Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use

Love to go on adventures but can’t bear to part with your cat? I understand. It’s hard to leave our pets behind when they can be going with us on adventures too. And because their safety is our top priority, we want to make the journey as comfortable and secure as possible for them. Which leads us to our search for the best cat backpack for our pets.

Types of Cat Backpacks

cat in backpackBackpacks are a favorite way of many travelers to carry stuff. You simply place the two straps on your shoulders and off you go, leaving your hands free for other things. Now since this bag is so convenient, instead of carrying clothing and other personal stuff, some cat owners probably decided, “Why not have it carry cats instead?” And the idea of cat backpacks was born.

There are currently two types of cat backpacks available in the market. One is the bubble backpack and the other is called a cat carrier backpack. A bubble backpack features a hard exterior shell with a bubble for the cat to look out of, while a carrier backpack usually has mesh windows so your cat can see his surroundings.

To help you make the right decision on which is the best cat backpack, I’ve reviewed some of the best and highly-rated cat backpacks available on Amazon with a rundown of their features, quality, and functionality. I chose five examples for the bubble backpack and the same number for the carrier backpack to give you more options. Let’s start.

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 1

You love what you see? Purrfect! Rest assured that I put these products on the list specifically due to their genuine quality and not for other reasons. I would just like to be transparent with you and inform you that FelineLiving may obtain a share of sales or other monetary compensation from the links on this page. I hope your furry friends will love these reviewed products and that it will spark joy in each pair of feline eyes!

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Best Bubble Backpacks

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 2
Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack
  • Eye- cataching Clear Window Design
  • Built-In security leash makes sure the safety
  • Made with High-Quality Pet Safe Materials, Waterproof, Easy Clean and Lightweight
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 3
LEMONDA Portable Pet Bubble Backpack
  • Made of selected canvas + hign density acrylic material
  • Built-in lock can prevent the pet from running away
  • Dimension: 12.6 "L x 11.5 "W x 16.5 "H
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 4
Scurrty Xpect Bubble Backpack
  • Comes with a Free Gift: Collapsible Bowl
  • Solid ABS plastic material, able to being waterproof and anti-scratch
  • Ergonomic design
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 5
Giantex Astronaut Pet Carrier
  • It is ideal for your outdoor use
  • Large space with big air holes and mesh is quite comfortable and breathable
  • Scratch-resistant and sturdy for long lasting use
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 6
Blitzwolf Space Capsule Backpack
  • Innovation 3D diamond cut design
  • Three replaceable windows
  • Fit for dogs up to 12LB and cats less than 14LB
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 1 Bubble backpacks are usually made of a hard material called polycarbonate. These cat backpacks are extremely durable, combining security and excellent visibility for your cat effectively. If you’ve got a sneaky kitty who would love to ditch you behind and go adventuring by himself, this might be the best type of backpack for you.

Before going any further, here is the list of the products reviewed on this post: 

  1. Lollimeow Cat Backpack
  2. LEMONDA Bubble Backpack
  3. Scurrty Xpect Bubble Backpack
  4. Giantex Astronaut Pet Carrier
  5. Blitzwolf Space Capsule Backpack
  6. Petsfit Comfort Pet Carrier Backpack
  7. PetAmi Deluxe Carrier Backpack
  8. Prefer Pets Travel Carrier Backpack
  9. Texsens Innovative Traveler Carrier Backpack

1. Lollimeow Cat Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 8The Lollimeow cat backpack offers a wide and clear view of the outdoors from its bubble window, which covers the whole side of the carrier’s door.


  • Has three ventilation holes on each side of the carrier and another three on the door
  • Contains a side door 
  • Two mesh panels on each side
  • Measures 11.4” x 10.6” x 16.1”
  • Contains a latch hook, soft mat, and double zippers
  • Also has shoulder strap buckles for reducing pressure on the shoulders and waist
  • Suggested for cats weighing up to 10 pounds
  • Waterproof
  • Airline approved by most
  • Available in green, red, and yellow

What I like about it:

The Lollimeow cat backpack offers feline fur babies a wide view of the surroundings. They’ll feel like they are really one with nature because of the big transparent window that lets them see everything and the well-ventilated bag that lets in lots of fresh air.

The fit is perfectly fine for mid-sized cats. They can stand in it or lay down. There’s room to move around, and the cat backpack is firm and won’t collapse on your pet.

An inside hook clips securely to a harness, so if ever the bag is accidentally opened, your cat won’t easily escape. The shoulder straps are also quite comfortable, wide, and don’t bite into the shoulders. The handle is thick and easy to use in case you want to carry it that way.

What needs a bit of improvement:

It’s not the best backpack to use on hot days. The large transparent door/window offers little protection from the sun, and it can get a little stuffy inside.

The plastic mesh panels work well to allow air in, but it would be better to replace it with steel mesh so that claws can’t easily tear the material. Also, the mat that comes with the carrier is not attached to the bottom and can move around.

2. LEMONDA Bubble Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 9This colorful cat backpack by LEMONDA is a fashionable carrier for hip kitties to travel in while enjoying the outside world.


  • Has three ventilation holes on the door, three each on the sides of the bag, and another set of three on the bubble
  • Made of canvas and high-density acrylic material
  • Contains a mesh window at the back for extra breathability
  • Measures 12.6” x 11.5” x 16.5”
  • Includes a velvet pad and a thread lock ring
  • With built-in lock for security
  • Suggested for cats weighing up to 14 pounds
  • Carrier weight is 2.7 pounds
  • Can be used as a backpack or carrier bag
  • Available in black, coffee, cyan, green, pink, silver, sky blue, white, yellow

What I like about it:

There are so many cool colors available! If you’re the type to match your accessories with your clothing, then this might be the best bubble backpack for you. Of course, we won’t recommend a cat backpack just because it’s cute. This carrier has plenty of other things to offer.

The thread lock ring that comes with the backpack is designed so you can change the bubble window. There are two window designs that you can interchange as often as you wish (you have to purchase the other, though, since only one comes with the backpack).

This cat backpack will keep your pet warm and dry. It’s big enough for mid-sized kitties to move around in (sit, turn around, or stand). The padded shoulder straps won’t hurt your shoulders, even without waist straps built in.

What needs a bit of improvement:

The velvet pad that comes with the backpack doesn’t seem to want to lay flat. If you move, the pad is going to slide along in the direction that you’re moving. The bubble window can also pop out if your cat is determined to push it. This might work best for kitties who are small or those felines who are quite happy being inside a backpack. Not recommended for kitties who are large or those who will try their best to escape.

3. Scurrty Expect Bubble Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 10An ergonomically-designed kitty backpack, Scurrty’s product will relieve the pressure off your back while keeping your cat safe and in comfort.


  • Has twelve ventilation holes (three on each side, three on the backpack door, and three on the semi-sphere window)
  • Contains a side pocket
  • Double zippers with Hook and loop closure
  • Measures 12.9” x 9” x 16.9”
  • Includes a collapsible water bowl, internal leash, velvet pad, mesh cover, and transparent hemispherical cover
  • Has shoulder straps and carrier handle
  • Suggested for cats weighing up to 13 pounds
  • Waterproof, anti-scratch, and airline-approved
  • Made of ABS plastic and mesh
  • Available in light green, pink, and red and white colors

What I like about it:

Kitty cat, I choose you! Sorry, I can’t help it. The red and white design reminds me of a Pokemon ball. The style is kind of cute. The semi-sphere window allows the cat to look out into the world but gives him privacy if he needs it.

The backpack is airline approved with a built-in safety lock to keep your kitty secure wherever you go. The wide shoulder belt makes it easy to carry, while the mesh back fabric lets your back and your kitty breathe more freely.

I like the waterproof design, and the clip inside that is attached to an internal leash made of nylon. This clip can be hooked to your cat’s harness to give that added security. The free collapsible water bowl that goes with the purchase is a nice touch.

What needs a bit of improvement:

The bubble window does not come attached to the backpack. You’d have to attach it first. Also, the bottom and back of the cat backpack need more reinforcement. The hard shell keeps its shape, but the rest of the backpack does not. Heavy cats might cause the inside to collapse.

4. Giantex Astronaut Space Capsule Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 11Sturdy with spacious side pockets, the Giantex kitty backpack offers owners long-lasting usage.


  • Nine ventilation holes in the carrier (three on each side and three on the door) plus three more on the semi-sphere window
  • Contains side pockets
  • Made of high-quality oxford cloth and food grade polycarbonate
  • Measures 11.8” x 8.7” x 15.7”
  • Includes semi-sphere cover, thread lock ring, mesh cover, and detachable pad
  • Also has a buckle strap inside to keep pets secure
  • Suggested for cats weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Has a breathable mesh panel on one side
  • Transparent cover and plastic mesh can be interchanged
  • Available in golden, golden rose, leopard, light blue, and light green

What I like about it:

This capsule backpack by Giantex is a fun way to travel with a cat. You can store water, treats, and other kitty stuff on the two side pockets that come with the bubble cat carrier. There’s a hook inside that you can attach to your cat’s harness so she doesn’t get jostled around much whenever you move.

The bubble window is easy to attach. In case you want more privacy and airflow for your cat, you can replace it with the mesh window the package comes with.

It fits a small cat comfortably, and it’s a nice idea to have the removable pad attach to the bottom by means of velcro. The pad is firm and doesn’t slide around.

What needs a bit of improvement:

The space is a bit small and won’t be able to accommodate cats up to 15 pounds as advertised. I think a smaller cat can fit in (cat should be around 10 pounds or less) but definitely not 15 pounds. It would be too cramped for a large-sized fella.

The bubble window also has a tendency to pop out when faced with a determined feline.

5. Blitzwolf Diamond Space Capsule Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 12Blitzwolf’s airy and well-ventilated backpack offers a unique way for your pet to adjust to the outside temperature with three replaceable windows.


  • Has fifteen air holes (six on each side of the carrier plus three on the door)
  • Contains a small exit door at the back
  • Has a side pocket
  • Measures 11.7” x 10.7” x 18.8”
  • Includes 2 washable pads, attached leash, thread lock ring, mesh cover, and 2 semisphere transparent covers
  • Innovative 3D cut design
  • Suggested for cats weighing less than 14 pounds
  • Waterproof
  • Available in diamond black and diamond white colors

What I like about it:

This bubble carrier adjusts to the temperature outdoors, so your cat can comfortably travel with you. You can interchange the three types of covers (multiple porous bubble window, semi-spherical transparent window, and mesh cover) depending on the weather.

There are more air vents here compared to other bubble backpacks, and if you count the air holes on the windows, there’s even more. Your cat won’t have a problem getting all that fresh air outside.

There’s plenty of room inside for your cat to move around in and, in some cases, even stretch. It’s easy to zip up, and there’s a small internal leash inside that you can clip to the harness. Very sturdy overall.

What needs a bit of improvement:

It needs to be emphasized that the bubble window has to be screwed on. You can’t just click it on to attach it. Otherwise, your cats may be able to get out simply by pushing it off with their noses.

Best Carrier Backpacks

Carrier cat backpacks offer much more ventilation than bubble backpacks. These are usually made of sturdy oxford cloth with mesh windows to let plenty of air in. This kind of backpack might be best for calm felines who love to feel the air on their faces.

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 13
Petsfit Comfort Pet Carrier Backpack
  • For pets weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Built with extra mesh windows for optimum ventilation
  • Built-in secure clip inside
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 14
PetAmi Deluxe Carrier Backpack
  • Well ventilated design
  • Comes with a safety strap and buckle to secure your pet
  • Back and shoulder straps are equipped with extra thick padding
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 15
Prefer Pets Travel Carrier Backpack
  • Airline Approved
  • Size: 17″L x 12″H x 10"D
  • Can be used as a backpack or a carrier
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 16
Texsens Innovative Traveler Carrier Backpack
  • Three side was made of PVC mesh for the carriers
  • Comes with chest buckles
  • Well ventilated design
Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 1

1. Petsfit Comfort Cat Carrier Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 18This secure cat carrier offers easy carrying for owners and a well-ventilated place for a cat to stay in during trips.


  • Has mesh sides, front, and top
  • Contains side pockets for treats or toys
  • Other parts of the bag are made of oxford cloth
  • Waist and chest buckles and straps to relieve the pressure from the back and spine
  • Measures 11” x 13” x 17”
  • Padded on the back for a more comfortable feel for you
  • Suggested for cats weighing 12 pounds or less
  • Comes with a soft cushion and washable cover

What I like about it:

This Petsfit Comfort carrier has a solid wire frame and bottom that don’t collapse or sag. It can take the weight of a 15-pound cat, no problem. The chest strap along with the waist buckles offers a more stable ride for your cat as well as relieves the pressure from off your shoulders.

The rubberized mesh that covers most of the carrier backpack can stand up to cat claws, unlike the usual fabric mesh that you see in most cat backpacks.

The Petsfit Comfort carrier also has a lot of extras that are really nice. For example, it has 2 bright colors to choose from, excellent for visibility. The window at the top rolls up, the shoulder straps are padded, and the bottom is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about accidents.

What needs a bit of improvement:

The harness strap of the Petsfit Comfort carrier is a little too short. It would be better if they can make it longer to allow more freedom of movement. It would also be nice if they can provide more color options for this carrier.

2. PetAmi Deluxe Carrier Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 19Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, the PetAmi carrier backpack offers optimal airflow and superior fit.


  • Has mesh windows at the sides and at the top
  • Contains side pouches and a front zip-up pocket
  • The rest of the backpack is made of 600D high-grade polyester
  • Waist and chest buckles and straps secure the backpack and relieve pressure from shoulders
  • Measures 12.5” x 10.2” x 16.3”
  • Back and shoulder straps are thickly padded
  • Suggested for cats weighing up to 18 pounds
  • Has a safety strap leash, 3-safety buckles, Sherpa bedding, name tag, 2-sided access, and side zippers
  • Available in black, heather gray, charcoal, dark gray, heather navy, heather purple, heather taupe, light blue, light gray, pink, red, and royal blue

What I like about it:

I like the reinforced design of this carrier by PetAmi. It keeps the backpack from collapsing or sagging in the middle even in the face of a heavy feline. The two-sided access doors make it easy to place the kitty in or get him out.

The thickly-padded shoulder straps take the burden of carrying the backpack. There is no bite on the shoulders, and it distributes the weight more evenly across the back.

You can fully enclose the backpack or unzip the window up top to let your cat peer out. Since it has a safety strap and leash, your cat won’t be able to escape you that easily. The carrier is also tapered so it can fit under an airline seat with no problem.

What needs a bit of improvement:

The floor pad that lines the bottom of the backpack can dig into your back when you are carrying this backpack. It also doesn’t hold a kitty weighing 18 pounds like the ad suggests. It would be better for cats weighing 10 pounds to around 12 or so but not much more.

3. Prefer Pets Cat Travel Carrier Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 20A versatile piece, this product from Prefer Pets can function as both a backpack or as a carrier.


  • Has mesh windows on four sides
  • Includes a privacy cover for the front window
  • The rest of the backpack is made of water-resistant nylon canvas
  • Backpack straps are convertible to handheld straps
  • Measures 17” x 10” x 12”
  • Zipper entry on one side and half zipper on the other.
  • Suggested for cats up to 20 pounds
  • Airline approved for in-cabin carry on most planes
  • Comes with a padded baseboard
  • Original backpack design available in blue and black colors

What I like about it:

It’s a pretty discrete backpack for carrying your cats. It looks like a gym bag until you look closely and see there’s a pet inside. The colors are also nice if you’re after a low-key look, unlike most carriers for cats that are available in bright shades only.

The overall frame is sturdy, and the hard floor — an excellent way to prevent sagging — is removable for easy cleaning. You can use this as a regular backpack because of the shoulder straps, or you can choose to carry it like a regular cat carrier.

The zippers open up and close with ease, and you can easily fit this under your airline seat. The thick rubbery mesh is strong, so you need not worry about bringing your cat in this for a flight.

What needs a bit of improvement:

While the fabric of this carrier is strong enough to prevent your cat from being an escape artist, the zipper closures are not. They can simply push their way out of the doors. Make sure to use this with an additional security measure, like a lock maybe.

4. Texsens Innovative Traveler Carrier Backpack

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 21A supremely airy backpack with mesh windows that offer great viewing spots, Texsens’s product will let your cat feel like he is outside with you too.


  • Has mesh sides, top, and front
  • Contains pockets
  • Mesh is made of PVC
  • 180° viewing due to mesh windows
  • Measures 15.2” x 11.4” x 16.5”
  • Has chest buckles to keep shoulder straps from slipping
  • Suggested for cats up to 17 pounds
  • Top flap rolls down
  • Comes with a safety lock leash clip and washable pad
  • Available in grey and mesh pink colors

What I like about it:

This is the best cat backpack when it comes to viewing range experience — 180 degrees to be exact. Your cat will feel like he is one with the outdoors while you go on a walk, hike, road trips, or any other type of adventure.

The mesh sides are not only excellent for viewing, but these also work as ventilation holes that provide a superior breathability factor to the cat backpack. It’s the ideal bag to carry your cat in for outings during the hot season.

A mid-sized cat can happily sit, lie down, or move around in this. You can easily buckle it into your car, and there’s a leash clip that you can use to attach to your cat’s harness if you want to roll the top down for him to see out even better.

What needs a bit of improvement:

The zippers on both sides of the cat backpack zip close at the bottom instead of up top. You’d have to tip the bag up a bit (with your cat loaded inside) to get them done. Also, the bag needs a sort of padding at the back near the base because the hard material can dig into your lower back or your hips.

Best Cat Backpacks 2020: Examples, Buying Guide and How To Use 1

How to Choose the Best Cat Backpack For Your Kitty

Best Cat Backpack

It’s not just the style that you should consider when buying a cat backpack. You should also check out each of their features to see if it’s the right one for you and your feline buddy. Below are some questions you need to answer to determine the perfect carrier for you and your pet:

  1. Is your cat a placid kitty who would be perfectly happy staying inside the backpack? Or is he prone to performing Houdini tricks when he sees the outdoors? If your answer to the first question is yes, then a carrier backpack is best. If he’s an adventurous kitty who doesn’t want you sharing his outdoor adventures, then the best option is to go for a bubble backpack.
  2. How big is your cat? Your cat backpack must be roomy enough for your pet to stand up or turn around. If you’re going on a long trip, it can be tiring to be in the same position all the time, so it’s important to choose a backpack that will allow your cat to stretch or move. Since most cat backpacks also come with a weight limit, make sure to weigh your cat properly to get the right fit.
  3. How secure is the cat backpack? Look at the security features of the cat backpack. Does it rely solely on zippers to keep it closed? Zippers by themselves won’t be able to keep a cat secure inside. A simple push from a determined kitty can open a zippered cat backpack easily. Make sure there are extra security options in place such as a lock or a tether that you can attach to his harness to keep your pet in place. tourist and cat mountain autumn
  4. Is the cat backpack ergonomic? A backpack containing a kitty can be difficult to carry over short trips. It would be especially tiring to haul one that contains a large feline over long distances. To make it easier for you and also to protect your back and posture, choose one that will distribute the weight evenly across your body. The pressure should be off your spine and shoulders. An additional lap or chest strap can distribute the pressure as well as keep the backpack stabilized so your cat doesn’t feel jostled around every time you move.
  5. What are the materials used? Are the materials (fabric, locks, etc.) durable and of a high-quality? Is the stitching carefully put together? A cat backpack should be extremely durable to ensure that it can be used several times over without falling apart on you. It must also be able to take a lot of abuse from cats who are trying their darndest to escape.
  6. Is it breathable? Your cat will be spending a lot of time inside the backpack. It’s a must that it has enough air holes to enable your cat to breathe properly. It’s even more critical if you’re going on a trip during warm or hot weather.

Training Your Kitty To Use A Cat Backpack

It is going to take you a few tries to get your kitty to even go inside a cat backpack, but with patience and love, most cats learn to love riding one. To start, open up the backpack and place a few of your feline companion’s favorite treats inside the bag. Let your cat get comfortable inside the bag first. Once your cat is used to the backpack, you can start closing the door for a few minutes or so. Make sure to give your kitty plenty of praise while you do so.

Start taking your cat around your yard in the backpack for a day or so. Lengthen the amount of time kitty stays in by walking around the park with him inside the carrier. After a week or two, your cat should be ready to go on a much longer journey. Don’t forget to reward him for being a good kitty.

Are cat backpacks cruel?

This is one of the most-asked questions by cat owners on Google. To answer, no, it’s not. You know how much your cats love to look out of your windows? Putting them inside pet backpacks are like that, except that their scenery changes as you travel. And if you make sure to select the right size for your kitty, he should have no trouble with sitting up or laying down (when he’s tired) while inside it.

cat carrier

What is the best cat carrier for cats?

Cats vary from one another, so what works with one feline might not work with another. Aside from the factors listed above detailing how to choose the best carrier for you, make sure to consider how the backpack feels while you are carrying it. Does it have a padded back? Is the material breathable against your back? Will it dig into your hips or waist while you carry it? Do you want to be able to switch from backpack to carrier handling? Once you have these questions answered, it will be easier to choose.

Can I carry my cat in a backpack?

Are Cat Backpacks Cruel? The short answer is no, it not any different than carrying your cat in a carrier or walking them on a harness and leash. Once Fluffy gets used it, they will actually look forward to being inside of it. They are well-ventilated for optimal airflow.

Do cats like the cat backpack?

The truth is they are not only safe for your pet to use but surprisingly they will most likely enjoy being inside of the backpack as well as cats really like small confined spaces. This is the reason why cats like being in boxes so much. They also have air holes so you cat won't have a hard time breathing either.

Why do cats love backpacks?

Cats love backpacks because they are filled with the wonderful scent of their owner as well as the amazing outside world – and it is also an indication to the powerful noses these animals possess.

Can you carry a cat in a backpack?

One of the easiest ways to take your cat out and about with you is in a cat backpack. A cat backpack is a backpack that you can place your cat in and carry them around. The backpack not only acts as a carrier for your cat, but it also can act as their safe space when they feel scared.


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