing. Lack of exercise leads to more weight gain. This puts them at risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, urinary stones, and numerous conditions.

Weight gain can be attributed to several factors such as age, breed, gender, and medical conditions. Older cats are prone to weight gain because they are less active. Some cat breeds are more likely to become overweight than others. Females are also more prone to weight gain compared to males. Occasionally, a medical issue is the underlying cause for a cat’s weight gain. Spayed and neutered felines are also more likely to become obese because of their sedentary lifestyle.

Here are some ways to help maintain our cat’s healthy weight:

  1. Avoid overfeeding. Kitties who constantly have food in their bowls eat more than they need. We have personally witnessed cats who panic when the bowl is nearly empty- even when they had a meal minutes ago.
  2. Pick the right food for your pet’s needs. Some cat foods have a lot of salt and fat. This makes for a very tasty meal. If they have access to food all the time, they will definitely gorge. Food that are specially formulated for various needs such as weight management, indoor, or indoor senior can be considered depending on your pet’s specific needs.
  3. Provide toys. Instead of constant access to meals, give them access to toys. Toys could encourage them to move.

Is Nutro essentials a good cat food?

NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS Dry Cat Food is made with natural fiber to promote proper digestion and contains antioxidants for a strong immune system. Feel good about feeding them healthy nutrition. Made with healthy ingredients and rich in nutrients, like Omega-6 Fatty Acids for healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

Is Nutro cat food made in USA?

Nutro pet food is manufactured in the USA from ingredients sourced from around the world. The Nutro two dry pet food manufacturing facilities are located in Lebanon, Tennessee and Victorville, California.

Is Nutro cat food a good brand?

Nutro Max Canned Cat Food Chicken Supreme is our pick for overall best wet cat food because it's made with only premium ingredients, contains no by-products and includes universally beneficial additives that are great for any cat's diet.

Who owns Nutro cat?

In 2007, Nutro became a subsidiary of Mars, Inc, a massive conglomerate behind brands including Whiskas, Royal Canin, Greenies, Sheba, and Iams.

  • Updated April 24, 2020
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