Dr. Sara Beth Ochoa


Exotic and Small Animals
Animal Behavior
St. George University Grenada


  • Small and exotic animal specialist
  • With more than a decade of experience
  • Featured on various online pages as consultant
  • Has experience working with clinical procedures at LSU
  • Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, St. George University (2015)

A skilled veterinarian with a specialization in small and exotic animals, her passion for creatures developed during her upbringing in northern Louisiana. She pursued this passion by enrolling in an animal science program at LA Tech, where she successfully graduated in 2011. In her quest for further expertise, she embarked on an educational journey that took her to Grenada West Indies, where she attended St. George’s University for veterinary school. Her clinical training concluded at Louisiana State University, resulting in her degree attainment in 2015.

Over a span of seven years, she has distinguished herself as a veterinarian at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital in East Texas, providing care to a diverse range of animals that seek treatment at the clinic. Her professional journey subsequently led her to the Animal Hospital of West Monroe.

Beyond her dedicated work, she derives joy from exploring new destinations alongside her husband, Greg. Additionally, she indulges her culinary talents by creating delightful desserts and cherishes moments spent with her four cherished furry and shelled companions: Ruby, her canine companion; Oliver James "OJ," her feline friend; BamBam, her rabbit confidant; and MonkeyMan, her tortoise companion.

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