Blue Point Siamese Cats – All You Need To Know About This Siamese Cat Breed

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Blue Point Siamese Cat

Have you met a Blue-coated Siamese cat? Can you tell the difference between all types of Siamese cats?

We're here to learn about one of the interesting variants of the Siamese. It's not every day that you can find this type of Siamese lurking near you. Although they might want to be friends with you on day one thanks to their nature!

Blue Point Siamese cats are gentle home-bodies of the cat world. These felines are lovable, adorable, and loyal. So, at their best, you will find the Siamese purring all day! Purring is a social cue given by felines that is expressed towards their desirable companions. Looks like that’s a good sign for you to take!

The Siamese At A Glance

Blue-point colored thai cat

Origin: Thailand

Male Blue Point Siamese cat

Weight range: 4 – 6 kg
Height range: 29 – 31cm

Female Blue Point Siamese cat

Weight range: 2.5 – 4.5 kg
Height range: 27 – 31cm

Eye color: Blue

Life Expectancy: on average 8 – 15 years
Shedding Tendency: less than most breeds

Coat Length

Balinese: long hair
Colorpoint Siamese: short hair

Coat Type: glossy

Social Needs

Your Siamese cat needs to interact with other cat-friendly pets and the family on a daily basis

Grooming Needs

You can brush the coat of your Siamese cat softly and gradually, for once a week.

What Is A Blue Point Siamese?

A blue-point Siamese cat appears quite distinct and does stand out among other breeds. As the name suggests, this breed features a bluish set of fur found on his face, and at the tips of the ears, tail and all extremities. There’s also a bluish part seen on white fur, and in some felines, under their bellies as well.

This type of Point Siamese has blue points at the tips of their extremities, but appears to be a diluted version of the seal color. This feline is genetically related to the Seal Point, but being a ‘dilute' or a lighter version of the darker Seal Point cat that has a hint of brown.

blue siamese kittens

What does a Blue Point Siamese cat look like?

Getting in-depth with the way their coats express colors, you can start by looking at the Blue Point Siamese’s type of shade coating their body. The coloring should have blue cold-tones and a hint of grey.

While it’s been mentioned that this breed is closely related to the Seal point as being the diluted version of their nearest relative, their gene relative may have darker tones compared to them.

So, in place of the dark brown/black points, this Siamese variant expresses the respective cold-toned, grey/blue points, and bluish-white body fur instead of the beige/tan.

These are found on their faces, the tips of their ears, the ends of their tails, the dominant color of their paws, their nose leather and paw pads.

Modern Day Blue Point Siamese Cats

In the past, Blue Point cats were only Siamese Seal Point cats that were accepted by breed associations, as these were considered inferior by the rest. History reveals that this Siamese cat was the first of these alternate colors to gain an official acceptance in the year 1934.

Most of what our predecessors have witnessed is how much cold-tones on a Blue Point had in the past. Today, the modern-day look of this breed now has more white fur than the cold-tone shades.

You’ll find some of these Siamese with lighter, silvery-blue rather than slate-grey points.

oriental and siamese cats

What are other variations of the Blue Point Cat?

People also ask about other types of this feline in particular. Throughout time, the Siamese also breed with other types of felines. This is when interesting mutations come to fruition. It’ll be a sight to see blue-colored siamese cats that look like they've been mixed with another breed.

When two cats of different breeds come together, they will parent a mixed cat breed. This is exactly what had happened to the Blue Siamese mixed breed.

Here are some interesting relatives close to the pure breed:

Blue Point Himalayanblue point himalayan

Himalayan cats had been brought to life from crossbreeding the Persian cat with Siamese cats. The Blue Point Himalayan has blue eyes just like the Siamese, although this is a cat breed with distinctive long-hair that seems quite similar to the Persian cat.

Blue Point with Tabby Mix

Blue Point Siamese cat with a mix of Tabby have adorably colored cream or light grey/bluish fur that is ornamented with stripes either appearing a lot darker in color or something that comes off as blue-grey.

Blue eyed tabby

This mixed Tabby Siamese cat is still similar to other tabby cats that always have a stripy patterned fur coat.

Blue Point Burmese

smoky cat

Burmese cats are distant cousins to the Siamese cat breed. In fact, the ancestors of the Burmese are the Siamese cats. You will see a range of styles of Burmese cats all have large, expressive eyes radiating a level of innocence that will allure you.

They have an irresistible appeal that has won over many people especially those who don’t believe would take a liking to cats.

As expected of the breed, they also have great affection for their people expressing their warm and welcoming personality

Blue Point Balinese

Siamese cat

The blue-colored Siamese mated with a Balinese cat breed creates the Blue Point Balinese. The blue point variety of this crossbreed appears a lot darker in color just like that of the Seal Point Siamese cat.

Blue Point Thai Cat or Korat

Oriental Blue-point siamese cat

The Blue Point Siamese has an interestingly deep history with the Thai cat. This exotic feline is the genetically color-diluted version of the seal point Thai cat.

Blue Point Thai cats have a unique color combination that appears silvery-white and have a glimmer of blue on their coat.

This breed carries a unique genetic legacy from their country of origin. It’s been on record that the Thai cat has a gene which has added the ‘blue’ color to the Blue Point Siamese.

What is the difference between Blue Point and Lilac Point Siamese?

Now a lot of people can mix the two up because of their apparent similarities.

Siamese cat

Both the Blue Point and Lilac Point Siamese have a blue-grey coat. There’s only a slight difference between the two, and that is the type of color that accents their coat.

The Blue Point’s contrasting color is of a slate-grey shade, while the Lilac Point appears to have more silver on its grey coat.

However, there are some cases that you may find these Siamese cats having lighter, silvery-blue shaded points rather than slate-grey ones, but they always tend to be darker and bluer than the pinkish-toned Lilac Point.

Another way of knowing the difference between the two Siamese cats is how they end up looking when they start to age.

The Blue Point coated Siamese tends to darken as they grow older, while the Lilac Point remains white all throughout their life.

Blue Point Siamese Personality

These cats seek nothing more but to stay close with you! They love to be carried around wherever you go. You can either settle them on your shoulder or in a comfortable cat bag as you casually stroll to get some fresh air.

People have always observed that blue pointed Siamese have a very different temperament and energy to Siamese cats of a different color. They are renowned for their easy-going and laid back character, just as how we associate the color blue as peaceful and calm. This is paired well together with their ability to adapt to new situations.

The Blue Points tend to be very gentle like clouds in the sky, which proves them to be affectionate cats who are great home lovers. Many of the true Blue Points typically express a gentle and more serene look, which complements their ever peaceful temperament.

siamese kitties

What’s it like to live with a Blue Point Siamese?

This cat breed is smart, active and need a lot of mental stimulation to keep their mind and body healthy. We advise that you never leave your Siamese cat on its own without anything to play with, otherwise, it will find other ways to entertain itself by creating chaos in the home.

These entertaining felines do love to be the center of attention, and families who can’t always be present around the Siamese are recommended to accompany these cats with another pet.

Blue Point Siamese in particular would be very affectionate to those who love them back. Their need for human companionship is higher than most breeds, so living with a Blue Point Siamese will mean lots of cuddles, quality time with them and constant playtime with their furry companions.

There’s someone named Doreen Tovey who’s owned several cats of this type has amusingly described the Blue Point as:

‘A Siamese that has apparently just had a blue rinse'.

And I guess, it’s okay to keep that thought and be reminded of it once we are lucky enough to come across one!

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