Best Cat Breeds: The Most Popular in 2024

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best cat breeds

A lot of people might raise their brows at this— cat people. I know, I know. There really isn’t one best breed. All pets are equally lovable and the best regardless of breed, especially if you ask their owners.

But if you want to know which are the best cat breeds in terms of popularity and which might be the most suitable for your household and personality, well, I have this list for you.

Best Cat Breeds: With Long Hair

They require lots of care for their coat, but we don’t really mind. Those gorgeous long, silky hair paired with soft, flexible bodies make most of us want to hug one and treat it like a plush toy — try this at your own risk, though.

A thing to remember about long-haired cat breeds: Don’t forget to groom and brush their hair daily. You don’t want them to get tangles and matted fur. The longer you put grooming off, the harder it will be to remove those tangles.

1. PersianPersian cat

The Persian cat, also known as the Shirazi cat in Middle East countries, is a docile and gentle fellow with an easygoing air. It is an elegant feline with a round head, short snout, sturdy body, chubby cheeks, and fluffy hair that grow in a dizzying array of colors.

This medium-sized cat breed typically weighs between 7-12 pounds, although many have been known to weigh much, much heavier than that. This is the cat to get if you want a laidback kitty (in most cases, this means lazy) who loves to smother people with affection and receive it back in return.

2. Maine CoonMaine Coon

Belonging to one of the largest domesticated breeds, a Maine Coon definitely stands out. Don’t be wary of its large size (typically, Maine Coons weigh between 9 to 20 pounds), because this good-natured kitty is a gentle giant.

Although they are very affectionate, Maine Coons aren’t lap cats. They’ll be content enough to sit with you or stay near where they can see you. If you are looking for playful cats who are independent yet fully devoted to their owners, the Maine Coon breed is for you.

3. Norwegian ForestNorwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is so named because it is native to the country of Norway. This stately-looking cat can weigh up to 22 pounds and is one of the largest domesticated cats in the world.

Although highly affectionate and friendly with kids, this cat breed is also just as relaxed and content when he’s alone. They won’t demand time with you but will be very happy and appreciative of the time you spend with them. Since the Norwegian Forest cat has a history of being a mouser and farm cat, it is highly athletic. Adopt a cat from this breed if you like having a loving, independent pet that loves to climb.

4. Himalayanhimalayan

Identical to the Persian breed, a Himalayan cat is distinguished from its Persian brother by its blue eyes and Siamese-like coat pattern. Also called a Himmie, this breed of cat has a sturdy body, heavy bones, and a medium-size build.

The Himmie is quiet, much like the Persian and very unlike the Siamese. Most Himalayans are sweet-tempered and very affectionate. In fact, they crave being stroked and groomed. They’re also just as active as the Persians, which is to say not at all, but they also contain a quite playful side.

5. RagdollRagdoll cat

The Ragdoll is a docile, placid cat that has a beautiful coat that is similar to the Himalayan pattern. It is bigger than a Persian with weight typically ranging from 10 to 20 pounds.

It is a very popular cat breed owing to its interesting nature of flopping like a ragdoll when cradled in one’s arms. This cat has a sweet voice, a very affectionate nature towards children and family, and has a penchant for snuggling in bed or in the sofa with you. A Ragdoll will often not climb very high and will prefer to be on the same level as you.

6. Domestic Long Hairlong hair

A domestic longhair cat is actually breed-less. The name springs from being a domestic breed of indeterminate origin. Owing to its hybrid ancestry, this scrappy cat can be found in a wide range of color patterns, sizes, and temperaments.

While domestic long hairs can have a diverse range of personalities, one thing is for sure: these kitties love to hunt. Stalking is fun for them, and they will be much entertained with interactive mouse toys. One reason why you should adopt a domestic: they are just as beautiful and loving as any pure breed.

A thing to note: Long-haired domestic cats are just like their short-haired domestic counterparts. The only difference is the length of hair.

Best Cat Breeds: With Short Hair

So they don’t have the glorious long locks of their long-haired counterpart, but short-haired cats are just as beautiful with their lustrous short coats. They only need regular, not daily, brushing to lessen shedding.

1. Exotic Shorthair Orange Exotic Shorthair

Sometimes called “the lazy man’s Persian, an exotic shorthair cat or exotic — shares the same gentle and pleasing face of the Persian but without the daily grooming that comes with owning a longhaired pet. Everything about the Exotic is round, from his eyes to his head to his body.

Just like the squeeze-worthy Persian cat, an Exotic has a beautiful coat that varies in patterns and shades. Since the exotic also has American shorthair in his DNA, he tends to be far more active than the sedentary Persian. Get him because you love an adaptable lap cat with an undemanding personality who will be happy just to be near you.

2. Siamesesiamese

A very popular cat breed, Siamese cats are curious kitties with a very distinctive coat. It has bright blue eyes with light-colored fur and either seal, lilac, blue, or chocolate color points. The Siamese show cat has a longer body and longer tail than the traditional Siamese, which has a rounder head and rounder body.

Siamese cats are very vocal and will love nothing better than to talk with you all day. They demand time, are very smart, and can learn tricks. They are always checking things out, and are known to open cabinet doors and drawers.

Get a Siamese cat if you love a busybody feline who will be endlessly curious about what you are doing and everything in your house. (And also if you like watching TV and want someone to talk with about what you watched.)

3. British ShorthairBritish Shorthair cat

A medium-sized cat, the British Shorthair is a powerful kitty with a thick and chunky appearance. It is a powerful breed with heavy bones, thick muscles, and dense fur.

British Shorthairs are among the most placid of the feline breed. Remember those Japanese videos where they place little bowls or plates on top of the cats’ heads, and they just go along with it?

These are those cats. They are exceedingly patient, extremely loyal to their human family, and will be very devoted to you. They are okay with being left alone for several hours because they will play by themselves if no one is around.

4. American ShorthairAmerican Shorthair cat

It may be medium-sized, but the American Shorthair is a powerful cat with heavy boning, thick legs, and strong jaws. Just like its British counterpart, this breed is entirely devoted to its owner. American Shorthairs closely resemble domestic cats (Domestic Shorthairs), but the kittens they produce will always have their distinct appearance.

They are very tolerant of other pets, especially dogs. Get these cats as pets if you are looking for an extremely adaptable and affectionate kitty.

5. AbyssinianAbyssinian cat

Among the most popular short-haired cats, the Abyssinian cat has a very special fur that has bands of color for each individual hair. It’s very distinct and adds to the Abyssinian’s elegant look along with the cat’s smooth and long body.

Abyssinians are very easy to care for because while they love being around their human parents, they are also happy when playing with their toys or with other animals. They have soft, quiet voices and a very active lifestyle full of climbing and jumping.

Special Mention: The Sphynx

Sphynx cat

The Sphynx is neither long-haired nor short-haired. It’s almost hairless. But it also belongs to one of the most popular cat breeds because of this very distinctive characteristic combined with very wrinkled skin.

Sphynx cats do need more care than most cats because they can easily get sunburned or cold. Since their skin tends to oily, they also need regular washing. But having a Sphynx cat is a joy for owners who love energetic felines who will love any opportunity to be close to you.

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