Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: 2024 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

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Our loyal feline friends, regardless of their personality, have this “don’t care” attitude. And while they may enjoy your company, there are times when they just want to be left alone.

Unless you are there 24 hours a day to be your cats’ personal doorman or you are a skilled DIY handyman who can create an aesthetically-pleasing cat hole in your interior wall in a jiffy, having a cat door or a cat flap installed in your house may be your best bet.

Aside from giving your adorable cats access to their kitty litter or access to the outdoors, cat doors offer a ton of other benefits. Pet owners around the globe can attest to it. Thanks to modern-day technology and people’s ingenuity, we now have an array of choices when it comes to cat doors.

It now comes in many shapes and sizes that can fit a small or a large cat. There are those designed to fit interior doors with ease while others come with a microchip cat flap, a magnetic closure, or a unique locking mechanism.

While it is good to have a lot of options, scrolling through all the cat door products online or walking in an aisle full of cat doors to find the best one can be downright confusing. But don’t fret.

Apart from the helpful product reviews we’ve compiled on the top best cat doors in the market today, you’ll definitely find our comprehensive cat door buyer’s guide a life-saver.

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 1

Best Selling Cat Doors

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 2
PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel
  • Easy installation, no cutting required
  • Perfect for renters and apartments
  • Made from aluminum construction and shatter-resistant tempered glass
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 3
CatHole Cat Door
  • Arch shaped door
  • With removable brush that grooms kitty
  • Designed to isolate litter boxes
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 4
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
  • Keeps unwanted animals out
  • Compatible with all microchip or RFID collars
  • Only opens to your pet's id
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 5
Ideal Pet Products Lockable Cat Flap Door
  • 4-way locking system
  • Easy to install and comes with step by step manual
  • Compatible with any standard exterior or interior door
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 6
The Kitty Pass Standard Interior Cat Door
  • Smooth, wide opening
  • No off putting screw holes or logos
  • Cute and unique design
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 7
PetSafe Freedom Pet Door
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Flexible flap with magnetic bottom
  • Easy installation
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 1

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews

  1. PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel
  2. CatHole Cat Door
  3. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
  4. Ideal Pet Products Lockable Cat Flap Door
  5. Kitty Pass Standard Interior Cat Door
  6. PetSafe Freedom Pet Door

There are a lot of brands that manufacture and sell quality pet products. Their main goal is to help our pets improve their quality of life. Among the products that abound in the market are pet doors and cat doors.

There may be a multitude of options (many of which are saying that they're the best), but through thorough research, we came up with a list of the best cat doors that have consistently satisfied many of its users.

Highly-rated, expect each one to offer a feature or two that would probably tickle your fancy. In case you’re still unsure, our guide is also available below to assist you in making a smart, unbiased buying decision.

1. PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 9
These panels are so easy to install and no cutting needed! Made from aluminum and shatter resistant, tempered glass this will allow your pet to come and go as he pleases.
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 10

For our last product on our top 6 best cat doors list, we have again a pet door from PetSafe. Why? It seems like this manufacturer is getting tons of love from its patrons and it is easy to see why. PetSafe’s Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel is a pet door that can easily slide through most sliding door tracks.

Can’t or just don’t want to cut holes through house doors or walls? Here is an easy solution, although this would cost you a bit more. With its price, you can, however, make sure that it will last with its shatter-resistant tempered glass and weather-resistant aluminum frame. It also comes in various sizes and colors, making it worth every penny.


  • Installing it is a breeze – quick, easy, and mess-free.
  • This pet door has a solid design.
  • Keeps flies and hot air out.
  • Gives cats quicker yard access.
  • No more litter box odor.


  • The lock mechanism that comes with this door does not work for all kinds of doors.
  • Weather protection is not the best. The soft flaps tend to open when the winds are strong.

2. CatHole Cat Door

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 11
Featuring a very simple design plus backed up by its budget-friendly price tag it has become a crowd favorite. It also has a removable grooming brush which can help you minimize unwanted fur around the house.
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 12

First on the list of our best cat door products is the CatHole’s The Original Cathole Interior Pet Door. Many are captivated by its simple design.

Backed up by its budget-friendly price tag and a removable grooming brush that will also minimize the number of unwanted fur in your home, you might consider the minimalist yet innovative CatHole Interior Cat Door a product worth looking at.


  • This interior cat door lets cats access other rooms with ease.
  • You just need around 30 minutes to install it.
  • Its design is simple and cute yet unobtrusive.
  • The brush is great for furball control. Cats also use it as a back scratcher.
  • Effective at keeping the stink away.


  • The brush’s bristles tend to fall off after a few months of use.

3. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 13
If you are not keen of having unwanted visitors inside your home, then this safe and secure flap is for you. It will only open for your pet as it recognizes your kitty's unique microchip or collar tag id.
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 14

Worried about the unwanted entry of feral cats or raccoons? Worry no more. This microchip cat flap will take care of that.

A flap that can be installed in your walls, doors, as well as windows, your cat just needs an RFID microchip or an RFID tag to open up this device. Programming it is a no-brainer. This one is battery-powered, and battery life is expected to last for at least 12 months.


  • This door keeps intruder animals out.
  • It is very sturdy. It can last for years.
  • The sensor works like a charm.
  • Installation is pretty easy.
  • The magnetic latch keeps the door closed even if it is windy outside.


  • This pet door makes a clicking noise that may annoy some cats and some pet parents.
  • It does not allow individual settings to be programmed for each pet.

4. Ideal Pet Products Lockable Cat Flap Door

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 15
This a flap that features a 4-way locking system. This is transparent so it will allow your feline to still see the outdoors even if they are inside the home.
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 16

Want a cat door that would let your furry pal come and go only when you want them to? The Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door with a 4-way lock might be the best for you. This type of lock mechanism gives you an option to set the lock to “in-only or out-only,” making it possible for you to lock your cats in or keep them out.

Measuring 6.25″ x 6.25″, cats up to 12 pounds can walk through it with ease. It comes with a transparent LEXAN flap which is known for its ability to deform without breaking or cracking. This door can be installed both as an interior cat door and an exterior cat door.


  • It comes with a reasonable price tag.
  • The cat door’s multi-lock feature works as expected.
  • You can say goodbye to unwanted stink and mess.
  • This is easy to install.
  • Tails getting caught on the flap is not an issue.


  • Lock mechanism tends to wear out after a year or two.
  • Its flap makes a little noise.

5. The Kitty Pass Standard Interior Cat Door

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 17
This is an interior kitty door that will allow your furry friend to go in and out behind closed doors. Perfect for places where you hid his litter box for more privacy.
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 18

If you’re on the lookout for the best and the cutest interior cat door, The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door might just catch your attention. While it does not have a high-tech microchip cat flap, your fur balls can safely go through it and make its way to his/her litter box with its flap-free and low to the ground opening. If your door is 1 1/4″ to 1.75″ thick, then this interior door will fit just fine.

Installing a large cat door isn't necessary since cats that weigh up to 20 pounds are able to go through this interior door’s round opening (which is 7.5” wide with a height of 6.5 inches) with ease.

By the way, this cutie comes with two designs. Choose between a cat ear design and a cat tail design. Having trouble choosing? Just buy both.


  • Installation just takes half an hour.
  • Designs are adorable and funny.
  • It is functional. This effectively keeps all the stink and noise out of your living area.
  • Worth the money.


  • Cats would have to crouch down to get to the opening.

6. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 19
This is a heavy duty door made from strong aluminum with a magnetic flap that has UV protection no less. This is ideal for multi-pet homes, you can also lock it manually to restrict pets from going out during harsh conditions.
Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 20

With a lot of sizes to choose from, the Freedom Aluminum Pet Door from PetSafe boasts durability and versatility. Small to large cats and dogs can go in and out of this door with ease.

Made with a solid aluminum frame and a flexible, magnetic flap that features weather-stripping and UV protection, the former can withstand wear and tear while the latter can keep your home protected from unpleasant weather conditions.


  • It comes with detailed instructions that will help you install this in your interior and exterior doors in a few minutes.
  • As advertised, this pet door is sturdy and high quality.
  • The flap seals nicely with its magnet.
  • Its weatherproofing is excellent. The slide-in closing panel keeps the cold out effectively.
  • Cats can come and go with ease.


  • The tinted, blurry flaps tend to confuse our four-legged pals.
  • Its plastic bolts and screws tend to break when too much pressure is applied.

Top 6 Best Cat Doors Reviews: [year] Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide 1

What is a cat or a kitty door?

Best Cat Doors

As the name suggests, a cat door or a kitty door is a type of pet door that is made specifically for our feline friends.

You might ask, is there a difference between a dog door and a cat door?

The answer is YES. Common pet doors that are often used by dogs are not actually cat-friendly. Yes, both dog doors and cat doors are purposefully made for our four-legged pals to easily access another room or our backyards without the need for human intervention.

But considering cats’ cautious, predatory nature, cat doors are often made with see-through, soft flaps ensuring a safe entry or exit. Compared to standard pet doors which are often narrow and tall, cat doors are generally rounded or square since cats’ bodies are wider and shorter than dogs.

Do cats use cat doors?

It cannot be denied that your pet, whether it is a small or a large cat, might feel apprehensive the first time they use a cat flap or even a simple cat door like the Cat Door Built In Interior Pet Door. However, with a lot of patience and maybe a bit of bribery on the side, your cats would eventually discover its benefits. Once they do, expect to see your pet going through that hole with confidence.

Benefits of having a cat door

Apart from the obvious benefit of not having the need to open the house door for your fickle-minded pet every now and then, having a cat door in your house, in fact, provides a couple more advantages. Here are a few cat-centric and human-centric benefits that you may not have discovered yet:

1. Improve the overall well-being of your cat

Whether your cat is shy and timid or mischievous, the new-found freedom your cat will enjoy opens them up to having a healthier lifestyle. Like humans, cats also have the need for excitement, physical exercise, and mental stimulation.

If you are away most of the day, cats are prone to misbehave or to feel lethargic – all due to boredom. Having a cat door in your house can be considered as an instant fix as it enables your cat to explore. Just make sure that the indoor or outdoor space your cats have access to is free from zooming cars or other predatory animals.

2. Reduce stink

Let’s face it, your pet cat can be the most adorable in the whole wide world, but we can never get used to its litter box smell. Installing a cat door will finally give you the option to put the kitty litter in the garage or your backyard or under the staircase.

3. Manage Spaces

This is especially applicable for pet parents with a variety of pets in their home. A kitten or a cat who wants to be left alone can finally have some privacy. They just need to escape through their cat hole and go into a room that is dog-free.

Cat passing through

Basic Cat Door Types

As mentioned previously, different types of cat doors have been invented to meet the specific needs of every pet parent and cat pal. Finding the best door or cat flap might pose a challenge at first. To help out, here is a 101 on the various types available.

Exterior Cat Door

Basically, this type of door is installed to let your cat in and out of the house. Exterior cat doors come in a variety of materials, with most of it featuring a plastic or an aluminum frame.

The former being budget-friendly yet prone to breakage, the latter offering lasting durability but with a higher price tag. Others come with weatherproofing features, not to mention sliding lock-out panels for security.

Interior Cat Door

These doors are made specifically to give your cats access to rooms that oftentimes house their litter box. Some cat doors can be installed on both exterior and interior doors.

However, interior cat doors are usually made simple since they don’t necessarily require special features that you would most often find in exterior doors. The best one would depend again on your individual needs.

Where to install cat doors?

A cat door can be installed in different locations of your home. An obvious location is your door, but walls, sliding doors, and even windows are also perfect places to install these passageways. 

Cat Looking Out a Window

Cat door for window

Cats love to peer out the window. So, why not install their cat door there as well? Choose from a side-sliding type or a sash-style model. Some may find these easy to install while others would think otherwise. Keep an eye, however, on the type of material used since you would definitely want these to be durable and to have some sort of weatherproofing.

Cat door for sliding glass door

If you think you would have to cut a hole through the glass, think again. This type of door, also known as patio pet doors, are actually easy to install. You will also find these doors easy to unlatch in cases wherein you need to move to another home.

Cat door for wall

Lead your cat to where you want them to go with the help of these inconspicuous entryways. Some are pretty easy to install, but if your walls are thick, then you might need a tunnel to connect the ends of the cat door. If you have a large cat, an interior cat door that can be installed in walls is a good choice.

Additional features to look for

Modern-day cat doors offer features that will help secure and protect your home from unwanted visitors or accidents. You will find some of these very useful but be prepared to spare a few more bucks.

go outLocking Mechanism

Cat door locking mechanisms come in two types. The two-way lock mechanism features a “lock/unlock” system commonly seen on regular doors. The four-way locking mechanism features an “in-only” and “out-only” mode. If you wish your cat to stay home after coming in at night, or be able to access the yard while you’re away, this feature is something worth considering.

Electronic Cat Flaps

Electronic cat flaps offer some degree of security as these types require your cat to wear a special type of collar to enter or exit your house. Having a cat flap with a magnetic closure will keep feral cats out, but then other cats with the same type of magnetic collar can still come in.

If you want to amp up on security, another option is to get a microchip cat flap like the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. Some would require a microchip, with a unique number embedded on your cat’s skin, to open. Other types can be opened by an RFID collar tag. These are known to be effective at keeping skunks and raccoons out.


Looking for the best door for your cat is not easy. You will have to assess your space to find the best place to install it. Knowing your cat’s measurements will also help make sure that the door you are planning to buy offers the best fit for your cat.

Keeping an eye on the materials used and the quality of its construction is also vital. Thus, a little cat door knowledge can come a long way. What more if you have tons of it? Having knowledge of the benefits of cat doors, its features, and knowing what to actually look for will save you a lot of time and money, and will, in the long run, give you a hassle-free and enjoyable cat door buying experience.

Once you find what is best for your cat, your cats, finally, can come and go as they please without the need for you to wake up in the ungodly hours of the night or day. They get their freedom while you save your sanity.

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