The Best Cat Muzzles in 2024 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

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best cat muzzles

For most cat parents, a visit to the vet often comes with consequences. It’s usually a stressful and uncomfortable situation for our fur babies, which, unfortunately, could lead to biting, scratching, and other forms of aggression.

Even the most behaved and the sweetest kitty could quickly turn into an aggressive one if in pain, discomfort, or distress. The good news is it’s completely avoidable!

One solution? A cat muzzle.This article lists down the best cat muzzles you can find for your pet. There are many available products online, and we’re here to help you find one that suits you and your cats best.

Read on below for our best picks and cat muzzle buying guide to learn more about this fantastic pet product.

What is a cat muzzle?

A cat muzzle is a pet product used to prevent cats from biting when they are hurt, in distress, or upset. It goes around the face to help calm a cat down.

Though primarily used by veterinarians, muzzles for cats are readily available and can be used by any pet owner.  

A cat muzzle can be made of soft nylon fabric, mesh, or plastic materials with Velcro or nylon strap design.

There are several sizes available, too, that cater from kittens to bigger cats.

Is using a cat muzzle cruel?

Some pet owners raise their eyebrows when talking about muzzling their beloved cats. Contrary to what these people believe, when properly used, this product is safe, comfortable, and offers benefits not just for cats but also for humans, which we’ll discuss below.

But first, let’s take a look at the best muzzles for cats that we’ve scoured and reviewed. 

Our Top Picks: Best Cat Muzzles

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 1
Downtown Pet Supply Muzzle
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Helps stop biting and chewing
  • Made from strong nylon fabric
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 2
ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzles
  • Comes in S and L sizes
  • Breathable with velcro straps
  • Made of strong nylon mesh fabric
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 3
Guardian Gear Soft Adjustable Cat Muzzle
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • With velcro fasteners
  • Available in 3 colors and sizes
Check Price on Amazon
The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 4
Softie Cat Muzzle by Proguard Pets
  • Safest and most comfortable muzzle
  • Allows your pet to breath normally
  • Material is abrasion and puncture resistant
Check Price on Amazon
The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 5
Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle
  • Comes in variety of sizes
  • Side easy release snap buckle
  • High-quality water resistant nylon muzzle
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 6
Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzle
  • High nylon material
  • Quite fit and durable
  • Keeps you safe and prevent cat biting
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 7
Bexu Nylon Muzzle
  • Features a unique open design
  • Made of nylon with velcro tape closure
  • Prevents your pet from biting and chewing
Check Price on Amazon
  1. Downtown Pet Supply Muzzle
  2. ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzles
  3. Guardian Gear Soft Adjustable Cat Muzzle
  4. Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle
  5. Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle
  6. Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzle
  7. Bexu Nylon Muzzle

1. Downtown Pet Supply Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 8
One of the best one you could find. A lot of pet owners swear by this muzzle’s excellent durability, features and functionality.

Many options are available online, but the Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle is among the best ones you could find.

It is high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use! In fact, many pet owners swear by this muzzle’s excellent features, durability, and functionality.

While other feline muzzles could get too restricting, this one helps calm your cat without feeling uncomfortable.

It is made from strong nylon fabric with a fully adjustable strap and Velcro strap for easy wearing. It allows an easy and flexible fit for cats but still challenging to get out of.

This excellent Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle is available in three sizes, so you have enough options for your cat (or cats!). Small kitties do not need big muzzles.

That’s why this particular item offers a small size that fits cats under 6 lbs perfectly. The medium-sized muzzle is for cats weighing 6 to 12 lbs, while the large size is for cats over 12 lbs. 

The Downton Pet Supply Cat Muzzle can also be bought with a grooming bag.

best cat muzzles

What We Like

  • Easy to wash
  • Help calm your cat
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made of durable and flexible nylon fabric
  • Features an adjustable Velcro strap
  • Can be bought with a matching grooming bag

What We Don't Like

  • Only available in black color
  • Some buyers find that the holes are too small

2. ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 9
An ideal choice if you're looking for a breathable muzzle for your kitty. Allows them to see and breathe despite their face being covered.

The ZOOPOLR Cat Muzzles are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a breathable mesh muzzle for your cat. It works well in preventing difficult cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds from all unnecessary chewing and biting.

Approved by veterinarians and professionals, this cat muzzle offers durability and breathable comfort. It features strong nylon mesh fabric that allows cats to breathe and see their surroundings despite their face being covered.

Plus, it also has adjustable straps and Velcro fasteners design to give that snug and comfortable fit. It’s easy to use for fur parents, but cats will find it hard to remove.

The ZOOPOLR cat muzzles are available in two sizes: small for cats weighing 6 lbs and below and large for cats weighing 6 to 13 lbs.

best cat muzzles

What We Like

  • Comes in 2 colors
  • Very affordable
  • Mesh material is breathable
  • Come with size options: small and large
  • Velcro closure allows an adjustable fit

What We Don't Like

  • Cats can bite through the mesh fabric

3. Guardian Gear Soft Adjustable Cat Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 10
Made from durable nylon fabric material plus an adjustable Velcro strap for an easy, snug fit.

The Guardian Gear Nylon Soft Adjustable Cat Muzzle is one of those grooming muzzles that helps stop chewing and biting during the grooming process. It is made from durable nylon fabric material and an adjustable Velcro strap for an easy, comfy fit.

This Guardian Gear nylon cat muzzle offers various colors and sizes for small (below 6 lbs) to medium (6 to 12 lbs) and big cats (above 12 lbs).

Although it has no hole around the mouth and nose area (only a tiny opening at the front), cats will still be able to breathe through because the material is very thin.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 11

What We Like

  • Available in various colors
  • Three size options to choose from
  • Velcro strap is fully adjustable
  • Not easy for cats to remove
  • Helps calm down a kitty as it covers the eyes

What We Don't Like

  • Priced a bit higher than other nylon muzzles

4. Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 12
This muzzle is made from high-quality material. A cone-shaped muzzle that will keep you and others safe from unwanted biting and clawing.

One of the best cat muzzles that you could quickly get is the Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle. A lot of veterinarians and pet care experts trust this professional-grade product in reducing stress and anxiety in cats.

The material of this feline muzzle is top-notch. This cone-shaped cat muzzle is made from durable DuPont-patented fabric that your cat would not be able to bite through, thus keeping you, your cat, and other people safe from unwanted biting and claw scratching.

Like any other muzzle, this particular item from Proguard Pets comes in three sizes: small for cats up to 6 lbs, medium for 6 to 12 lbs, and large for the heavier fur babies (over 12 lbs).

It features Velcro straps, so you could easily adjust it to fit your cat comfortably. Also, it covers the eyes to help your cat calm down during stressful situations.

best cat muzzles

What We Like

  • Can be machine-washed
  • Effective in calming down pets
  • Stylish than other muzzles
  • Professional-grade material is used
  • Breathable and highly durable
  • Features a firm shape that allows cats to breathe comfortably

What We Don't Like

  • Velcro strap could be full of cat hair over time

5. Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 13
Perfect for people who are looking for a premium quality. Boasting a unique design and shape that allows our pet cats to breathe without difficulty.

Those looking to purchase a premium option should definitely consider the Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle. At first, you may not like how thick the water-resistant nylon material is, but it gets the job done of keeping you and your aggressive cat safe pretty well.

This nylon cat muzzle features an easy-release snap buckle on the sides and adjustable straps for a secure and snug fit. Way more than its top-notch quality is a clever design and shape that allows our pet cats to breathe without a fuss.

This is cone-shaped and longer than other similar-type muzzles. The opening at the end is much larger, allowing better airflow and greater breathing space.

Note, however, that the superb design, craftsmanship, and premium materials of this nylon muzzle mean a higher price tag. But if you are eyeing a high-quality and long-lasting product, then it is worth a shot.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 14

What We Like

  • High-quality and long-lasting
  • With adjustable straps and snap buckle
  • Lightweight and fits snugly and securely
  • Made with water-resistant, strong nylon fabric material
  • Features a cone shape with a larger opening at the end

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive than most
  • Only ideal for small to medium cats
  • Color option is limited to black

6. Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 15
A good product that could help you groom your cat in peace! Made from sturdy nylon fabric material, it does the job of calming down a stressed feline.

Does grooming always feel like a constant battle with your fractious cat? You just want to trim its nails, but all you get are bites and scratches from its claws.

Good thing there are products like the Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzles that could help you groom in peace!

The Xybes Nylon Cat Muzzle is an easy-to-use grooming-friendly product that helps during nail clipping, brushing, or a quick visit to the vet. The sturdy nylon fabric material does the job of calming down a distressed kitty.

It covers the entire face, and cats won’t be able to see through the material. You also don’t have to worry about your cat not breathing correctly as there is a tiny hole opening around the nose.

This nylon cat muzzle offers three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The small size fits cats 5.5 lbs below, the medium size is ideal for 5.5 to 11 lbs, and the large size is for cats over 11 lbs.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 16

What We Like

  • Very easy to put on
  • Affordable price
  • Great for trimming a cat’s nails
  • Covers the entire face to help calm down cats

What We Don't Like

  • Nose hole is too small
  • Can easily be taken off
  • Nylon material is slippery

7. Bexu Nylon Muzzle

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 17
Made of nylon material which comfortable, smooth and sturdy. Along with adjustable velcro straps that allows it to quickly fit your kitty.

BEXU introduces the Nylon Breathable Cat Mask to their amazing pet products lineup. It’s an affordable option for cats of all ages.

This adjustable cat muzzle is ideal for cats likely to bite in stressful situations like a trip to the vet, ear cleaning or nail clipping.

Like all cat muzzles, it should only be worn for a short time, ideally 20 minutes at the most, to ensure the safety of your dear pet.

We like that this cat muzzle is thick enough to keep you from awful bites as your agitated cat won’t be able to bite through it. It entirely covers the eyes, too, which is a significant factor in keeping cats relaxed.

Plus it is quite fashionable in its red-blue combination with an open hole design but still covers the eyes, stylish yet breathable and comfortable at the same time.

An added feature is a Velcro strap that can easily be adjusted to give a personalized fit. When buying this pet product, always keep in mind that it runs larger than the other muzzles.

The small muzzle size is often still too big for some adult cats.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 18

What We Like

  • Price is inexpensive
  • Striking blue-red design
  • Made of nylon, a durable material
  • Suitable for neck circumference 7”- 10”

What We Don't Like

  • Can be easily removed
  • Runs large than other cat muzzles

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Complete Buying Guide

Anyone with a pet cat knows how a visit to the vet could get less fun and more like a challenge, right? Pet grooming or a quick vet visit could trigger even the calmest and most-behaved cat.

Unfortunately, simple actions like brushing their coat, clipping their nails, or washing them, are often perceived as “life-threatening” by our cats. One second they’re carefree and the sweetest pets in the world, then what happens next? They are meowing loudly, scratching, and biting! Definitely an unpleasant situation for everyone.

Let us not forget that cats are animals, and it is their nature to respond that way when they are nervous, stressed, uncomfortable, or scared. As cat owners, the best thing to do is to help your pet cat calm down and prevent it from attacking you and other people during these situations. Good thing there’s a product to help you with that – muzzles.

As mentioned earlier, a muzzle is a practical tool that helps animals calm down and feel safe during a stressful situation. Dog muzzles are also available for dogs, but we’ll talk about cat muzzles in this article.

Cat muzzles are pet products specially made for our feline friends. Though often used by vets and pet care professionals, they can easily be bought online and in stores. In fact, they are popular go-to products of cat owners. Those who swear by these items usually have one or two in their home, grooming bag, car trunk, or part of their first aid kit.

Knowing the best products available should not be your only basis when buying a cat muzzle for your fur baby. In this guide, we’ll talk about the factors you should consider before making a purchase and how to use a cat muzzle, its benefits, and when to use one.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 19

Factors to Consider

Shop for pet brands, and you could easily spot a cat muzzle in their lineup of products. There are a lot of cat muzzles in different types, colours, materials, and so on.

The variation and countless choices make it a bit difficult for you as a buyer to determine which of those is the right one.

Before you make a cat muzzle purchase, you should review a lot of factors to help you decide what’s best for you and your cat. Several features like material, fit and size, comfort level, coverage, price, style, and even the brand’s customer support should also be considered.

Read on below as we share information about these features and what makes them critical deciding factors.

1. Material

Cat muzzles, just like any dog muzzle, come in different types of materials. The most common is nylon fabric, but masks made of canvas, plastic, mesh, rubber, and leather are also available.

Nylon is the top choice for muzzle manufacturers and pet owners alike, primarily because of its durability and comfort. It’s easy to wash, too, which for most buyers, is a huge advantage.

Besides nylon, a muzzle is likewise commonly available in a breathable mesh material. A mesh muzzle is comfortable, but it’s not the best option if you want something that’ll limit your cat’s vision.

Leather and plastic are more durable than canvas, nylon, or mesh muzzle, and they do a pretty good job in preventing bite injuries. However, the downside is less comfort and poor breathability due to their thickness.

2. Comfort

As a cat owner, you should always think about your cat’s comfort without compromising its safety. Comfort, of course, plays a crucial role in selecting the best cat muzzle.

You can get the most expensive, top-notch quality muzzle made with premium materials, but it will be pretty useless if it is uncomfortable for your cat to wear.

A cat muzzle will only work correctly if it fits snugly and impossible to get out of. However, it should not be too tight and uncomfortable.

To ensure this, always check the fit and get the correct size for your feline friend. Also, check the mouth and nose area if your cat can breathe adequately.

3. Fit and Size

Fit and size should also be considered when looking for the best cat muzzle for your pets. Most muzzles like the Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle are available in a range of sizes that cater to different cat weights.

Generally, the small size muzzle fits 6 lbs and below kitty, the medium-sized muzzle for 6 to 12 lbs, and the large muzzle for bigger cats weighing above 12 lbs.

4. Coverage

If your primary use for muzzles is for grooming, then it’s best to look for one that covers the cat’s entire face, including the eyes and mouth. This type of cat muzzle calms the cat because it limits its vision. It also minimizes meowing and biting.

However, if the purpose of using a muzzle is to slow down the eating process of your cat, then look for something with less coverage and still allow your cat to eat.

5. Price

While muzzles are generally easy on the pocket, price is still a factor worth noting. Most are affordable, but some brands are priced slightly higher than the others because of the materials, craftsmanship, and other features.

There are cheaper muzzle options that do not disappoint in terms of quality and comfort. Yet, there are also expensive ones that won’t meet your expectations for their high price.

Thus, always look at the bigger picture and not just at a price alone when selecting the best muzzle for your cat. 

6. Closure Type and Ease of Use

If you’re just about to start using cat muzzles, you should definitely give thought if it’s easy to put onto your cat’s face or not.

Those muzzles that feature Velcro enclosures are the easiest to put on, and they can be adjusted without difficulty.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 20

How to Properly Use a Cat Muzzle

A cat muzzle is a simple pet product. However, if misused, it could do more harm than good to your cat.

Here are some valuable tips that will help guide you on properly using a muzzle for your cat.

  • Find the right size for your cat. A muzzle that is too loose or too tight won’t give you the best results for your cat.
  • Introduce the cat muzzle slowly to your cat. Start by using the muzzle for only a few minutes, then reward your cat afterward with a treat. Gradually increase the amount of wear time as your cat gets used to wearing a mask.
  • Use a cat muzzle for short periods and not more than 20 minutes. Only use the product until your cat calms down. Wearing it for too long may affect your pet’s breathing and comfort.
  • Do not leave your cat unattended when it is wearing a muzzle.
  • Remove the muzzle immediately if your cat shows signs of uneasiness or is about to vomit.
  • A dog muzzle is entirely different from a cat muzzle. It is not advisable to use a dog muzzle for a cat.


Using a cat muzzle gives many benefits to cats, pet owners, and even pet care professionals and veterinarians.

This type of product, if used correctly, is meant to calm down cats and control inappropriate behavior.

Let us discuss below some of the critical benefits of using muzzles for cats.

1. Controls Biting and Excessive Meowing

One of the main reasons you’re looking to buy a cat muzzle is to minimize biting from your stressed, aggressive kitty. The right type of muzzle that fits snugly will help calm cats and prevent chewing and biting.

Muzzles also help reduce excessive meowing. It’s a great option, especially when you’ve tried everything else to soothe your restless cat.  

2. Helps Make Grooming Easier

You’re a lucky cat parent if your fur baby is one of the few that does not mind when you trim their nails and brush their fur.

Unfortunately, most cats are the opposite – grooming, for them, feels like a scuffle. They totally hate being touched and, as a result, they become aggressive.

Lucky for us, a cat muzzle is here to solve our grooming dilemmas! Just grab a cat muzzle when it’s time for nail trimming, brushing, or a routine grooming visit to a pet care professional.

3. Great for Correcting Behavior

Cat muzzles can also be used to address a cat’s bad behavior. However, you should first seek advice from a veterinarian or professional if you intend to use one for such a purpose.

There is a proper and safe way to use a muzzle on your pet. Case in point: it should be worn for only a short time.   

4. Helps Make a Vet Visit More Pleasant (and Safer!)

Has your cat made quite a show at the vet and acted like it’s ready to attack anyone? Oh, we know the struggle. This usually happens when it’s time for some meds or particular medical procedures.

Fortunately, the use of a cat muzzle helps in such frustrating situations. Put on a muzzle onto your cat’s face, and you can make you, your cat, and the vet feel safe and secure.

The Best Cat Muzzles in [year] – Review and Buyer’s Guide 21


Cat muzzles are great tools that help many pet parents calm down an aggressive kitty and prevent biting and injuries caused by its claws. They are easy to use as it’s like wearing a cat mask! However, even the most basic muzzle should be appropriately used to ensure our dear pets’ safety and comfort.

This type of product should only be used for short periods as prolonged wearing could affect a cat’s breathing. It’s also essential to find the right size and fit of a muzzle for your cat.

When finding the best cat muzzle, it’s best to consider many factors to suit the needs of your cat and yourself as the fur parent. Consider the type of material used since each material has different comfort levels, durability, and breathability. The closure design, fit, and price are likewise worth noting.

We’ve listed above the best cat muzzles that you could find on the market. They have different features and characteristics, but they’ve all been proven and tested by many cat owners for their pets.

Regardless of which among these products you’d choose, the bottom line is that you should pick a cat muzzle that soothes your cat during a stressful situation while ensuring its comfort and safety.

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