10 Big Cat Breeds That Are Wonderful To Have At Home

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big cat breeds

And that is because of their large size. All cats have a unique feature to them that catches our eye. May it be their soft, gorgeous fur or barely having any at all! Other cats may catch your attention by how big they can go as adults.

Nonetheless, all these cats are remarkable for their size. Cats have always been the apple of our eye one way or another, but there is only a handful of them that truly stands out! Get to know all the big cat breeds in the world that do make great companions for you and your family!

Big Cat Breeds

1. Maine Coon 

Weight: Up to 35 pounds

maine coon cat brown

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed that we know of. Did you know that Maine Coon cats have been seen as “the dogs of the cat world”? You’ve got to see for yourself how these cats are both family-friendly and are interactive!

So, Maine coon cats are extremely fun to be with! They are native to America, which means they were first discovered this cat breed in the state of Maine. Even with big paws, head, and body, the Maine coon cats are nonetheless sweet and gentle souls!

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2. Norwegian Forest

Weight: Up to 22 pounds

big cat breeds

The Norwegian forest cat proves itself to be another family favorite as most cat owners see them as even-tempered, loyal, and outdoorsy. This cat is particularly known for being healthy and strong. So it’s probably a good idea to spend time with these cats in the park. However, due to their coat type, you may need to watch out on their grooming schedules as they need regular grooming than most cats.

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3. Siberian 

Weight: Up to 28 pounds

big cat breeds

Another healthy feline that makes it in this list of large cat breeds is the Siberian cat! This cat is generally playful and affectionate to kids and other pets.

They also fancy the outdoors just like the Norwegian Forest cat, so you can take them out for a walk from time-to-time. As for maintenance, get equipped with a heavy-duty vacuum to suck in all the fluff they’ll shed!

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4. Savannah 

Weight: Up to 30 pounds

big cat breeds

Quite the photogenic feline, Savannah cats are one of the large cat breeds that look like they’ve been bred between a leopard and a tiger. Aren’t they a beautiful sight to see? Savannah cats are found to be intelligent and energetic.

These cats are long and lean, like the Egyptian Maum, that is quite known for being active and adventurous. Just like dogs, they are curious about new people. So, give your guests a head’s up whenever they visit since this cat breed will likely approach your guests to get to know them and play!

5. Ragamuffin 

Weight: Up to 20 pounds

big cat breeds

Did you know Ragamuffin cats are a lot like dogs, too? Cuddling and sitting on your lap are both their major love languages! They're known for loving everyone in the family, but they are also known for the mess they make.

So get prepared for some serious cleaning to combat their shedding. Like so many of us, your large cat is a lot happier when around others.

6. British Shorthair 

Weight: 13 to 18 pounds

big cat breeds

If you’re looking to keep a home calm and relaxed, consider a British shorthair cat. This large cat breed is entirely easy-going and mild-mannered.

If you’re busy with work or have a full plate to take care of, these cats are suitable for you since they don’t require much attention compared to the Siamese.

Although they wouldn’t need as much attention, it’s smart to own another kitten so both of the British Shorthair and the new addition can keep each other company.

7. Ragdoll

Weight: Up to 20 pounds

big cat breeds

Cuddly and lovable to friends and family, there's so much more than what meets the eye with Ragdoll cats! You meet cats with loud personalities, while this one, in particular, is quiet and docile.

What makes this large cat breed stand out from the rest could also develop partial blindness, their striking blue eyes.

8. Chausie

Weight: Up to 15 pounds

big cat breeds

Now you have a cat for every adventure! Chausies will accompany you on any trip, so go ahead and indulge in both their intelligence and love for the outdoors.

This hybrid large cat can surprise you with how much energy they could spend! This means that there are tendencies of hyperactivity and assertiveness when they're feeling excited or scared.

9. Turkish Van 

Weight: 9 to 13 pounds, on average

big cat breeds

Did you know that the bond between a Turkish Van cat and their cat parent is undeniably strong? That’s thanks to their playful yet strong personality most cat owners completely adore!

Although, you will need to know that they have a gene abnormality that makes these cats prone to deafness. Nonetheless, they will bring happy memories to your family you will never forget!

10. American Bobtail 

Weight: 7 to 15 pounds

big cat breeds

Another feline that embodies a dog is the American Bobtail cat. Did you know that some of the American Bobtail cats are born without tails? Consider bringing home this beautiful gem when you love playing games with pets!

Just be gentle with this large cat as it could develop hip dysplasia.

Which one is for you?

Now that you’ve checked out all of the cat breeds in our list, what cat breed do you think is perfect for you?

The decision to get a cat that's big is a monumental step! Whether you are thinking about buying or to adopt one, here are 10 things to consider before getting a cat, to make your relationship with a furry friend one so it feels it has found its “forever home.”

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