Best Cat Food for Bengals 2024: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats

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Best Cat Food for Bengals

Are you a cat lover who wants a sweet and huggable furry baby slumbering on your lap on a lazy Sunday afternoon while you peacefully read your favorite book and sip on your freshly brewed coffee? If the answer is yes, the Bengal cat is definitely not for you.

Bengal cats are highly energetic and playful felines that often demand their human’s attention. They love to frolic all over the house, preferably with you tagging along. So, a peaceful, relaxing afternoon? Not likely.   

Apart from being very active, Bengals are normally larger in size than the average domestic cats. They’re typically more muscular too.

They love the outdoors and large spaces to play, hunt, and chase. They love climbing very much too. Some Bengal cat owners even report that their Bengals love playing in the water.

According to The International Cat Association (TICA), Bengal cats are smart and inquisitive felines. Like most cats, they’re very curious and they love to investigate and retrieve stuff.

Owning a Bengal cat can certainly be fun and rewarding for a cat owner. But this breed requires some extra care because of its natural attributes. In short, a Bengal cat needs to maintain its natural physical, sharp, and active self.

The primary requirement is of course a healthy and reliable cat food with complete and balanced nutrition that can sustain their high energy and strong muscles.

In this article, we will tackle this special cat breed, what you need to know about Bengal cats, and review the best cat food for Bengals for the guidance of Bengal cat owners.   

All About Bengal Cats

What is a Bengal Cat?

The Bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created by crossing a small Asian Leopard cat with various selected domestic cat breeds. Its name is derived from the Asian leopard cat’s taxonomic name Prionailurus Bengalensis

Bengal cats are typically large-boned, shorthaired, and with long and lean bodies and spotted or marbled fur, with varied colors.

Bengal cats look like wild cats, but smaller in size and much milder than their feral cousins. They have an astonishing coat that comes in several surrounding and blending colors, more commonly brown, orange, golden, and sand. Their spots also have varying shades, like dark brown and charcoal.

Of all domestic cats, the Bengal cat perhaps has the most unique coat design. They have a wide variety of markings including spotted, rosetted, arrow-headed, and clouded. The Bengal cat is the only domestic breed known to have rosette markings.

The Bengal’s coat is also special with natural glitters in the tips.

Bengal cats are highly active, intelligent, and curious. They enjoy attention from their human owners and will often ask for it.

History of the Bengal Cat

Humans have always been fascinated with wild cats and even attempted to tame and domesticate them. But most of these attempts have failed.

For this reason, the Bengal cat was created – a smaller, safer, and much tamer version of wild cats with the behavior of pet cats.

Records show that Jean S. Mill from California started the Bengal cat-breeding program in 1963, crossing the small Asian leopard cat with different domestic cat breeds. Most Bengal cats today are descendants of Mill’s cats in the ’80s. 

The Bengal cat was recognized by The International Cat Association in 1991. And by the next year, The International Cat Association registered 125 Bengal cat breeders. In 2019, about 2000 breeders are believed to operate all over the world.

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 1

Behavior and Personality of Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are amazing pets but they’re not suited for every cat owner. This breed is more fitting for cat owners with a lot of idle time to spend with them.

As mentioned earlier, Bengal cats are very active and playful. And they will deliberately try to get their human’s attention. They’re not appropriate for cat owners that are often away from home or too busy.

These cats are also highly energetic and they sometimes play rough. Some supervision might be needed when playing with very young children. Playing with toddlers is not advisable.

When bored, Bengals have the tendency to check out stuff and even break them. They get very curious and tend to investigate different areas and things in the house, like rooms and even drawers. They also tend to take stuff and misplace them. So keep your valuables in a cat-safe place.

Bengals, in general, can get along well with other pets, including dogs. But smaller pets like hamsters, mice, birds, and fish are not safe with any cat breed, especially Bengals.

Larger areas with high ceilings are ideal for Bengals. They love to climb anything to get higher. They enjoy the heights and delight in viewing the outside from a window perch. Large outdoor enclosures are also great for Bengals as they get to see the outside environment and even interact with other animals.

Bengals also find pleasure in playing with water. They may want to join you in the shower or bathtub. If you have an aquarium, make sure it’s out of your cat’s reach.

Bengals also love mental challenges. Provide them with toys, interactive games, and puzzles, and reward them with a treat when they pass your challenges.

Common Bengal Cat Health Issues

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a major health issue in Bengal cats. This is when the heart muscle gets abnormally thick, making it hard for the heart to pump blood. Cats meant for breeding must be checked by a veterinary cardiologist yearly to rule out HCM.

Other common health concerns in Bengals are Polycystic Kidney Disease, Bengal progressive retinal atrophy or PRA-b, and Erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency or PK-def. Breeders must also have their cats tested for these disorders.

Bengals may also be prone to some infectious diseases like feline infectious peritonitis and trichimonas foetus, which trigger cat diarrhea.

One health concern for any cat breed is obesity. Don’t overfeed your cats in order to keep a healthy weight.

Caring For Your Bengal Cat

Although cats are not really high-maintenance pets, Bengals need some extra care and attention from their pet parents.

Since they’re highly active and larger than the average indoor cats, Bengals have certain basic needs to live a healthy and happy life. 

Healthy and Proper Bengal Cat Diet

Any pet regardless of species or breed needs to be fed a proper and healthy diet. Pet foods must be made of high-quality ingredients, and with complete essential nutrition to maintain your pet’s good health.

Bengals, being highly active and muscular, need sufficient nutrition to function normally. A high-protein diet is also ideal for Bengals. Healthy treats and supplements can also help in maintaining overall health. 


Since this breed loves to spend a lot of energy, hydration is vital. Always make available a clean bowl of fresh water beside the cat’s food bowl. A water fountain for pets should be fun for your Bengal.

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 2


The highly energetic Bengal needs a lot of space both horizontally and vertically. They need to roam, chase, run, and climb to be happy.

Provide cat posts or cat trees that they may be able to climb in. Give them easy access to window perches so they can view the outdoors. 

Even better if you can have an enclosed outdoor area for your Bengal cat to explore the outdoors, interact with other animals, and bird-watch. Just make sure she can’t find her way out. 

Play Time and Exercise

Bengals want constant attention. And they love to play. Allocate enough time to play with your Bengal cat to keep her happy and healthy.

Play fetch. Give her toys, even challenging puzzles and games, to be busy. Bengals also love to go for walks with you on leash. 

Moreover, cats can get anxious and stressed too, which causes health issues. Having activities with your cat can prevent stress.


Bengals have typically short coat that’s easy to groom. You can brush them regularly, at least once a week. Your cats will also love the brushing experience. It also helps minimize hairballs.

There are however some Bengals with longhair as a result of crossbreeding with other longhaired cats. Some of these breeds are called Cashmere Bengal cats but they are not yet widely accepted as an official breed.  In 2017, The International Cat Association (TICA) started accepting longhaired Bengals in competitions.

Trim their nails as needed. Brush their teeth regularly to avoid mouth and gum issues. Bengal kittens need to get used to brushing, teeth brushing, and nail trimming early.

Check the ears and eyes for infections. When dirty, wipe their face and ears with cotton balls or paper towels and a pet-friendly cleanser. 

Veterinary Care

Regularly bring your Bengal cat to the animal hospital for a medical check-up just to make sure there are no underlying health concerns.

If you notice any alarming health issues or symptoms, it’s best to give the vet a call.

The Best Cat Food For Bengals

As a responsible cat owner, you must feed your Bengal cats with the best food you can afford.

The best cat foods are made of high-quality ingredients and are free of artificial ingredients and cheap fillers. Most commercial cat foods don’t have sufficient nutrients to sustain your cat’s good health.

Feeding your Bengal cat homemade raw food once in a while can be very beneficial and at the same time prevent food sensitivities.

Bengal cats eat fresh cat food including raw meat, which is a healthy alternative to commercial cat food. If you can afford it and if you have the time to prepare, a raw food diet is great for your Bengal cat. 

However, not all essential nutrients can be provided by raw meat or even natural dry cat food so it’s necessary to add food supplements or mix with healthy dry food.

If you feed Bengal cats with commercial cat foods, always check the ingredients list and other info provided on the labels. Not all premium brands are reliable cat food, and not all affordable cat food products are poor in quality.

Our Best Cat Foods For Bengal Cats

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 3
The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food
  • Longer shelf life than raw food
  • Made with fruits and veggies
  • Human-grade ingredients
Check Price on Site
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 4
ORIJEN Original
  • Multi-protein formula
  • Freeze-dried coated for more flavor
  • Top 5 ingredients are raw or fresh
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 5
Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Crunchiness that kitties enjoy
  • With natural fibers and prebiotics
  • Promotes shedding reduction
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 6
Instinct Original Recipe with Real Chicken
  • Guaranteed levels prebiotics
  • Savory, protein-rich formula
  • Optimal fatty acid content for healthy coat and skin
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 7
Royal Canin Bengal Adult
  • Boasts easy to digest ingredients
  • Ideal for kitties with sensitivities
  • Specially designed for Bengals
Check Price on Chewy
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 8
American Journey Turkey & Chicken Recipe
  • Suitable for all ages and breeds
  • Antioxidant rich plus taurine formula
  • Contains real, deboned turkey as main ingredient
Check Price on Chewy
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 9
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Chicken & Brown Rice
  • Ingredients are non-GMO
  • Promotes healthy weight for indoor kitties
  • Contain ideal calorie content for healthy weight
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 10
Crave Indoor with Chicken & Salmon
  • Inspired by cats' ancestral diet
  • Zero chicken by-product meal, soy, corn or wheat
  • Boasts high protein content for muscle development
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 11
Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Crunchy kibble plus meaty, shredded pieces
  • Fortified with guaranteed live probiotics
  • High protein formula, with real chicken on top
Check Price on Chewy
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 12
Wellness CORE Natural Turkey & Duck Pate
  • Nutrient dense pate
  • Delicious flavor and smooth texture
  • Loaded with antioxidants plus vitamins
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 13
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken Recipe
  • Designed for senior kitties
  • Nutrient packed with zero grains
  • Helps maintain ideal weight
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 14
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe
  • Protein dense kitten food
  • Contains DHA and ARA for growth and development
  • Incorporated with taurine for brain and eye health
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon

For our recommended best Bengal cat food brands, we chose mostly dry cat food formulas with high-quality and natural ingredients, and a cat’s diet that’s high in proteins, grain-free, and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, and some probiotics. 

The list includes mostly premium cat food brands with a remarkable track record in cat food quality. We have selected cat foods with varied price ranges to suit every cat owner’s budget. 

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 15
  1. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food
  2. ORIJEN Original
  3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  4. Instinct Original Recipe with Real Chicken
  5. Royal Canin Bengal Adult
  6. American Journey Turkey & Chicken Recipe
  7. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Chicken & Brown Rice
  8. Crave Indoor with Chicken & Salmon
  9. Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
  10. Wellness CORE Natural Turkey & Duck Pate
  11. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken Recipe
  12. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe

1. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 16
Their recipes use nothing but the best, including real meats, whole grains, fresh fruits, veggies with a good dose or probiotics, minerals and vitamins.

Taking the top spot is The Honest Kitchen's grain free Chicken recipe homemade cat food.

The single animal protein source in this recipe is chicken and it is seen here in two forms: dehydrated meat and dehydrated chicken bone. Dehydrated vegetables included are as follows: sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach and pumpkin.

One of the most notable among The Honest Kitchen's wide range of cat foods is its dehydrated line. Recipes from this range are composed of foods with ingredients that have gone through a highly  innovative process that removes all moisture thoroughly but gently, leaving all nutrients intact. To feed, simply add water. 

The dehydration process keeps your cat’s food versatile. If your cat prefers a pate mixture, just add a little water for a pate-like consistency. For a gravy-like texture, add a little more water. And if your cat tends to go for soupy meals (yes, there are some that do), add even more. And yes, you can use the product as is and serve it dry as a topper.

Because they’re easy to store and do not require refrigeration, dehydrated foods are an ideal option for people with limited space. As for traveling often with your kitty, each package is lightweight and does not take up much room.

2. ORIJEN Original Formula

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 17
This is a multi-protein recipe crafted using the most nutritious parts including bone and organs. And to top it all of, each kibble is freeze-dried coated for a boost of flavor.

Premium cat food is synonymous with Orijen. Its Original Cat grain-free kibble is undeniably one of the best cat foods in the market today.

Made with the best quality ingredients, this dry cat food formula features real chicken and turkey meats from free-range birds as the first two ingredients.

It’s blended with other high-quality animal protein sources like turkey giblets, whole mackerel, flounder, whole herring, and chicken liver to achieve a sky-scraping 40% protein load, suitable for your adult Bengal cats, and Bengal kitten alike.

You can also be sure that this reliable Bengal cat food has its share of amazing fruits and veggies such as beans, peas, lentils, whole cranberry, whole pumpkin, whole apples, whole pear, althea root, rosehips, and juniper berries for a flush supply of vitamins and minerals. It also has an abundance of fatty acids from Pollock oil for your Bengal’s coat health. 

Probiotics are certainly part of the mix for healthy digestion. Plus, your feline friend will surely love this delicious cat food as it has chicken fat, natural chicken flavor, and freeze-dried liver for that extra appetizing taste. 

You’ll love everything about this healthy food, except perhaps the fancy price tag.

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 18
Made with organic, simple ingredients. It boasts real chicken as its main ingredient with a combination of wholesome brown rice, vegetables, essential vitamins, minerals and taurine.

Here is another cat lover’s favorite among premium brands. This chicken and brown rice recipe from Rachael Ray’s pet food kitchen is also created with outstanding natural ingredients led by real chicken meat from U.S. farms and chicken meal. The protein load for this kibble is a lofty 34% that suits your Bengal well.

The amazing plant-based components include dried peas, brown rice, whole flaxseed, and dried beet pulp, which are all fiber-rich.

This good cat food for Bengals is enriched with ample vitamins and minerals for overall health. It is also the most economical option on this list.

However, note that this dry food has corn gluten meal, which could trigger food sensitivities in some adult cats.

4. Instinct Original Recipe with Real Chicken

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 19
It’s thoughtfully balanced with wholesome foods, like real chicken and vegetables, plus guaranteed levels of probiotics, natural omegas and antioxidants.

If you can’t regularly feed Bengal cats in your home with fresh cat food like raw meat, then Instinct’s Original Recipe with Real Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken is not a bad alternative. After all, your Bengal still has that wild cat pedigree in her. This raw chicken-coated kibble will likely please your frisky feline. 

Made with cage-free chicken meat, plus chicken meal, turkey meal, and menhaden fish meal, as additional animal protein origins, this dry cat food has an impressive 41% minimum protein content to satisfy your Bengal cat’s needs. 

It has the highest protein content in this list of best cat food for Bengals.

This delicious cat food has freeze-dried raw chicken, chicken liver, and chicken heart to coat the delectable kibble for your cat’s pleasure.

It also has a tremendous roster of wholesome foods that include peas, apples, carrots, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. Probiotics are added to the grain-free formula to boost your cat’s digestion.

5. Royal Canin Bengal Adult

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 20
This breed-specific formula features an optimal ratio of protein and fat content to provide ample muscle support for your little leopard’s system.

It’s hard to imagine the best cat food for Bengals list without a diet that’s made especially for Bengal cats.

Royal Canin’s Bengal dry cat food is created by pet food specialists to suit the needs of this fabulous cat breed.

Even the kibble’s size and shape are designed with the Bengal in mind, as this feline has extra wide and strong jaws for chewing.

With a generous protein mass of 38%, plus 16% fats and 5.4% fibers, this diet is appropriate for a Bengal’s active life.

It’s also augmented with sufficient vitamins and minerals for overall wellness, on top of prebiotic fibers, omega fatty acids, and amino acids to keep your little wild one strong and stunning. 

But if your adult cats have food sensitivities or food allergies to corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, or chicken by-products, this diet has them all.

6. American Journey Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 21
Designed to fuel her curious nature and active lifestyle. Made without grains, this kibble features real, deboned turkey as the first ingredient plus wholesome fruits and vegetables, and deboned chicken.

When it comes to budget-friendly but high-quality cat food, American Journey is a name to strongly consider.

As a Bengal cat food, the company’s Turkey and Chicken Recipe is a great option for cat parents with a tight budget.

Made with real turkey and deboned chicken, plus other animal protein sources like turkey meal, chicken meal, and menhaden fish meal, this diet is abundant with at least 40% proteins that are perfect for Bengals. It also has chicken fat to account for most of the 15% crude fats. 

But that’s not all. Like most super-premium brands, this recipe offers a balanced diet with highly nutritive wholesome fruits and vegetables like spinach, apples, blueberries, carrots, cranberries, and pumpkin.

And yes, this grain-free dry food formula has it all – vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, omegas, and probiotics. But none of the undesirables like artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and animal by-products.

7. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Chicken & Brown Rice

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 22
A nutrient-dense kibble that supports healthy weight and contains natural fibers and Omegas to promote better gut and skin health.

Another budget-easy premium quality cat food is Nutro’s Chicken and Brown Rice formula.

Its high 33% protein load comes mostly from real chicken meat derived from U.S. farms-bred chickens. This dry cat food also has bounteous fibers, sourced from beet pulp, flaxseed, and oats, at 7%, which is great for digestion and weight control of adult cats.

This recipe has ample essential nutrients suitable for Bengals that include vital vitamins and minerals, plus fatty acids to promote your mini leopard’s beautiful fur.

It is free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn, wheat, gluten, and GMOs.

8. Crave Indoor with Chicken & Salmon

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 23
This protein-rich diet provides all the nutrients she needs to develop and maintain a lean, healthy body, strong immune system and the energy to play the entire day.

Crave's Chicken & Salmon Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is a middle-price range premium recipe that also has all the qualities of a great Bengal cat diet.

Made with real chicken as the first ingredient, supplemented with chicken fat, this kibble has clean ingredients that can help sustain your Bengal cat’s vigor and energy.

Loaded with bountiful proteins at a minimum 40%, plus generous fibers (6%) from peas, beet pulp, and alfalfa meal, this kibble is a superb option for adult Bengals.

This diet is not wanting in essential vitamins and minerals but has none of the cheap fillers and artificial ingredients.

9. Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 24
The combination of crunchy kibble and tender, meaty shreds delivers the taste and texture kitties adore, and the high-quality ingredients give you something to feel good about too.

Used to be known as SAVOR Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice Formula

Purina’s shredded chicken and rice formula is another affordable but high-quality kibble to consider for your Bengals.

A traditionally notable pet food company, Purina offers this premium diet that can pass as the best Bengal cat food because of its complete and balanced nutrition, including probiotics.

Real shredded chicken meat is the first ingredient, followed by rice and corn gluten meal, to attain a noteworthy 36% protein pack.

This cat food is also loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals that can help boost your Bengal’s overall health and energy.

10. Wellness CORE Natural Turkey & Duck Pate

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 25
With turkey and duck as the main ingredients, this nutritious, grain-free pate contains all the protein your pal needs to help develop strong muscles and energy to fuel all his daily adventures.

While all of the cat foods on this list are dry foods, there are several prominent and excellent-quality wet food options available for your wild-looking kitties. But Wellness CORE Natural Turkey & Duck Pate deserves a spot on this list of best cat food for Bengals. 

Some vets recommend a good balance of dry food and wet cat food. The high moisture content in wet food can help cats with certain health issues such as urinary tract disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. 

Each can of wet cat food also offers a generous supply of proteins that can be highly beneficial to active cats, especially the Bengal.

But wet cat food is more expensive to serve as a regular diet. You can mix dry foods with wet food, which should be very tasty for your kitties 

As for this wet cat food, it has a great array of fine quality ingredients, headed by real turkey and pork liver, plus turkey broth and duck, for an outstanding 12% protein load, which is much more than the average wet food.

This grain-free formula also features dried kelp, cranberries, chicory root extract and flaxseeds for healthy skin and fur. It’s easy to see why we picked this product as the best wet food for Bengals.

11. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken Recipe

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 26
Crafted to suit the needs of senior kitties, this chicken meal contains a unique probiotic blend and antioxidants.

Best For Senior Bengal Cats: Senior Bengal cats can still maintain some of their energy but some diets are no longer appropriate for them.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken Recipe is surely one of the best, if not the best Bengal cat food for seniors.

Deboned chicken is the first ingredient and main animal protein source in this kibble, followed by a formidable roster of natural ingredients including dried chicory root, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, barley grass, and parsley.

With a high 38% protein and 5% fiber content, and just 14% fats, this formula is proper for older Bengals. It has probiotics too, and plentiful vitamins and minerals, to help prolong their lives.

12. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 27
Tailored fit for the needs of growing kitties, this kibble is filled with DHA and ARA to support his growth and development.

Best Bengal Kitten Food: For your Bengal kitten, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe is our top choice for kitten food.

Like most of this company’s pet foods, this kitten food formula has all the incredible ingredients and essential nutrients to aid your young kitty’s healthy growth.

Deboned chicken is the main animal protein source for its rich 38% minimum crude protein, while chicken fat supplies most of the 14% minimum fat content.

It’s also high in fiber, at 5%, and healthy carbs from top-rate whole foods like peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots to name a few. It has probiotics too, which are essential to most kittens.

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 28

Bonus Reviews

LICKS Pill-Free Multi-vitamin Cat Supplement

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 29
Replenishes vitamins that may be deficient from your cat’s every day meal while adding extra flavor. Made with 100% real, all-natural chicken, which is cooked twice and concentrated into a blast of flavor.

Best Supplement For Bengal Cats: Licks Multi-Vitamin Balance Diet Pill-Free Cat Supplement is a highly recommended dietary supplement to give your Bengals.

It contains a rich supply of vital vitamins and minerals to sustain their active lifestyle. Its chicken flavor is enticing even for picky eaters.

Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes 

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 30
Bonito flakes are among the highest quality flakes on the market and they are derived from a single protein source, making them a healthy choice when rewarding your pet.

Best Bengal Cat Treats: Your Bengals will surely love you more after having this delicious and protein-rich cat treat.

Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes are compressed with a spectacular 76% protein pack, which is splendid for Bengal cats.

Bonito flakes are absolutely delicious treats derived from simmered, smoked, and fermented skipjack tuna, which is a delicacy in Japan.  

What To Look For In The Best Bengal Cat's Diet 

Needless to say, your pets deserve healthy foods to prolong their lives and keep them active and happy. A Bengal cat needs to sustain its naturally high energy, which can be achieved with healthy food. 

High Quality and Natural Ingredients

The best food for Bengals, or any other pet for that matter, consists of high-quality and natural food ingredients. Sadly, many pet food companies resort to low-quality food components to keep costs low. Our beloved pets suffer the consequence, as they don’t get balanced nutrition. 

Some cheap ingredients are even known as common food allergens in dogs and cats. Especially for the highly vigorous Bengal, make sure to get quality cat food that has natural ingredients and named animal protein contents. Poor quality cat’s diet will only lead to higher expenses later on due to health issues.

High in Protein

A high-protein diet will surely benefit your Bengal cat because of its active lifestyle. Proteins help keep the cat’s energy high and also nourish its muscles. Pick a reliable Bengal cat diet that has a minimum protein load of 30% or higher for dry food, and 10% or higher for wet food. 

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

For sure, you would want healthy foods for your furry friends. For optimal pet health, it’s not enough to have high-quality ingredients.

Your pets also need sufficient vitamins and minerals to be strong and illness-free, and also fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants for various health gains.

No Food Allergens, Artificial, and Cheap Ingredients

If your cat is allergic or sensitive to certain food ingredients, it’s imperative to check the ingredients list of the cat foods. Some cats have developed food allergies and food sensitivities to beef, chicken, fish, dairy goods, eggs, and other seafood as animal protein sources.

Cheaper cat foods use unnamed animal by-products and derivatives as the main animal protein source. These are inferior quality animal protein sources, usually from rejected animal parts from different species that may also cause some digestive issues in cats. Choose cat foods with named animal protein contents like chicken, beef, salmon, etc.

But animal protein is not the only trigger for allergic reactions in cats. Some affordable cat food brands use cheap fillers, especially corn, wheat, and soy that can provoke allergic reactions. If you think your cat is sensitive to some grains, like corn, select a grain-free cat food.

These cheap cat foods also typically include artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives that may also induce sensitivities and allergies in cats.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Some dry cat food formulas include probiotics and prebiotics to support healthy digestion in cats. Prebiotics are fibers that feed the probiotics in the digestive tract.

Probiotics are good bacteria that aid in digestion and fight bad bacteria. A cat’s diet enhanced with probiotics and prebiotics is definitely a good cat food. 

Manufactured in Countries with High Safety and Quality Standards

The best cat foods for Bengals are made by pet food companies that adhere to strict quality standards in pet food manufacturing.

These cat food products are usually made and sourced in countries with very high-quality standards in food manufacturing like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries.

For a guaranteed reliable Bengal cat food, check the label for AAFCO approval.

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 31

Choosing A Bengal Cat Breeder

Bengals are popular for breeding because many cat lovers want them. But not all breeders are responsible and careful. Many of them are just about earning bucks. Always ask for a health guarantee and don’t just take their word for it. 

Do your homework and find reliable breeders from trustworthy websites such as TICA’s. 

If you can, check the breeder’s breeding facility. The finest Bengal kittens are bred in homes, and not in a factory-like environment.

Avoid mass breeders. If you see multiple litters in the location, or if kittens are always available, you're probably dealing with a mass breeder.  

Consider adopting instead of buying. Some Bengals, especially senior Bengal cats, end up in shelters or rescue centers. Check out listings in your local community or various websites for Bengals that need a new home. 

Rescue cats are the best breeds.


The Bengal is a remarkable and exquisite cat breed, and undoubtedly fun to have as a pet. But Bengals need extra care and attention, and supervision too.

They are more suited for cat parents that can allocate enough time to play with them and attend to their needs.

Bengals are very active and playful. They love to climb, chase, and explore. Remove your valuables from areas they can easily have access to. They tend to break and keep stuff.

This breed is larger than average domestic cats and has strong and lean muscles. They need larger areas to move in, both horizontally and vertically.

Bengals will thrive more in high-quality and high-protein cat foods in order to sustain their energy and muscles. They need to have clean water to drink always.

Although generally strong, Bengals can also be prone to some health disorders. Schedule a regular visit to the vet, at least twice a year, or as needed. For senior cats, a quarterly check-up is ideal.

Make sure to get your Bengal from a reliable breeder. Beware of mass breeders. Inquire from reputable cat organizations and websites.

Consider adopting rescue cats instead of buying them because there are so many out there that need a home.

Best Cat Food for Bengals [year]: Proper Nutrition For Your Playful Cats 32

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