Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest 2024 Review

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Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 1

Disclaimer: Some images used are from Purina Website

This particular food stands out as one of the most affordable options available. Nonetheless, its quality is notably subpar, as a significant portion of each formula consists of low-quality filler ingredients. Its affordability is reflective of its quality.

Kit and Kaboodle cat food, a brand under the ownership of Purina, produces a range of cat food along with other products.

Recognized as a budget-friendly choice, this brand's offerings are generally much more economical compared to alternative options. Typically, pet owners seeking cost-effective options are attracted to this brand.

Nevertheless, the brand's budget-friendly status is justified by its use of extremely low-quality ingredients—some of the poorest choices for cat food, in fact.

While it does deliver complete nutrition and is budget-friendly, making it a viable choice for those with financial constraints, individuals seeking higher quality for their feline companions might prefer other options.

About the Brand

While information about Kit and Kaboodle's history is limited, the brand has been in existence for at least a few decades. However, it has consistently taken a backseat to Purina's Cat Chow and their pricier cat food offerings.

Purina, formally known as Nestle Purina Petcare, operates as an American subsidiary of the global conglomerate Nestle, headquartered in Switzerland. Purina's main operations are situated in St. Louis, Missouri, and it stands as one of the largest pet food companies globally.

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food Reviews

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 2
Kit & Kaboodle Original
  • Supports eye and heart
  • Boosts skin and coat health
  • With vitamins and minerals
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Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 3
Kit & Kaboodle Pate With Liver and Chicken in Sauce
  • Velvety pate consistency
  • WIth delectable sauce
  • Crafted from authentic chicken and liver
Check Price on Site
Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 4
Kit & Kaboodle Crunchy Chicken Treats
  • Highly palatable
  • Rich in fiber content
  • Proteins from meat and fish
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Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 5

1. Kit & Kaboodle Original

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 6

First 5 ingredients:

Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Animal Fat

Protein: 28.0% min

Fat: 10.0% min

Fiber: 3.0% min

Moisture: 12.0% max

Food Type: Dry

Best for: Adult

To begin, it's important to note that this food is designed to be a complete and balanced diet, fulfilling the basic nutritional requirements for adult cats.

Classified as a budget-friendly option, it contains lower levels of meat protein compared to many other cat foods. While it can likely fulfill a cat's essential nutritional needs for survival, it may not promote optimal health and well-being.

Examining the ingredient list, the first three components consist of plant proteins: ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal. Typically, having one of these ingredients in a lower position on the list is acceptable, but when they dominate the top three, it indicates a predominantly plant-based composition with insufficient meat protein. Given that cats are obligate carnivores requiring higher meat content, this raises concerns.

Although some meat is present in the form of meat and bone meal, which is considered a lower-quality ingredient, and other ingredients further down the list, such as chicken by-product meal, the amount of meat may be limited. Turkey by-product meal and ocean fish meal, found towards the bottom of the list, suggest they are present in smaller quantities.

Furthermore, the inclusion of artificial colors Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 2 is questionable, as there is no inherent benefit to adding coloring to pet foods. Cats are indifferent to the color of their food, and coloring is primarily included for the visual appeal to consumers.

In summary, this cat food appears to be a basic sustenance option. If you are feeding feral or barn cats on a tight budget, it could be deemed acceptable. However, for household pets, especially those requiring a higher-quality diet, it is advisable to opt for a superior cat food option.

It is worth noting that this product is formulated to meet the nutritional standards established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for the maintenance of adult cats.


Budget friendly

Has fun shapes

Formulated to provide the essential nutrients


Has synthetic vitamin K

Includes artificial colors

Reduced amount of protein

Loads of plant protein content

2. Kit & Kaboodle Pate With Liver and Chicken in Sauce

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 7

First 5 ingredients:

Water, Poultry by-products, Meat by-products, Liver, Chicken

Protein: 8.0% min

Fat: 5.0% min

Fiber: 1.0% max

Moisture: 80.0% max

Food Type: Wet

Best for: Adult

We did not locate their wet cat food available for purchase online, but Purina displays four flavors on their website, featuring two pates and two bits and pieces recipes. Notably, their Pate with Liver and Chicken in Sauce Wet has received a higher rating compared to some other options.

This formula boasts real liver and chicken, providing essential meat proteins. The inclusion of sauce addresses concerns about moisture in a cat's diet, contributing to a well-rounded nutritional profile for adult cats. The product is labeled as 100% complete and balanced for maintenance.

Analyzing the ingredients, it's evident that this wet food lacks the extensive plant protein content found in Kit and Kaboodle Original dry kibble. Instead, it prominently features poultry by-products, meat by-products, liver, and chicken as the primary components. While the descriptions of poultry by-products and meat by-products may lack specificity, they do contribute meat proteins to the formula.

However, it's important to note some drawbacks in the ingredients, including the presence of artificial flavors (along with natural flavors), carrageenan, added color, and synthetic vitamin K. The vague nature of artificial flavors raises uncertainty about the specific additives used.

Carrageenan is a controversial ingredient, potentially linked to digestive problems. Added color is deemed unnecessary in pet foods, and synthetic vitamin K (menadione sodium bisulfate complex) is also contentious, with some sources suggesting potential harm, although the risk is likely low unless consumed in large quantities.

In conclusion, this canned food seems to offer a better option compared to the dry food. Nevertheless, there are still concerns regarding certain ingredients, prompting consideration of higher-quality cat foods if available.


Highly palatable

Suitable for picky eaters

Top ingredients are meat proteins


With coloring

Contains carrageenan

Uses artificial flavoring

3. Kit & Kaboodle Crunchy Chicken Treats

First 5 ingredients: Chicken by-product meal, Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat (preserved with mixed-tocopherols), Animal Liver Flavor

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 8

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken by-product meal, Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat (preserved with mixed-tocopherols), Animal Liver Flavor

Protein: 30.0% min

Fat: 13.0% min

Fiber: 6.0% max

Moisture: 10.0% max

Food Type: Treats, Dry

Best for: Adult

The brand offers three varieties of cat treats: crunchy chicken, crunchy salmon, tuna & shrimp, and crunchy chicken & cheddar. Among them, crunchy chicken has received the highest ratings on the Purina page, so let's delve into its composition.

The primary ingredient is chicken by-product meal, succeeded by brewers rice and corn gluten meal. The subsequent ingredients, which include a variety of elements like vitamins and some minerals, contribute to both the palatability and crunchiness of the treats, featuring components like corn starch.

Despite the inclusion of meat and fish protein, these treats also contain less favorable components such as soybean hulls, artificial flavors (both natural and artificial), artificial colors, the potentially harmful preservative BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), and synthetic vitamin K (menadione sodium bisulfite complex). BHT has been linked to liver and kidney damage in rats and, although still permitted in certain U.S. human foods, it has been phased out in many other countries.

The presence of brewers dried yeast raises concern as well. While brewers yeast is a rich source of B vitamins, some cats may exhibit sensitivity or allergies to yeast products, including brewers yeast.

While these treats are likely appealing to cats taste-wise, the considerable inclusion of potentially harmful ingredients and the presence of low-quality components lead us to withhold our recommendation.

It's essential to note that this product is designated as a treat and is not intended to replace a regular meal in your cat's diet.


High fiber content

With minerals and vitamins

With fish and meat proteins


Uses preservatives

Not for allergic cats

With artificial colors

Crafted in Purina Owned USA Facilities

As per Purina, a staggering 99% of their pet food products available in the U.S. are produced within their numerous facilities across the country, totaling to 22 sites dedicated to pet food.

While the company primarily procures ingredients for their American-manufactured foods from the U.S., detailed information about these ingredients is somewhat limited. However, Purina emphasizes traceability by providing a source map that illustrates the origins of specific ingredients, ensuring that every component used can be traced back to its source.

A visual representation, including photos of all the proteins utilized in their foods, is accessible, encompassing elements such as soybean meal and corn gluten meal.

Purina acknowledges that the grains used in their products likely include genetically-modified grains, given that such grains constitute a significant portion of those grown in the United States. It's common for GMO grains to be combined with non-GMO grains.

Notably, Purina boasts one of the most extensive quality assurance systems in the pet food industry, conducting a staggering 100,000 quality checks daily. These checks span from the moment ingredients arrive to the manufacturing process and continue until the finished product is shipped.

Despite its size, Purina faces criticism from some pet enthusiasts who perceive it as using lower quality ingredients. While the company generally doesn't specialize in boutique-style foods, it has subsidiary companies that produce organic pet foods with natural and highly sustainable ingredients.

Purina offers a range of pet foods, with varying levels of quality. Moreover, the company invests in nutritional research for pets and employs board-certified veterinary nutritionists to formulate their foods, showcasing a commitment to providing a diverse array of options for pet owners.

kit and kaboodle cat food review

What Kinds Of Food Do They Offer?

The majority of Kit and Kaboodle products available both online and in local stores consist of dry kibble, usually found in sizable bags. Purina showcases wet food and treats on their website, but these seem to be less prevalent among online retailers.


  • Kit and Kaboodle Original
  • Kit and Kaboodle Outdoor
  • Kit and Kaboodle Indoor


  • Kit and Kaboodle Bits and Bites with Chicken in Sauce
  • Kit and Kaboodle Bits and Bites with Turkey in Sauce
  • Kit and Kaboodle Pate with Ocean Whitefish in Sauce
  • Kit and Kaboodle Pate with Liver and Chicken in Sauce 


  • Kit and Kaboodle Crunchy Chicken 
  • Kit and Kaboodle Crunchy Salmon, Tuna & Shrimp
  • Kit and Kaboodle Crunchy Chicken and Cheddar
Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 5

Has Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food Ever Been Subject to a Recall?

No, we did not uncover any recalls associated with the brand. Numerous online sources assert unequivocally that Kit and Kaboodle cat food has never undergone a recall.

Nevertheless, Susan Thixton, as reported on The Truth About Petfood website, highlighted that in 2014, a few consumers lodged complaints with, alleging that around 11 cats had reportedly passed away after consuming Kit and Kaboodle.

It's crucial to note a couple of caveats: this incident transpired nearly a decade ago, and it's essential to recognize that merely feeding a particular food doesn't establish conclusive evidence that the food caused the reported deaths. The details surrounding these complaints are limited to what has been mentioned.

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food: A Purr-fectly Honest [year] Review 10

Kit & Kaboodle vs Other Brands

When it comes to dry cat food brands, Kit & Kaboodle has a great blend of flavors and nutrition. Let’s have a look at how this brand measures up.

With its competitors concerning the price per pound rating as well. Popular choices include Hill’s Science Diet, Nutro, Merrick, Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin and Blue.

Kit & Kaboodle proves economical (but not necessarily mean healthy) for many pet parents. Their 13 lb bag is available from Walmart for $13.31, quite competitive!

Though these rankings can be different depending on your particular feline’s individual needs and choices when it comes to the best meal they could consume– so keep that in mind before taking any decisions about what kind of food you should purchase them!

Final Words

Online opinions regarding Kit and Kaboodle vary. Some individuals praise it, asserting that their cats enjoy it, while others purchase it for feral cat feeding. Conversely, some cat enthusiasts report instances of their cats vomiting after consuming it.

Upon scrutinizing the ingredients, their dry food may be considered suitable for feeding a cat colony on a budget. Although the wet foods, currently unavailable, seem to exhibit slightly better quality than the dry counterpart.

Regarding the treats, it is advisable to steer clear of them. There are numerous safe preservatives and antioxidants for cat foods and treats, and Purina could opt for alternatives instead of using BHT, which may pose a health risk to your cat.

Overall, Kit and Kaboodle is categorized as a lower-quality brand, but its affordability is noteworthy. If financial constraints allow, opting for a higher-quality food with superior ingredients is recommended. This brand is not among Purina's top-tier offerings.

For those seeking a relatively budget-friendly cat food, alternatives like Friskies or Meow Mix might be worth considering. While slightly pricier than Kit and Kaboodle, they offer better quality.

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