200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous

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Tabby cat names

Tabby cats are seen everywhere. While we cannot really consider these cuties a rare find, these affectionate and playful four-legged furballs still deserve to have a name that best fits their personality.

Famous cat monikers like Garfield and Tiger just won’t do. Yes, these names are well-known but they are quite over-used. If you are looking for something cute or unique, our list of tabby cat names might just help you find the perfect name for your cat.

Before going through all the names, it will help a lot if you know a thing or two about your little kitty. True, they are the most common domestic cats around.  They are also recognized for their striped coat pattern and the ‘M’ in their forehead.

But apart from that, these adorable creatures are also loved for their friendly and gentle nature, which makes them great family pets.

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Best Girl and Boy Tabby Cat Names

If what you are after is a cute appellation – something that is totally adorbs, take a look at our list of cutesy names. Out of the hundreds of names here, you’ll surely find one that might just be the perfect match for your winsome feline friend.

Cute Names Based on Famous and Charming (as well as not-so-cute) Characters

Our fave animated or cartoon characters will always hold a special place in our hearts. One of these well-liked personalities may just carry a distinct persona that matches perfectly with your cats.

  1. Cheshire Cat. If your cat has a one-of-a-kind, mischievous grin, the name of this fictional cat (from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) may just be what you’re looking for.
  2. Hamburglar. MacDonald Land’s villain’s name might tickle your fancy if your tabby has wide black and white stripes and has a big appetite.
  3. Jack Skellington. If your cat has color white and black narrow stripes that run from his head to his toes, then you might find Nightmare Before Christmas’ main protagonist’s outfit to resemble your cat’s striped coat.
  4. Nemo. A name made for those with white, black, and orange patterned coats. Finding Nemo’s young clownfish’s movements may be hampered by his flimsy fin, but he is surprisingly brave and quick-witted.
  5. Nermal. Another famous cartoon cat, his name is just perfect for color gray tabbies, not to mention those who are endearing yet a bit devious and annoyingly cute.
  6. Phineas Flynn. This optimistic young boy (from the show Phineas and Ferb) with his orange and yellow striped shirt may just resemble the orange and yellow streaks of your tabbies. Consider it a plus If your feline friend has a pointy nose and a bright personality.
  7. Tigger. While the moniker Tiger seems so ordinary, the name Tigger, on the one hand, always has a catchy ring to it. Winnie the Pooh’s darling character’s name befits tabbies with the love for bouncing (or should I say pouncing), and those with distinctive orange and black tabby coats.
  8. Waldo or Wally. Do you always find yourself looking for your cat who loves to wander around? Wally or Waldo from a know British children’s puzzle book called Where’s Waldo by Martin Handford may just be one of the names worth considering.
  9. Hobbes. From the famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Hobbes is Calvin’s mischievous stuffed animal toy with a sardonic humor. Domesticated kitties with distinctive markings of classic orange and black shades or those with a playful personality will find their perfect name in Hobbes.

200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 1

Names of Well-known Tabbies

If your new cat is oozing with charm and has that celebrity vibe, then here are a few famous names of cats to consider for your tabby.

  1. Freya. Other than being associated with Norse mythology’s goddess of love and beauty, this name is also an appellation given by Former British Chancellor George Osborne to his tabby kitty.
  2. Himmy. If your cat has the making of being the next “fattest cat” in the world, then why not name him after a Guinness World titleholder. Himmy, a resident of Australia and owned by Thomas Vyse, weighed a whopping 21.3 kg. and was declared as the fattest cat in the year 1986.
  3. Miko. If you are a Freddie Mercury fan with a color orange tabby, then this may just be a great name for your cutesy. Rock singer Mercury has always been fond of cats. In fact, some reports say that he had a total of 10 cats, which he all treated like his own children.
  4. Muezza. Muslims consider cats as “the quintessential pet.” Legends also tell of stories of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s favorite tabby kitty named Muezza, who is fond of sleeping on the prophet’s sleeves.
  5. Think Think. Tsai Ing-Wen, cat lover and President of Taiwan, had a huge billboard in Taipei. Her tabby Think Think makes an appearance with a lovely, red bowtie.
  6. Toby. Actress and friend of animals Betty White, as a child, had an orange tabby named Toby. It is said that it watches over her like a reliable nanny.

Tiger Kitty Names: Perfect for Orange-Streaked Tabbies

If your feline friend has orange, black, and white streaks, then here’s a list of words, all of which mean Tiger in a different language.

  1. Bagh – Nepalihappy tabby
  2. Chui-milia – Swahili
  3. Con Cop – Vietnamese
  4. Harimau – Malay
  5. Ingwe – Zulu
  6. Kaplan – Turkish
  7. Lodaya – Sundanese
  8. Macan – Javanese
  9. Namur – Arabic
  10. Shabeel – Somali
  11. Sher – Persian200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 2
  12. Taika – Maori
  13. Tier – Afrikaans
  14. Tigra – Malagasy
  15. Tigris – Latin
  16. Tikari – Faroese
  17. Tora – Japanese
  18. Yolbars – Uzbek

Tabby Cat Titles Based on Cat Gods and Goddesses

Don’t want your cat to be named after a famous tabby or a popular striped character? If you have not figured out yet the perfect cats’ name to bestow to your cutie, then this list of titles based on gods and goddesses might help. As a bonus, we added the names’ cool meanings.

  1. Asherah – a Semitic goddess also known as Lion Lady
  2. Bastet or Bast – Egyptian goddess known for her ferocious naturegray tabby cat
  3. Bes – Egyptian god of protection
  4. Ceridwen – Welsh goddess of wisdom
  5. Dawon – a ferocious, sacred Hindu tigress
  6. Hecate – a shape-shifter Greek goddess
  7. Li Shou – Chinese families’ guardian
  8. Mihos – son of Bastet depicted as a lion-god
  9. Parvati – Hindu goddess of beauty and love
  10. Shiva – Hindu god of destruction
  11. Yaoji – Chinese mountain goddess

Pattern-Inspired Tabby Cat Appellations

Whether your cat’s fur looks blotchy or banded, here are a few clever names of patterns that might just suit your pal.

  1. Agouti
  2. Barcode
  3. Bengal
  4. Breton
  5. Calico200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 3
  6. Checkers
  7. Chevron
  8. Curly
  9. Harlequin
  10. Herringbone
  11. Ikat
  12. Mackerel
  13. Marble
  14. Paisley
  15. Patches
  16. Pearly
  17. Pinstripe
  18. Speckles
  19. Spot
  20. Stripes
  21. Swirly
  22. Vortex
  23. Whirlpool
  24. Zigzag

Color-Inspired Tags for your Kitty

If you want to simply name your tabby based on her color, here’s a collection of interesting and attention-grabbing color tags that can serve as a great moniker for your furry pal.

  1. Amber200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 4
  2. Ashen
  3. Beige
  4. Bordeaux
  5. Carrot
  6. Cerise
  7. Chalk
  8. Cherry
  9. Chestnut
  10. Chocolate
  11. Cinder
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Cocoa
  14. Coffee
  15. Copper200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 5
  16. Coral
  17. Ember
  18. Emery
  19. Espresso
  20. Flame
  21. Ginger
  22. Gray
  23. Hazel
  24. Honey
  25. Inky
  26. Iris
  27. Marmalade
  28. Meander
  29. Mocha
  30. Obsidian
  31. Oreo
  32. Peppercute hairy tabby
  33. Ruby
  34. Rusty
  35. Sable
  36. Salmon
  37. Scarlet
  38. Shadow
  39. Slate
  40. Smoky
  41. Titian
  42. Vanilla

Other Quirky Names and Their Equivalent Meanings

Here are a couple more interesting and lovely names for cats. Some are translations of the word cat and beautiful in different languages, while others are names from different countries.

  1. Aisha – Arabic name which means living and prosperous
  2. Akila – Egyptian name which means intelligent200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 6
  3. Alba – Latin word for white
  4. Amunet – mythical Egyptian goddess of mystery
  5. Aziza – Arabic name which means powerful and beloved
  6. Bella – the Italian word for beautiful
  7. Carina – means dear or beloved in Italian
  8. Cleopatra – famous Eqyptian Queen
  9. Dalila – a Hebrew name which means desired
  10. Femi – Nigerian name which means love me
  11. Hiro – Japanese name which can mean abundant
  12. Hoshi – means star in Japanese
  13. Jamila – Arabic word for beauty
  14. Larissa – Greek name that means citadel
  15. Layla – means night and is of Arabic origin
  16. Lottie – English name which means free
  17. Lumi – means snow and is of Finnish origin
  18. Kadin – means companion in Arabic
  19. Kamilah – Quranic name that means perfect
  20. Marra – Hebrew name which means everlasting
  21. Mau – Egyptian word for cat200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 7
  22. Maya – Greek name which means water
  23. Maye – Latin name which means spring
  24. Midori – Japanese name which means green
  25. Mosi – an Egyptian name which means born first
  26. Nailah – an Arabic name that means successful
  27. Raye – means peaceful or queen
  28. Sagira – means little one in Arabic
  29. Sanura – Swahili for the term kitten or little cat
  30. Tabitha – Aramaic word for gazelle
  31. Zahra – Arabic for flower
  32. Zalika – means wondrously beautiful in Arabic

Tabby Names Based on Striped Animals

It’s always a genius idea to name your streaky pal after another striped creature from the animal kingdom. Apart from cats’ relative – the Tiger, here are other stripy beasts that may resemble your tabby.

  1. AardwolfBengal tabby cat
  2. Bongo
  3. Bumblebee
  4. Chipmunk
  5. Funambulus
  6. Galidictis
  7. Giant Eland
  8. Honeybee
  9. Hyena
  10. Kudu
  11. Marlin
  12. Mongoosesleepy tabby
  13. Numbat
  14. Nyala
  15. Okapi
  16. Quagga
  17. Skunk
  18. Somali
  19. Squirrel
  20. Tapir
  21. Zebra

More Adorbs Boy and Girl Tabby Names

Below are more than a handful of monikers. A few are based on movie characters, while some are appellations of foods and places. Others are just downright endearing.

Regardless, many people give these names for tabby kitties a thumbs up, so might as well check them out. Names for female tabbies are marked with an (f) for your convenience.

  1. Azrael200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 8
  2. Birdie
  3. Bowie
  4. Bubbles (f)
  5. Buffy (f)
  6. Buttons
  7. Candy (f)
  8. Chaucer
  9. Coco
  10. Coda
  11. Cuddles 
  12. Cupcake (f)
  13. Cypress (f)
  14. Diva (f)200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 9
  15. Faith (f)
  16. Fluffy
  17. Fuse
  18. Gemini
  19. Goliath
  20. Kalua
  21. Laguna
  22. Lefty
  23. Lily (f)
  24. Linus
  25. Loki
  26. Lola (f)
  27. Lotus (f)
  28. Madonna (f)
  29. Margot (f)
  30. Marti
  31. Milan (f)200+ Tabby Cat Names: From the Quirky to the Cute and Famous 10
  32. Mitzi (f)
  33. Mochi
  34. Oscar
  35. Paris (f)
  36. Persia
  37. Romeo
  38. Simba
  39. Sprite
  40. Tia (f)

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