Maiah Dominise

Content Manager

SEO specialist
Content Creator
Pet Health & Wellness
Iligan Medical Center College


  • Registered nurse
  • A core officer of PART-Iligan
  • Been helping strays since childhood days
  • Actively volunteers in animal welfare campaigns in her city

Maiah Dominise holds a professional background as a registered nurse and currently occupies a pivotal role within PART-Iligan (Pet Adoption and Rescue Team, Iligan Chapter). This SEC-registered organization functions as a nonprofit entity with a steadfast commitment to facilitating the rescue, spaying, neutering, and adoption of abandoned and homeless animals.

Maiah's heart beats for animals, evident in her dedication to caring for 3 rescued cats and 6 dogs (plus the rescued dogs and cat at their local shelter). Among her feline companions, Minggoy, the tuxedo kitty, embodies a serene disposition, while Ningning, the tabby, exudes boundless affection, and the youngest of the lot, tri-colored Missy, brings forth a bundle of playful antics and mischief.

For over a decade, she has been a dedicated writer, specializing in areas encompassing marketing, human health, and pet care.

When her pen is at rest, her attention is directed towards her pets. She persistently explores ways to enhance their quality of life. Her aspiration is to assist fellow feline enthusiasts in achieving their objectives in pet care.

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