50 Netflix Shows & Documentaries for Animal Lovers

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It's been a long week. You're ready to relax, kick back, and Netflix ‘n chill…

…with your pet!

Hey, why not? Nothing's better than snuggling with your furry, scaly, or feathered pal after a tough day at work!

If your house is full of animal lovers, then you may want to take some notes. We've scoured the Netflix catalogue and have found the top 50 titles for all the dog people, cat people, and other animal fans in your life. These shows and movies are sure to make you laugh and bring out all the “Awwwws” you've got. Plus, they're a great way to learn some interesting things about animals from around the world.

Best animal documentaries:

Family friendly, educational, and entertaining. Make the most out of your next family movie night with one of these awesome flicks.

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Precious puppies, Beary tales, Growing up wild, The wildebeest migration)

1. Precious Puppies

At just under an hour long, this film takes you into the lovable world of canines. Get a “day in the life” peek at tons of different breeds as they work, go to obedience school, and star in movies!

2. Beary Tales

When a wildlife photographer discovers two abandoned bear cubs in the forest, he'll learn what it's like to play Mama Bear as these two rambunctious ones grow.

3. Growing Up Wild

This 2016 film follows five baby animals from all corners of the world as they come into their own among the help and protection of their animal families.

4. The Wildebeest Migration

This incredible documentary showcases the migratory journey of wildebeests, a life-or-death struggle for survival.

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Elephants spy in the herd, Animal house, Dolphins:Spy in the pod, The lion in your living room)

5. Elephants: Spy in the Herd

Filmmakers hide their cameras to capture private and rarely seen events in an elephant herd's day-to-day-life.

6. Dolphins: Spy in the Pod

Want an up close and personal look at some of the most intelligent creatures of the ocean? The filmmakers of this documentary hid their cameras as sea creatures to capture precious and rare film of a playful dolphin pod.

7. Animal House

Humans aren't the only species that care about architectural design! This documentary showcases some of the amazing nests, burrows, and other ingenious structures that animals call home sweet home.

8. The Lion in Your Living Room

Ever wanted to learn more about the common house cat? This film explores the mysteries and histories of the domesticated feline… so be sure to watch this one with your furball snuggled up to you close by!

9. Hunt for the Super Predator

If you like learning about sea creatures and aren't afraid of getting a little spooked out in the process, this documentary should definitely be added to your Favorites List.

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Pandas the journey home, Martin Clunes heavy horsepower, Harry and Snowman, Venom Islands)

10. Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower

Horses are incredible creatures. This film will teach you about the amazing work capacity of these gorgeous animals.

11. Venom Islands

Be amazed by these prehistoric looking creatures featured in this 45 minute film.

12. Pandas: The Journey Home

What's better than pandas? For a cute and clinching tear-jerker, watch this movie to see what happens when pandas bred in captivity are prepared to be released in the wild.

13. Harry and Snowman

A historic look at what it takes to lead a horse to a championship in show jumping.

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Jane&Payne, Turf war lions and hippos, Bears spy in the woods, Australia's deadliest sea creatures)

14. Turf Wars: Lions and Hippos

These two bosses of the African wilderness battle it out to establish a territorial claim and the right to survive.

15. Europe's Last Great Wilderness

Europe is a diverse part of the world. This documentary takes you smack inside the unbelievable habitats of this gorgeous continent.

16. Jane & Payne

Both known around the world for their expertise in primates and whales, respectively, this film documents the illustrated careers of Jane Goodall and Roger Payne.

17. Bears: Spy in the Woods

Get a closer look at the secret life of grizzlies, pandas, polar bears, and other ursine species.

18. Australia's Deadliest Sea Creatures

You may be a little spooked in the water after watching this documentary about octopuses, crocodiles, and other Aussie ocean swimmers!

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (The champions, Blackfish, A dog's life, Leopard fight club)

19. Leopard Fight Club

From cub to cat, a leopard must be strong to survive. This documentary allows you to witness the process!

20. The Champions

Bring your tissues: this one's a tear-jerking documentary following good people who are trying to save good dogs from a dog-fighting ring.

21. A Dog's Life

Wonder what it's like to be your dog? This documentary will help you see the world from your canine companion's point of view!

22. Blackfish

This is an infamous and disturbing documentary that warns about the dangers of whales kept in captivity. Viewer discretion advised, and mature audiences recommended.

Best animal shows:

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Baby animals in the wild, Shark, 72 cutest animals, 72 dangerous animals: Australia)

23. Baby Animals in the Wild

Witness young animals from around the world take their first steps, learn to fly, and figure out what it means to be out and about in the wild. Episodes feature baby polar bears, elephants, grizzly bears, koalas, gorillas, deer, foxes, whales, and more.

24. 72 Dangerous Animals: Australia

The Land Down Under is known for being home to some pretty creepy critters. If you're into scary movies, watch this single season that features interviews with animal experts and survivors of close encounters with snakes, sharks, spiders, and more.

25. 72 Cutest Animals

Okay, if the last flick freaked you out, calm your mind with these six dozen animals who are just adorable creatures from head to paw (or claw!).

26. Shark

If Shark Week isn't long enough for you, then this short series could give you just what you're looking for! Learn all about these powerful ocean predators and help dispel the myth that sharks are “bad.”

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (The hunt, Life story, Hidden kingdoms, Africa's deadliest)

27. The Hunt

Predatory animals are something to be seen. They're fast, cunning, powerful, and agile. See the circle of life in action with episodes featuring polar bears, leopards, and other hunters.

28. Life Story

The lives of animals can be as complex as our own. This documentary series gives viewers an inside look at survival in the wild habitats of creatures from around the world.

29. Hidden Kingdoms

See the animals you never see! This series gives you a close-up view of a miniature world.

30. Africa's Deadliest

Leopards, lions, and other prowling predators make their debut in this film about some of Africa's stealthiest and most elegant hunters.

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Wild Australia with Ray Mears, Wildlife SOS, David Attenborough's natural curiosities), Frozen planet)

31. David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Take a tour of the past with this 3-season show highlighting some of the most interesting evolutionary behaviors and traits.

32. Frozen Planet

The North and South Poles have a lot of mystery around them, and their native flora and fauna do not fail to wonder in this intriguing 1-season series.

33. Wild Ones

Do you love creepy, crawly, cute, or cuddly? How about all of the above? Learn interesting facts about wild animals from across the globe in these episodes.

34. Madagascar

See what it would be like to be on this unique island, home to some of the world's most unusual creatures.

35. Wildlife SOS

The Wildlife Aid Foundation helps injured and ill animals recover safely and return to the wild. You'll want to cheer these people and animals on!

36. Wild Australia with Ray Mears

This fearless explorer takes you to the most out-of-the-way places in Australia to let you wonder, as he does, how they survive and thrive.

a poster divided into four pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Tiger: Spy in the jungle, Galapagos, The snow wolf family&me, The great rift Africa's wild heart)

37. The Snow Wolf Family & Me

Ever wonder what it's like to interact with a remote pack of wolves who have never seen a human being before? That's what Gordon Buchanan finds out in this heartwarming and thrilling documentary.

38. Monkey Planet

You'll go bananas over this adorable documentary series about primates, our closest living relatives.

39. The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart

East Africa's Rift Valley is a fascinating part of the world. The wildlife, both plant and animal, are stars of this 3-episode series.

40. Galápagos

A crucial part of history, the Gal├ípagos Islands are home to some unusual creatures who have stood the test of time. See their unusual world in this 3-episode season.

41. Jack Hanna's Into the Wild

Explore the world of animals with one of the most famous wildlife experts and enthusiasts. From snakes to elephants to penguins, you're bound to see all your favorites!

42. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle

Take another intimate view of animals when filmmakers conceal their cameras among this group of tigers in an Indian jungle.

a poster divided into three pictures showing the names of the animal documentaries (Life, Wild north, AFRICA)

43. Life

A poetic and artistic view of life existing against all odds. Learn about the evolution of animals and plants from around the globe in this documentary series.

44. Wildest Africa

Dig deeper into Africa in this 2-season nature show, featuring many of the African animals you love.

45. Wildest Indochina

From the jungle to the ocean, Indochina's animals shine in this documentary series.

46. Nature's Great Events

What are some of the most exciting moments you'd love to see in the wild? A volcano? A bear fishing in the river? A whale breaching in the ocean? Consider this nature show a highlight reel from Mother Nature!

47. Wildest Latin America

Learn about the plants, people, and creatures who find their home in the versatile Latin America region of the world.

48. Wild North

Be transported to Norway in this documentary series showcasing some of the most intriguing wildlife in the Scandinavian country.

49. Africa

There's no such thing as too many documentaries about African wildlife! This nature show takes you deep in the African jungles, deserts, and valleys.

50. The Bionic Vet

Noel Fitzpatrick combines cutting edge technology with genuine compassion to help heal injured animals.

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