Cat Food & Nutrition

In our nutrition section, you'll find everything you need to make sure your feline gets the food she needs to grow into a strong, lean, and healthy kitty! After all, we know a trip to the pet store can be a bit overwhelming—there are so many different kinds of cat food brands to choose from! That's why our comprehensive feline food buying guides include tips on how to improve your cat’s nutrition, information on what to feed your cat based on her age and overall health status, unbiased cat food reviews, and suggestions about ways to properly balance your cat’s diet for optimal well-being.

Cat Food Buyer's guides:

All About 2023’s Best Semi Moist Cat Food (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

To narrow down your choices, we made it a point to come up with a list of the top-rated foods of this type based on pet parents’ unbiased opinions. We also took into account the nutritional value each product offers, so expect to see foods that are AAFCO-approved and -certified.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide + Reviews of the Best Low Carb Cat Food (2023)

If you want the best of the best, our list (all of which are AAFCO approved) would surely narrow down your choices. Still clueless on what to pick? Our unbiased reviews are here to help you decide which one is the best for your feline friend.

Best Grain Free Cat Food Reviews and Complete Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Confused after going through all the cat food choices and reading all the labels? Don’t hit the panic button just yet. Read our best grain free cat food reviews list so that you will be able to learn if this choice is for your beloved kitty.

Best Cat Food for Weight Loss – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2023

We know that the choices are plenty when it comes to weight loss cat food. What’s more, is that each brand says that they are the best. To help you make a smart, unbiased decision, we’ve searched the web and gone through thousands of user reviews to come up with the list of the best cat food for weight loss.

Top 10 Best Cat Foods – 2023 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

This is our most thorough cat food guide where we covered best cat food brands and their best food options. The article covers best dry and wet cat food options and it is constantly updated.

Top 5 Best Kitten Foods [Dry & Wet Food Buyer’s Guide 2023]

Choosing kitten food is no joke since they have very complex nutritional needs because of their growth and development. This article covers everything you need to know about kitten nutrition and the best dry and wet kitten foods for your little tiger.

Top 5 Best Indoor Cat Food [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

If your cat is indoor only then you should adjust its food accordingly. In this article, you will learn everything about the diet requirements of the indoor cats, how and how much to feed them to avoid obesity and also you will find the best foods for your indoor kitty.

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Hairballs [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

If your feline companion is having problems with hairballs a proper diet can be helpful. It is also important that you first exclude any other health problems with similar symptoms. In this article we will talk about hairballs in cats and why do they happen and we will review the best food which could help your kitty.

Top 5 Best Sensitive Stomach Cat Foods [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

Some cats have food sensitivities but it is not the end of the world because they can still enjoy their food and not suffer any consequences. In this article, you will learn why cats have sensitivities, how to tell if your cat has it and which are the best food options to help her.

Top 5 High Fiber Cat Foods [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

There are many reasons why feeding a diet with extra fiber is justified but make sure to follow your vet's advice. In this article, we will cover everything about the high fiber diets for your cat and we'll review the best high fiber food for her.

Top 5 Best Diabetic Cat Foods [2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

It is really hard to see your cat suffering from any health problem but luckily for many diabetic felines this is a problem where a diet can be of great help. In this article we will talk about some important things regarding diabetes and their diet and how to choose the best diabetic food for your feline.

Best 3 Non-prescription Low Phosphorus Cat Foods (And 2 Prescription) Reviews

Low phosphorous diet is meant for cats with the CKD and there are two types of food the non-prescription and the prescription diets. In this article we will talk about what are the top low phosphorous foods for her and some important things that you need to know.

5 Best Organic Cat Foods [2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

We love our felines and we know that organic production is of higher quality but what is organic really? In this article we will talk about when is the organic label used properly and how to choose what is best for your feline.

4 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Foods [2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

Our dearest felines are unfortunately prone to food allergies and they can seriously diminish their life quality. In this article we will talk about which are the most common food allergens and which are the best foods you can try with your feline

Top 5 Best Senior Cat Foods [2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

Our elder felines have special nutritional needs and they need special foods that fulfill those needs. In this article, we will talk about which foods are going to do great for your feline.

Cat Food Reviews:

2023 Pure Vita Cat Food Review: Pure and Simple Nutrition for Cats

Pure Vita takes pride in their quality control to ensure worry-free pet feeding. To know more about their holistic approach to pet nutrition, we have created this 2023 Pure Vita cat food review.

2023 Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Review: Affordable Goodness for Cats

Whole Earth Farms aims to be the perfect introduction into natural pet foods. To find out if they are indeed the best cat food choice in the natural category, we made this 2023 Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Review.

I and Love and You Cat Food Review 2023: Made with Love for Cats

One of the holistic brands gaining popularity these days is I and Love and You. We have created this 2023 I and Love and You cat food review of their top-rated pet foods you can find at

Abound Cat Food Review 2023: Complete Feline Nutrition the Natural Way

Recently joining the natural pet food market is supermarket giant Kroger with their own brand, Abound. To help you pick the best cat food from the brand, we created this 2023 Abound cat food review.

2023 Purina ONE Cat Food Review: Find the Best Purina ONE for your Cat

We have created this 2023 Purina ONE cat food review for an in depth look at some of their best-selling products available on

2023 Simply Nourish Cat Food Review: Why Pawrents Need to Pick This Brand

To help you solve the daunting task of picking out the right brand, we have here the Simply Nourish cat food review. This straightforward and easy to understand assessment of one of the best cat food brands in the market will help you tail off the times you stand on the pet meal aisle, staring perplexed at the extensive range of cat food products.

Wholehearted Cat Food Review 2023: Good Quality, Affordable Cat Food

We have decided to write this 2023 Wholehearted cat food review to take a closer look at a brand that promises to be wholesome, thoughtful, and affordable.

2023 Science Diet Cat Food Review: Vet-Approved Nutrition For Your Cat

Many pet parents have been opting for organic, more holistic approach to their pet’s nutrition. However, there are still a lot of cat parents who prefer to put their trust in experts who have spent many years studying the science of animal nutrition and health. With this in mind, we have made this 2023 Hill’s Science Diet cat food review to help you find the right veterinarian-approved food for your cat.

2023 Royal Canin Cat Food Review: Guides, Analysis and Reviews Explained

We’ve created this 2023 Royal Canin cat food review to help you find the best cat food for your kitty.

Comprehensive Tiki Cat Food Review 2023: All You Must Know

To make your life easier, we have come up with comprehensive reviews of several cat food products. In this article, we spent hours giving you an in-depth analysis of the Tiki Cat Food review.

Weruva Cat Food Review 2023: The Good, The Bad & Everything in Between

The quest for the best pet food brand for our cats seems to never end. Cats are finicky, don’t drink enough water, and just hard to please at times. While on this continuous search for the right cat food products, we have decided to create this Weruva cat food review.

Iams Cat Food Review 2023: Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide Plus Tips!

We have created this Iams cat food review to take a closer look at one of the pioneers of the pet food industry.

Soulistic Cat Food Review 2023: The Top Choice For Picky Kitties!

Today’s pet food industry has grown beyond your usual commercial grocery brands. Many companies have veered away from traditional pet fare and have started creating healthier product lines. We have made this Soulistic cat food review to take a closer look at one of the newest players in the healthy cat food market.

Meow Mix Cat Food Review 2023: Are Their Best the Best for Cats?

A celebration is in order when all your cats like one kind of food. But just because they all like it, does it mean it’s good? With this in mind, we have created this Meow Mix cat food review of the very popular brand.

Solid Gold Cat Food Review 2023: A Holistic Approach to Feline Health

We have conducted a review of the brand that claims to have launched the holistic pet movement. Read this Solid Gold cat food review to learn more about their products.

Nutro Cat Food Review 2023: An Honest Feedback on Nutro’s Best-Sellers

Almost every pet food company offers a line of premium healthier options. Each one of them marketed to have all-natural ingredients that are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Nutro is one of these premium pet food brands. What sets the Nutro brand apart is their “feed clean” philosophy.

Rachael Ray Cat Food Review 2023: Get Her Exclusive Recipes for Cats Here!

Rachael Ray is one of the many celebrities who have launched their own pet product line. In 2008, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition reached out to the famous chef to create a new line of pet food called Rachael Ray Nutrish.

Taste of the Wild Cat Food Review 2023: What You Need To Know

In this Taste of the Wild cat food review, we will be discussing what makes Taste of the Wild cat food different from other brands, variants offered, and if there are any safety issues you should be paying attention to.

Merrick Cat Food Review for 2023: Everything You Need To Know

This article, Merrick Cat Food Review, talks about one of the most well-known brands when it comes to pet foods. The Merrick Cat Food line gives us a good selection of cat foods according to their life stage and dietary requirements.

Sheba Cat Food Review: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Experts believe it is one of the best cat foods you can feed your cat because of its essential nutrients and high-grade ingredients. 

Pure Balance Cat Food Review [2023 Guide]

In this Pure Balance cat food review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the brand’s different cat food options. We’ll overview several of the supplier’s most popular products — including their flavors, ingredients, and more. 

Crave Cat Food Review: What You Need to Know About this New Brand

 Crave is a newer pet food brand that’s gaining popularity among cat owners and provides cat food products high in animal protein. Everything you need to know about this brand is covered in this post. 

Purina Beyond Cat Food Review 2023 – Is It The Right Choice?

A deep look at what Purina company can offer towards your baby kitty. It discusses several types of the company's line, Purina Beyond. A comparison table is also provided for easier understanding. 

Nulo Cat Food

Maybe you heard about them and maybe you haven't. Let's take a close look at the ingredients found in Nulo cats food, the brand's history, how they work and ultimately is their food optimal for your cat's health.

Fromm Game Bird Recipe Cat Food Review

We take on this small Wisconsin cat food brand to see if they are really that good. In this review, you will see their history, the way they work, ingredients with analysis and the review of one of their recipes.

Halo Cat Food Review

What are ingredients in their food? Are they good or bad? What is their best cat food? These questions and others are answered in this full overview of the Halo brand.

ZiwiPeak Cat Food Review

Come and take a look with us at the ZiwiPeak Cat Food Brand. We cover the history of the brand, how they operate and ofcorse the quality of their food.

Orijen Cat Food Review

What is Orijen and where are they situated? How long have they been making kitty chow and is it any good? In this review, we will talk about this brand and the quality of their ingredients from which the food is made of.

Wellness Cat Food Reviews Wet And Dry + Recalls And Brand Overview

Wellness is a well known brand but do you know when did they start and what is their food production philosophy? In this article we will review their most popular foods, their brand and we will see what recalls happened in the past.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews After Recall – Should You Buy it For Your Cat?

Blue buffalo is a brand that has been making pet food for a long time and they have a long-standing reputation. In this post we will talk about their brand, recalls and we will also review their top foods in our opinion.

Is Fancy Feast Good For Cats – Reviews, Ingredients and Brand Overview

Fancy Feast is a well-known brand but is the food good enough to justify its name? In this article we give our oppinion and provide a review of a few recipes they have.

Nutrition tips:

Essential Feline Nutrition Guide

It's important to know the basics of feline nutrition and this article covers the needed nutrition for a kitten, an adult and a mature cat. What not to feed your cat, how much and when to feed your feline and the most important, how much calories and nutrients does your cat need considering her age.

9 Homemade Cat Food Recipes That Are Way Healthier Than Kibble

It is important to make sure that your cat gets all the necessary nutrients from her diet and when you decide homemade, that's easier said than done. This article covers the most important aspects of homemade cat food that you must be aware of and we also curated for you 9 great recipes for your feline companion!

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Cat’s Diet

Love your feline? Love tinkering around her food but not sure what to add in order to keep her healthier and happier? Then you should check out this article with an infographic about ways to improve your cat's diet.

7 Worst Cat Foods 2023 – How to Choose a Quality Food

Synthetic preservatives? Carrageenan? By-products? How dangerous such things are and which brands contain them are the things discussed in this article. Maybe you are unintentionally buying foods that will do more harm than good so you should read about it and stay informed!

Cat Always Hungry and Prevention of Constant Hunger

If your kitty is always hungry then there may be un underlying issue at hand. In this article, we go over what causes this and when you should be concerned and see a vet.

Can Cats Eat Human Food? Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Fish, Grains…

Which human foods are safe for your feline? Some foods are really dangerous for your feline while some are okay or even beneficial. In this article we will talk about the foods that are safe for her that she will enjoy.

Which Foods Are Toxic or Dangerous for Cats-What About Onion?

These human foods are VERY dangerous for your kitty and she should never have access to them. Read this list and remember it well because your kitty should never ingest any of these.

Indoor Cat Food VS Regular Food – Why and What To Choose

These two food types are quite different and you should know how they differ. In this article we will go through the main differences between the indoor and regular cat food formulas.