Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

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Is your cat dealing with a sensitive stomach or specific food sensitivities? If snack times are a challenge, you might be seeking cat treats for sensitive stomach.

These recipes are crafted with ingredients that are gentle on your kitty's stomach, providing both balanced nutrition and a delightful taste.

Selecting the right treat can be a challenge, but we've curated a list of our top 8 favorites, ideal for cats experiencing food sensitivities.

Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomach

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 1
Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Raw Treats
  • Whole animal protein
  • Cleaner teeth and gums
  • Promotes healthy hydration
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 2
Shameless Pets Digestive Health Catnip n' Chicken
  • Only 1.5 calorie per treat
  • Free from corn and soy
  • Packed with pre and probiotics
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 3
Fruitables Cat Crunchy Treats
  • Made from real tuna
  • Infused with pumpkin
  • Zero animal by-products
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 4
I and Love and You Treat Meow Digestion Support
  • Supports easy digestion
  • Great for hydration
  • Rich in prebiotics
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 5
Pet Honesty Cat Hairball Support Chews
  • Dual texture
  • Made in USA
  • Natural ingredients
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 6
Whole Life Pet Living Treats
  • Fiber-rich formula
  • Boasts live active cultures
  • Promotes better stool quality
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 7
Get Naked Furball Relief Soft Treats
  • Low caloric count
  • Pre and probiotics added
  • With natural vegetable oils
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 8
Zesty Paws Hairball Bites
  • Supports skin health
  • Better gut support
  • Tasty bacon flavor
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Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 9

1. Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Raw Salmon Bites

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 10



Protein: 42.0% min

Fat: 15.0% min

Fiber: 3.0% min

Moisture: 8.0% max

Food Type: Freeze-dried

Best for: Adult


Zero gluten and grains

Elevated protein levels

Limited ingredient formula

Promotes lean muscle development

Convenient to store and easy to serve


Texture might lead to untidy feeding

Not every cat likes freeze-dried treats

Vital Essentials cat treats surpass the industry standard in protein content, providing your cat with an unparalleled vitality boost. Crafted from responsibly sourced, premium butcher-cut meat, these natural freeze-dried treats offer a superior nutritional profile.

Unlocking the inherent vitamins and minerals found in raw muscle and organs, these exceptional cat treats contribute to lively playtimes, promote healthy skin, enhance coats' luster, fortify teeth, and support essential gut health for your feline companion.

Free from additives, fillers, dyes, artificial preservatives, flavorings, grains, or rendered by-products, this product is an ideal choice for discerning feline eaters. It boasts the most extensive selection of single-protein raw cat food and treats, catering to even the most selective palates.

Harvesting the protein within 45 minutes, they rapidly freezes it to preserve high nutrients, freshness, and flavor. The gradual freeze-drying process minimizes processing while safeguarding vital nutrients, aligning with nature's intentions for our beloved pets.

2. Shameless Pets Digestive Health Catnip n' Chill

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 11

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, Tapioca, Brewers Dried Yeast, Miscanthus Grass

Protein: 18.0% min

Fat: 14.5% min

Fiber: 8.0% min

Moisture: 8.0% max

Food Type: Crunchy treats

Best for: All life stages


Bite-sized and crunchy

Proudly American made

#1 ingredient is meat

Low caloric and palatable

Uses upcycled sweet potatoes


Funky smell

Picky cats are not a fan

These bite-sized treats, shaped like stars and boasting a delightful crunch, incorporate chicken, sweet potatoes, and catnip.

Infused with both prebiotics and probiotics, they contribute to your cat's digestive well-being. Each package comprises three bags, each weighing 2.5 ounces (70.9 grams).

With a mere 1.5 calories per treat, these treats are a low-calorie option. Additionally, they are free from corn and soy, and instead, they feature a rich blend of locally sourced, wholesome ingredients.

This treat is carefully crafted to deliver specific health benefits, ensuring your pets receive essential nutrition even during treat time. This particular treat contains B. coagulans, which aids in digestion.

Shameless Pets' innovative and delightful pet treats are meticulously produced in the USA by skilled nutritionists who utilize the finest locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly methods. Each flavor offers distinct health benefits because, ultimately, a healthy pet is a happy pet.

3. Fruitables Cat Crunchy Treats

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 12

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken Meal, Rice Flour, Barley, Pea Fiber, Poultry Fat

Protein: 28.0% min

Fat: 12.0% min

Fiber: 8.0% min

Moisture: 10.0% max

Food Type: Dry, Crunchy treats

Best for: All life stages


Promotes oral health

Real tuna is top ingredient

Comes in various tasty flavors

Packed with superfoods

Zero wheat, soy, corn and flavoring


Notable recipe change

Contains pea fiber

Cat owners widely appreciate this particular product thanks to their top-notch ingredients, well-balanced nutrition, diverse flavor options, low-calorie profile, enjoyable crunch, and the absence of artificial additives.

Crafted from real meat and delightful superfoods, this cat treat provides irresistible protein flavors that cats love.

Made with genuine ingredients, these treats steer clear of animal by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, and flavors. Fruitables prioritizes simple, trustworthy ingredients for your feline companion.

These healthful cat treats deliver a satisfying crunch, enticing your cat to relish the delightful texture with each bite.

Moreover, it supplies essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, supporting a healthy digestive system and overall well-being for your feline friend.

4. I and Love and You Treat Meow Digestion Support

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 13

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken Broth, Chicken, Tapioca Starch, Pumpkin, Inulin

Protein: 8.0% min

Fat: 1.0% min

Fiber: 1.0% min

Moisture: 84.5% max

Food Type: Pate

Best for: All life stages


Loaded with prebiotics

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins

High moisture content

Boasts non-GMO protein source

Easy to open and give


Size too small for its price

Has tapioca starch

Unveil the delectable Treat Meow Squeeze to entice your quirky feline companion out of hiding, teach them a new trick, or add a dash of excitement to their daily meals.

This snack, tailored for digestive support, is brimming with essential nutrients! This lickable, pureed treat can be dispensed directly from the pouch or squeezed onto your cat's dinner.

Crafted with delicious cage-free chicken, it promotes healthy digestion through the inclusion of high-fiber ingredients such as pumpkin and prebiotics.

Therefore, if your cat encounters challenges with bowel movements, the pumpkin works to reduce excess moisture in their digestive tract, aiding in addressing inconsistencies in the litter box.

5. Pet Honesty Cat Hairball Support Chews

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 14

Active ingredients:

Citrus Pulp, Apple Pomace, Psyllium Husk, Zinc Methionine, Omega-3s

Citrus Pulp: 40mg

Apple Pomace: 40mg

Psyllium Husk: 16mg

Zinc Methionine: 12mg

Omega-3s: 10mg

Food Type: Chew, Supplement

Best for: Adult, Small – Large breeds


Vet recommended

Yummy chicken flavor

Unique dual texture

Minimizes hairball formation

Supports proper digestion

Aids better skin health


Some cats won't eat it

Age range: All life stages | Form: Pellet

Indulge your cat with these delectable chews, showcasing a crisp outer layer encapsulating a luscious, creamy filling.

Devoid of corn, wheat, and soy, these treats boast a combination of ingredients like Apple Pomace, Psyllium Husk, Citrus Fiber, and Omega-3s. This unique blend aims to facilitate the elimination of hairballs and maintain healthy skin.

Now you can have peace of mind, confident that you're offering your feline friend a top-notch treat that promotes her well-being and keeps those pesky hairballs at bay!

6. Whole Life Pet Living Treats

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 15

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken, Potato, Pumpkin, Yogurt, Flaxseed

Protein: 41.0% min

Fat: 20.0% min

Fiber: 1.5% min

Moisture: 2.0% max

Food Type: Freeze-dried

Best for: All life stages


Human-grade quality

Minimally processed

Made in-house

Zero chemicals and preservatives

With whole food ingredients


Pieces too big for small cats

Crumbled upon delivery

Whole Life Pet living treats boasts a combination of seven simple ingredients: chicken, potato, pumpkin, yogurt, flaxseed, blueberries, and cranberries.

Free from preservatives, chemicals, salts, or artificial flavors, these cat treats are freeze-dried to preserve their naturally high protein content.

The exclusive blend merges authentic USDA chicken or salmon with natural Greek yogurt, containing live active cultures such as Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. bulgaricus, and S. thermophilus. This combination promotes healthy digestion in your cat.

As a responsible pet parent, choosing what to feed your cherished companion is a pivotal decision. Each batch undergoes rigorous in-house quality testing and third-party safety assessments before reaching you.

These treats adhere to 100% human-grade standards and comply with FDA regulations for human food manufacturing (21CFR110).

7. Get Naked Furball Relief Soft Treats

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 16

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Flaxseed

Protein: 18.0% min

Fat: 10.0% min

Fiber: 2.0% min

Moisture: 18.0%

Food Type: Soft treats

Best for: Adult


Made from real chicken

Pre and probiotics added

Grain and soy free

Minerals and vitamins added

Soft, heart-shaped treats


Too messy to eat

Unpleasant odor

Experience the digestive well-being benefits with Get Naked soft treats, featuring Ganedenbc30 probiotics.

Completely grain-free and naturally enriched with taurine, this delightful treat is also a low-calorie option, containing less than three calories per treat.

Free from wheat, corn, and soy allergens, these treats are meticulously crafted with authentic chicken for an irresistible flavor.

Moreover, the low-calorie content ensures optimal support for your cat's digestive health and overall wellness.

8. Zesty Paws Hairball Bites

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 17

First 5 ingredients:

Fish Oil (AlaskOmega) 200 mg, Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids 120 mg, Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 65 mg, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 45 mg, Microcrystalline Cellulose 100 mg

Food Type: Soft chew, Supplement

Best for: All lifestages


Tasty bacon flavor

Easy to give

Promotes better coat and skin

Lessens formation of hairballs

Rich in fiber for better gut health


Weird smell

Some cats don't like it

Zesty Paws Hairball Bites presents a high-quality soft chew crafted to assist in the prevention of hairballs and the enhancement of digestive well-being in cats. It serves as an ideal remedy for concerns related to hairballs.

Infused with AlaskOmega fish oil, these chews deliver crucial Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) to foster the skin health of your feline friend.

Featuring Zinc, DHA/EPA, and Biotin, these supplements contribute to maintaining your cat's skin moisture, ultimately supporting overall skin health.

Your cat is sure to enjoy these bacon-flavored, bite-sized chewables, turning hairball and gut health support into a delightful experience for your furry companion.

Gentle Delights: Nourishing Cat Treats for Sensitive Stomachs 9

Key Considerations for Selecting Cat Treats

Certain cat treats may at times fulfill the nutritional standards suggested by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for cat food, although treat manufacturers are not obligated to adhere to these requirements.

Dr. Kerri Blackburn from River’s Edge Animal Hospital explains, “Determining the healthiness of cat treats is challenging since they aren't held to the same standards as cat food, which is carefully formulated to meet nutritional needs.”

While many cat treats may not serve as a replacement for a well-rounded diet, it doesn't rule out the existence of nutritious treat alternatives.


It is advisable to steer clear of cat treats containing wheat, artificial preservatives and colors, as well as those with high calorie counts. Given that cats are carnivores and thrive on a meat-centric diet, it is recommended to prioritize treats with meat as the primary ingredient in their ingredient list, unless it is a lickable treat requiring higher water content.

Dr. Blackburn emphasizes the importance of aligning with your cat's usual flavor preferences, stating, “Optimal treats should closely match your cat's regular flavor profile.” When selecting treats, seek those with ingredients consistent with your cat's regular diet.

If your cat's diet excludes grains or chicken, ensure the treats also avoid these specific components. This approach helps ensure your cat enjoys the treats and minimizes the risk of digestive discomfort, particularly if your cat is accustomed to a particular protein source, such as fish.


Cats exhibit varying preferences when it comes to treats, with some favoring crunchy textures while others prefer soft or lickable options.

The shape of treats can also influence a cat's willingness to consume them. If your cat proves to be particularly selective about treats but has no issues with its regular food, you might consider using the regular food itself as a treat.

In addressing dental health, treats with specific textures can contribute to preventing issues like gingivitis. Dr. Blackburn reiterates, “Opting for treats designed to control plaque and promote oral health is advisable, especially considering that dental disease is prevalent in cats aged one and older.” It's worth noting that soft and lickable treats lack these same dental health benefits.


According to experts, the optimal approach is to keep a close eye on the calorie content of treats to avoid overfeeding. While many treat packages suggest offering several treats daily, this can rapidly accumulate calories and lead to undesired weight gain in your cat.

Opting for low-calorie treats with only one or two calories can help mitigate the risk of weight gain. However, it's crucial to limit treats to 10% or less of your cat's overall diet.

Advantages of Sensitive Stomach Food/Treats

Reduced odor in the litter box

Persistent diarrhea may be a consequence of sensitive stomachs or food allergies, necessitating frequent and ongoing litter box cleaning—more than you might prefer. Opting for cat foods and treats designed for sensitive stomachs can lead to stools with less unpleasant odor and fewer instances of upset tummies, proving to be a mutually beneficial solution for both the cat and its owner.

Rich in protein

Cat food formulated for sensitive stomachs typically features a minimal ingredient list and a notably high protein content, which is beneficial for feline well-being. Adult cats, in particular, necessitate a diet rich in protein, surpassing the needs of both adult dogs and humans.

Despite being tailored to address sensitive stomach issues, such a diet can yield substantial overall health benefits for cats.

Assistance in maintaining a healthy weight

Similar to protein levels, cat food designed for a sensitive stomach is characterized by a restricted ingredient list, devoid of additives, preservatives, and unnecessary components that do not contribute to a well-balanced and healthy diet.

For a cat requiring weight reduction either for an overall healthier lifestyle or due to essential health considerations, adhering to and sustaining a healthier weight is more manageable with a sensitive stomach diet.

Lessens GI symptoms

Transitioning to cat food and treats designed for sensitive stomachs or eliminating ingredients that trigger symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea would provide immense relief for pet parents. There are moments when your pet is unwell, and it can feel frustrating and helpless because you may not know how to assist them.

If the switch to specialized recipes can either eliminate or at least lessen these symptoms, ultimately improving your pet's quality of life through a limited ingredient diet, then it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Making Homemade Cat Treats

Numerous commercial cat treats are laden with carbohydrates and unhealthy additives, providing taste but little nutritional value for your feline companion.

If you wish to satisfy your cat's cravings without compromising their daily diet, crafting homemade cat treats at home is an option.

When preparing homemade cat food, it's essential to adhere to a veterinarian-approved recipe to meet your cat's requirements for balanced nutrition. Nonetheless, treats should not constitute more than 10% of your cat's daily diet, and they don't need to be nutritionally balanced.

Nevertheless, it's wise to opt for cat treats that are both beneficial for your cat's health and appealing in taste.

While homemade cat treats can feature various ingredients, we recommend focusing on meat or fish. These components tend to be the most flavorful and enticing for your cat, providing an additional boost of protein to their diet.

Here's a brief 5-step guide for preparing baked tuna treats:

  1. Place the contents of one drained can of tuna (in water) into your blender.
  2. Whisk one large egg white until stiff peaks form, then incorporate two tablespoons of the whipped egg whites into the tuna mixture.
  3. Puree the mixture into a smooth paste, then spoon small dollops onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  4. Alternatively, transfer the mixture into a freezer bag, and cut off the tip to allow for piping it onto the baking sheet.
  5. Place in the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 350°F until the treats are thoroughly dry. Allow them to cool before serving.

If you lack tuna, consider using canned salmon or even canned chicken as potential substitutes. Feel free to enhance the flavor by incorporating a bit of dried catnip!

Parting Words

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, having additional information can be the key to taking the next steps, even when it comes to the well-being of our pets. Choosing an appropriate treat for a cat with a sensitive stomach is crucial to ensure they relish their reward without experiencing any digestive discomfort.

We trust that our suggestions aid you in discovering a suitable option that your feline companion will both adore and benefit from. It's essential to introduce any new treats gradually and carefully monitor your cat's reactions to safeguard their well-being.

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