The Seal Point Siamese – All You Need To Know About This Cat Breed

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The Seal Point Siamese At A Glance

Origin: Thailand

Male Seal Point Siamese catSeal Point Siamese

Weight range: 4 – 6 kg
Height range: 29 – 31cm

Female Seal Point Siamese cat

Weight range: 2.5 – 4.5 kg
Height range: 27 – 31cm

Eye color: Electric Blue

Life Expectancy: on average 8 – 15 years
Shedding Tendency: less than most breeds

Coat Length

Balinese: long hair
Colorpoint Siamese: short hair

Coat Type: Glossy

Social Needs: This cat needs to interact with other cat-friendly pets and the family on a daily basis

Grooming Needs: You can brush the coat of your Siamese cat softly and gradually, for once a week.

What is a Seal Point Siamese?

It's time to get to know the original Siamese cats! These Siamese cats are Seal Points in nature, having a unique color-point coat. In a nutshell, color-point features refer to the type of coloration found in certain cats.

A Seal Point cat sets itself apart from the Blue, Chocolate and Lilac point Siamese based on the color of its fur coat.

So, what do these Siamese cats really look like?

What do these cats look like?

sideview siamese cat

These Siamese Points have very dark brown points, with their face, nose, ears, tail, paws, masked by the same distinct, dark brown shade.

Of all the point-colored felines, they have the widest variation in changes in body color. You can see it when they are young as they begin life with pale cream-colored coats.

As they age, their coat turns darker in color resulting in the signature dark brown shade they’re pretty much known for.

Although the creamy fur on their chest, neck, and belly could remain lighter, their back part can darken to a caramel-beige tone, and may even turn dark brown.

The difference of color shades becomes obvious between the hair on their backs and their tails as they age. Meanwhile, show judges in cat events tend to have a preference for paler bodies.

These Siamese cat Points as kittens

An interesting fact about these cats is it can get difficult to tell Seal Point kittens apart from their Chocolate Point counterparts. These cats at a very young age tend to look alike, but over time, they grow darker shades on areas they’re expected to have brown spots.

Remember that all these kittens take several weeks for their points to become distinct from the Chocolate Point cats.

Seal points have a contrast of two different colors. You will find that on the main body color and the color on the cat’s extremities.

siamese kitten

What is the difference between a Seal Point and Chocolate Point Siamese?

Interestingly, Seal Points are generally darker than Chocolate Point cats. They have darker coats and darker points, with cold-toned rather than warm-toned fur.

A brief history on these cats

Where do these Siamese cats come from?

In a nutshell, there are records from Thailand that date back to the 1600s which show people having had Siamese cats as pets. They were also trendy pets back then!

For centuries, there have been many tales and legends about the Siamese cat that involves a narrative on how the Siamese cross-eyed look and kinked tail came to be.

siamese cat up close

Ancestors even share stories of these Point Siamese cats playing the part of “watch cats,” just as much as watchdogs would at night, letting the priests know if they heard intruders in the area.

Do you believe that this type of Siamese cat was considered spiritual guardians? In fact, the only people who were allowed to own these cats at the time were members of the royal clan. So, Seal Points already had a big role in royalty and temple life.

To our surprise, even one of the cats at the time was chosen to be the receiver of what houses the soul of a deceased person.

These Siamese have been worshipped by people and pampered by priests in the temple long before our closest ancestors have ever existed. So any family with a deceased member at the time would be willing to spend on caring for the cat!

Now, do you see why the Seal Point cats still behave like they deserve to be admired?

What are the different Seal Point breeds?

Other cat breeds have similar seal point colors mainly because of the many crossbreeding phenomena that have occurred over the years.

That would have resulted in new cat breeds, don't you think? All these breeds have already been registered as purebreds in their own right!

Take a quick look at some of the cat breeds we already know that have a Seal Point coloring:

Seal point Siamese cats

The Siamese is the original Seal Point cat that has become an important breed since ancient history.

The Siamese cat’s Seal Point coloration was first seen in a kingdom’s royal court as they play the role of a royal feline in the kingdom of Siam (now called Thailand).

Seal point Himalayan cats


Seal Point colors are one of the most popular colors in Himalayans, because of the visual contrast between the creamy body coat and rich dark brown color points. This is also referred to as a “Himalayan Persian” or a “colorpoint Persian”.

Seal point Ragdoll cats

ragdoll siamese cat

Ragdolls have many seal point color combinations, this includes seal point mitted Ragdoll cats and a seal point bicolor Ragdoll.

Other breeds of Seal Points

Oriental Blue-point siamese cat

Other cat breeds that can display the seal point color and are related to the Siamese cat include the Balinese, the Colorpoint Shorthair, the Javanese, the Tonkinese, the British Shorthair, the Oriental Thai, and also the Snowshoe.

What is this cat’s Personality?

Known for creatures of habit, Seal Points are a wonder to any cat-lover! They have their quirks and traits that set them apart from others.

They are surprisingly possessive and dislike change, but they do adore their owners' affections.

Having both beauty and brains suit these cats completely because these cats are not only beautiful but are also quite intelligent and curious.

Being an intelligent cat can be both a blessing and also troublesome for cat owners.

Seal Point Siamese Domestic Cat

These cats’ level of intelligence makes them eager to learn new tricks and behavior through positive reinforcement, behavior training, and from play. However, they can also pose as troublemakers when they come to learn that they can open drawers, doors, and cabinets with ease.

True cat lovers find these distinct traits to be one of the best characteristics in the Siamese, while others might find it to be a hassle.

The Siamese will look at owners as their parents, so all-in-all, a solid dedication and a love for cats is what they’ll expect from their owner.

How much do they cost?

Seal Point Siamese kittens can range anywhere from around 250USD to 1000USD, whereas an adult purebred Siamese cat will cost you more than 1000USD. Keep in mind that some factors will affect the cost of Seal Points. Meanwhile, adopting one from the shelter may cost you a little less compared to purchasing from a breeder.

Is the Seal Point Siamese Cat For You?

If you want cats that are generally great with children and other pets, then the Seal Point may be a perfect fit for you! More than a handful of cat owners share that their Siamese cats greet visitors at the door and are willing to perform some inspection on the visitors before entering the home.

dark siamese cat

Siamese cats are entirely people-oriented, so they are the extroverts in the cat world. However, they don’t like being left alone for extended periods.

If you find yourself working long hours outside your home, consider getting 2 Siamese cats instead, so they can keep each other company whilst you’re gone.

Rest assured that there will be a cute homecoming vibe once you arrive home!

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