202 Funny Cat Names For Your Crazy & Wacky Furball

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Should you give your pets funny cat names? Yes! If she’s got a habit of cracking you up, why not? Names for felines should describe their looks, habits and even their personality quirks.

If your cat blunders into situations, she deserves a name that describes this habit.

If she’s afraid of her reflection in a mirror, her name should give people a clue. Seeing her puff up and bounce down the hall cracks you up, especially if you see she’s trying to intimidate a dust bunny.

If she has a funny meow, try to find a name that describes its sound.

Funny Cat Names

Your feline shows you some human habits that make you chuckle. Does she stick her paw in water, then suck the water off? Or does she “grab” food from her bowl and eat it from the floor?

Maybe she’s a little clumsier than other kitties. If you’ve seen her snoozing on a sunny windowsill, you probably melted at the sight. Next, as she tried to roll over, you laughed loudly when she tumbled to the floor.

If she forgets the narrow windowsill, you’ll see this happen a lot. Or, she just never learned how to go up and downstairs.

  • Cat Stevens
  • Puma Thurmanfunny cat names
  • Ali Cat
  • Cat Benatar
  • Cindy Clawford
  • Meowly Cyrus
  • Oprah Whisker
  • Brad Kitt
  • Pawdry Hepburn
  • Fleas Witherspoon
  • Catrick Stewart
  • Catrick Swayze
  • Schrodinger
  • Jennifurr
  • Picatso

Funny Female Cat Names

Your girl is funny. She’s given you memories that you’ll never forget. Maybe she’s big for her frame. Or she has allergies that make her sneeze endlessly.

A funny female name for your little girl may just fit who she is. Or how she looks. Does she yell at you? Is she courageous and funny? Or does she have a really funky meow? Hey, maybe she sings when she talks!

As you think of the perfect funny cat name, think outside the (cardboard) box. She may have a royal manner, making it easier to find a funny name for her.

image of a funny startled feline

  • Achoo
  • Babushka
  • Baboo
  • Bink-Bink
  • Kitty Poppins
  • Blimpy
  • Catsey Cline
  • Catniss
  • Catsy Cline
  • Chairwoman Miao
  • Cindy Clawford
  • Clawdia
  • Cotillion
  • Cat Middleton
  • Hairy Mulligan
  • Cameowfunny cat names
  • Abby Tabby
  • Kitney Spears
  • Clawdia
  • Kathmandu
  • Katy Purry
  • Kitty Poppins
  • Madam X
  • Meowly Cyrus
  • Miss America
  • Miss Thang
  • Kitty Banshee
  • Samantail
  • Tabbytha
  • Veronicat
  • Whispurr

Funny Male Cat Names

Your male kitty is clumsy, even though cats are supposed to be graceful. His pratfalls have resulted in so many moments that have made you fall to the floor, laughing.

Maybe he’s a dignified cat who would never do anything you’d laugh at. This is your royal kitty and he deserves a name that reflects his status (in his own mind, at least).

If you’re a movie buff, plenty of names out there may fit him to a “T.” Or, if he sneaks your bagels and cream cheese every morning, come up with a name that will fit his sneakiness.

202 Funny Cat Names For Your Crazy & Wacky Furball 1
  • Bagel Face
  • Jean Luc Picat
  • Jude Paw
  • Meowsie
  • Leonardo DaFuzzy
  • Lucifurr
  • Luke Skywhisker
  • Cat Damon
  • Clawdius
  • Butch Catsidy
  • Bing Clawsby
  • Bob Meowerly
  • Mr. Meowgi
  • Bing Clawsby
  • Neil Catrick Harris
  • Don Drapurr
  • Chubby Bunny
  • Dalai Clawma
  • David Meowie
  • Donald Tramp
  • Donatello
  • Doughboy
  • Fuzzy Navel
  • Wookie
  • Chubbs
  • Mr. Kitty

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Funny Cat Names Play on Words

You’ve heard about phrases that play on words. Why not playing on the names of famous people? Or movies? This is the perfect category for you to go all out.

As you think of your kitten's name, use every category you can think of, such as professions, famous beings and people, historical figures and even characters in movies.

Look through the dictionary for names of objects or even foods. Anything that evokes kittens or even has “cat” in its name would be an excellent choice.

One thing is for sure: When people hear your cat’s name, they’ll break out laughing.

  • Anderson Pooper
  • Fish Bait
  • Jessicat
  • Cat Sajak
  • J.R.R. Tolkitten
  • Kittles202 Funny Cat Names For Your Crazy & Wacky Furball 2
  • Whispurr
  • Lucifurr
  • Meowses (Moses)
  • Fidel Catstro
  • Catpernicus
  • Catillac
  • Catsup
  • Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
  • Santa Claws
  • Shakespurr
  • Leopardo DeCatrio
  • Will Feral
  • Catman
  • Paw Revere
  • Catticus
  • Frank Lloyd Bite

Funny Tabby Cat Names

Tabbies are just beautiful, with those alternating stripes of color. They are definitely different to look at. This is why your beautiful tabby deserves the most unique name that no other kitty can use.

Why name your pretty kitty “Fluffy” when you can come up with so many other names?

If your little girl has some qualities that have made themselves known, you’ll need to decide on just the perfect name. She’ll let you know if the name you choose is too safe. Or too boring.

Try the names out on her. Call her by different names. You’ll know soon!

  • Puddy Tat
  • Whiskers202 Funny Cat Names For Your Crazy & Wacky Furball 3
  • Bob Scratchit
  • Gigabyte
  • Megabyte
  • Paw Newman
  • Lipstick
  • Yeti
  • Paul McCatney
  • Shushi
  • Burger
  • Colin Furrth
  • Purrito
  • Monet
  • Barfolomeow

Funny Persian Cat Names

Persian breed, with their thick fluffy coats of hair, know they are beautiful. Their attitudes tell you so, every day. Think of the best names for your Persian kitty girl and “try them out” on her before you make your final choice.

Not only does your Persian have luscious fur, she has a funny, squished face. This alone deserves a funny name good enough for her breed.

202 Funny Cat Names For Your Crazy & Wacky Furball 4

Go, once again, through lists of celebrities, foods and even character names from the movies. Also check out our list of Harry Potter inspired cat names if she is a little bit on the magic side.

You might also want to create a name that has “cat” in it. She’ll appreciate a good name.

  • Whispurr
  • Heidi
  • Catacomb
  • Dalai Clawma
  • Jaspurr
  • Fuzz Aldrin202 Funny Cat Names For Your Crazy & Wacky Furball 5
  • Catpernicus
  • Veronicat
  • Genghis Cat
  • Puma Thurman
  • Demi Meower
  • Catsup
  • Leonardo DeFuzzy
  • Cat-titude
  • Shakespurr
  • Clawsome
  • Purrson

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