Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for 2024

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Cat Shock Collars

Do you have a stubborn cat who loves to go to forbidden areas of your house? How about naughty feline friends who sometimes show aggressive behavior towards you or other pets?

No matter how cute they are, our furry friends may sometimes behave notoriously. Many cat owners seek help from professionals while some turn to cat shock collars to tame their peevish cats.

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 1

Top Rated Shock Collars for Cats in the Market

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 2
Upgraded Dog Training Collar
  • 3 safe and humane training modes
  • Remote control range up to 1600ft
  • Long battery life and waterproof
Check Price on Walmart
Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 3
zhyUS Shock Collar for Dogs
  • Various colorful designs
  • Features 3 mode trainings
  • Easy to use
Check Price on Amazon
Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 4
PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier
  • Waterproof and light weight design
  • Adjustable range
  • Uses progressive static correction
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 5
Exuby Tiny Shock Collar with Remote
  • Smallest shock collar in the market
  • With cute interchangeable faceplates
  • Features reflective, waterproof straps
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 6
Aetertek Rechargeable Training Collar
  • For cats and dogs weighing 10 - 50 lbs
  • Features 3 correction methods
  • Mild shocks doesn't harm your pet
Check Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 7
PetSafe Indoor Cat Barrier
  • Easy to set up and very effective
  • Adjustable range up to 12ft in diameter
  • Light and durable collar
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 1

Although it is less popular than the dog shock collars, there are still ample variations of shock collars for our furry balls available on Amazon or Chewy websites. Our team has found a few shock collars for cats and summarized the best ones that will help you in controlling the behavior of your feline friends.

  1. TBI Pro Upgraded Dog Training Collar
  2. zhyUS Shock Collar for Dogs
  3. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier
  4. Exuby Tiny Shock Collar with Remote
  5. Aetertek Rechargeable Training Collar
  6. PetSafe Indoor Cat Barrier

1. TBI Pro Upgraded Dog Training Collar

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 9
Developed by many K9 experts, it comes in a wide range of sizes. It is waterproof and weatherproof perfect for every change of season.

The claim to fame of this device is its more humane way to train your pets from TBI Pro company. It was developed by many K9 experts suitable for a wide range of pet sizes. When our pets misbehave, this gadget delivers vibration to correct it.


  • This model boasts its long-lasting battery life. It could last for 15 days and can be fully charged in two hours.
  • It is waterproof and weatherproof perfect for every change of season.
  • Its long-range remote control could cover up to 1600 feet. This only means you could train your fur babies uninterrupted.
  • This device has Training Mode, which produced sounds and vibration when in use, could teach your pets' obedience commands.
  • Its vibration level can be adjusted to suits your cat's temperaments.


  • Since it is designed for canines, some pet owners find it too big for their furball babies. Also, because of its size, the shock is not appropriate for a small breed of cats.
  • Collar and transmitter pairing may be a little bit too difficult for some buyers.

After presenting you several highly rated training collars available in the market, now we come to the more critical part. To help you further in finally getting your hands with the ideal set of shock cat collar for you and your cat, we have dug deeper in discussing several vital details about these products.

2. zhyUS Shock Collar for Dogs

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 10
Colorful and fashionable devices. This gadget can train two pets at once. The remote transmitter can work for two receivers simultaneously.

These devices are also perfect for canines. It transmits safe and humane electronic signals that help you put an end to some of your furry cat's annoying behavior.


  • Its size is perfect for the petite body of our small pets.
  • This product can train two pets at once. The remote transmitter can work for two receivers at once.
  • It has rechargeable batteries that last long. This kind of battery is highly effective as it allows you to train anywhere in a consistent manner.
  • It also has a wide level of shock, which can be adjusted according to your pet's sensitivity. You can also change it into Sleep Mode when you are done with the training.
  • This collar is waterproof, which could withstand rain or snow.
  • This shock receiver collar is safe for all sizes of cats and dogs! But make sure to test the shock to adjust the settings according to your feline friend's capacity.


  • Some find the controller a tad bit confusing. Before using this electric shock function, it is best to practice and familiarize yourself with all the commands.

3. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 11
This virtual barrier will restrict your cat around the off-limits areas in your house. This system could train an unlimited number of pets. Just buy additional collar units, which are sold separately.

This virtual barrier will restrict your cat around the off-limits areas inside your house. When your fur baby enters the forbidden area, the transmitter will send electric shock signals to its collar and will feel static signal, thus stopping her from entering the pet-free zone.


  • This gadget provides an unlimited number of areas of protection. It could cover a 6-foot range off-pet zone, keeping your feline friends off the forbidden zones.
  • The Outdoor Pet Barrier, meanwhile, has 8 feet to 150 feet restriction options, which could stop any unwanted pet behavior outdoors.
  • This system could train an unlimited number of pets. Just purchase additional collar units, which by the sold are sold separately, and add them to your collar system.
  • This collar can fit a wide range of pet sizes. It is designed to fit a 5-pound pet with 6 to 28 inches' neck diameter.
  • It has a reliable customer care service that is just a phone call away.


  • This training aid unit delivers and adjusts the intensity of shock automatically, the electric shock might not be precise and appropriate to your pet's tolerance.

4. Exuby Tiny Shock Collar with Remote

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 12
Dubbed as the smallest pet shock collar in the world, making it perfect for small pets. This product is highly reliable as it is constructed with durable and quality materials.

This one is the first electric shock collar for tiny dogs which can also fit cats that are explicitly designed to fit the tiny size and shape of cats/dogs. It has a remote controller that will help you quickly correct the bad behaviors of your cats/dogs.


  • It has a customizable face plate making your pets look stylish. It also has a sleek remote control reducing clutter in your house.
  • It comes with sound, vibration, and electric shock mode in nine levels of intensities, which you could adjust according to your pets’ response.
  • This high-quality product is highly reliable as it is constructed with durable and quality materials.
  • No need to buy disposable batteries as the collar and remote come with rechargeable batteries.
  • Its remote control has an illuminated screen, allowing you to read and access the buttons with ease.


  • This product is not recommended for long-term use.

5. Aetertek Rechargeable Training Collar

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 13
This shock collar has a multi-functional setting: vibration, shock and warning beep tone that will surely aid in training your felines quickly.

This electric shock collar is designed for a small breed of canines, or a large kind of cats' use with 10 pounds to 50 pounds' weight. It has a multi-functional setting, shock, vibration, and warning beep tone that will surely help in training your cats.


  • The Aetertrek manufacturer has been in the pet training business for ten years. This brand is known for manufacturing training related products, such as collars, fences, and many more.
  • Its TPU collar could fit from 2 inches to 9 inches diameter of the neck.
  • The remote could control up to two collars! This one is perfect to share with your feline friends' most trusted buddy.
  • It has an advanced design LCD that features the correction level of your cat.


  • This one is not waterproof. You can not use it when it is raining or if your pet wants to play under the rain or swim in the nearby river.
  • The batteries could only last up to 2 days.

6. PetSafe Indoor Cat Barrier

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 14
This shock training collar claims to be effective and safe. It provides an invisible barrier around your house that stops your kitties and other pets from entering red zone areas.

This cat shock training collars from PetSafe claim to be effective and safe. It provides an invisible barrier around your house that stops your cats and other pets from entering restricted areas; such as a child's room, kitchen counter, bedroom, or any other areas in your home. When your feline is near the forbidden area, a warning beep will be heard. Meanwhile, if she is too close to the area, a little shock will be delivered.


  • The barrier range of Indoor Radio Fence can be adjusted from 2 feet to 10 feet of distance.
  • You may add more pets to the system! Just purchase additional collars for them.
  • This virtual cat fence is easy to use. No training needed, no hassle of installation required.
  • Just place the small disc-shaped transmitter in the area you need to keep your cats away from.
  • You can adjust the shock to meet the training needs of your cat.
  • This one is lightweight, perfect for small or older cats use.


  • The battery of this product is considered not durable by a few reviewers.
  • Many users claim that this cat training collar is not for long term use.

Cat Shock Collars: The Best Selection for [year] 1

What are cat shock collars?

shock collar

Using shock collars is considered one of the most popular training forms for some animals. These are devices used in training methods are attached to the collar that sends electric current.

These electronic gadgets, when combined with positive reinforcement, are used to stop our pets from doing unruly behaviors, such as food aggression, scratching, chewing of furniture, and many more.

Three kinds of training collars:

  • Remote controlled, also known as a remote trainer, is the one that delivers shock on the neck when the pet parents activate the shock feature. This machine is also similar to the pet clicker, which comes with a remote controller. This product usually has rechargeable aa batteries and is water-resistant.
  • Unmanned motion detector collar, also dubbed as motion or sound-sensitive collar. This one serves as an invisible fence that aims to restrain movement or forbids your cat to move to areas that are prohibited. The main goal of this containment system is to keep them safe while in training. When the cat reaches the prohibited area, this training method will produce noise or soft shock, which will signal the cat to turn away.
  • Barking collars are also automatically activated when cat creates loud noises. This device produces vibration, beep sound, or electric shock the next time the cat meows or the dog barks.

Why should you use these electronic collars for pets?

cat on tree

Different cat parents have different reasons why they opt to use shock cat collars. The most popular reasons why they turn to use this kind of training device are the following:

  • The feline friend goes to several areas in the household that are restricted, such as kitchen counters, table, baby rooms, office tables, and many more. Virtual barriers or shock collars will restrict their freedom and stop them from moving to these areas.
  • Cats show aggressiveness to you and other animals in your home. By giving them a little bit of zap, they will stop doing any hostile behavior.
  • Some fur babies scratch and bite your furniture for several reasons, such as they are bored or simply fascinated with your new furniture.
  • The cat keeps on running outside the door when she gets a chance. By slowly introducing them to some shock, they will get the idea that going outside is a bad idea.

How to use these electric shock devices?

These electronic machines have exact principles as the dog shock collars. These devices are designed specifically to be worn around the neck. Most of these machines have an option wherein you can pick vibration or loud sounds instead of using shock on them. This more humane setting gives warnings to your fur baby not to do anything that is beyond its boundary.

black collar

The pet owner will click the button or the automatic transmitter will send a signal to the collar whenever the pet does something uncontrollable. Repeated exposure to this signal will interrupt the pet from doing that lousy action again. This action will register to their brain that behaving such will mostly get them into trouble.

If the cat will do something terrible, yet you or the transmitter will not deliver any shock collar immediately, this will give the impression that it is good behavior, and they could do it over again.

You should bear in mind that shock must be introduced immediately after or while they are doing their bad behaviors. This immediate action will send a signal to their brain that what they are doing on the spot is terrible.

If you delay the shock and the cat is done doing her bad behavior, the electric signal, vibration sensation, or beeping sound will just leave confusion to the cat. This event will send an unclear message leading to failure in behavior modification.

What to look for in a cat shock collar?

As pet owners, It pays to understand all your options in shock collars for cats. Our team has summarized several factors that will help you pick the electronic shock collar that suits you and your feline friend's needs.

Stimulation Type

Shock collars can deliver various kinds of stimulations:

  • Tone – This kind of stimulation gives a repulsive sound that sends warning to your cat whenever she is in a restricted area or if she did something offensive.
  • Vibration – This is one kind of stimulation that gives pulsation or vibration on the collar of the cat. Many cat owners mostly prefer this gentle stimulation as they find it more humane.
  • Static – This mode delivers a minute electric shock to call the attention of our cat whenever they misbehave.


The price range of cat shock collar greatly matters as it should not cost you a lot. Although these products are helpful, these should not cause any damage to your pockets. Most pet shock collars are considered cheaper as compared to many professional cat trainers sold in the market.

Control Options

Some cats may tolerate stronger shocks while some might not. It is better if your cat shock collar has various shock levels to adjust the shock given to your cat. Use a shock collar that has a range from very low to mild. Without these options, your cat might be faced with serious health hazards.


Consider buying a shock collar that could cover a wide range of areas. This will help you train your cats better by giving you ample space to cover.

blue collarFit and Size

You should consider the length of the collar as some products offered are designed specifically for small pets. If the cat collar is too tight, your cat might be faced with a potential hazard. Meanwhile, if it is too loose, it may be dislodged on the neck, making it ineffective to train your cats. Also, the fit should be just right to minimize its risk to get caught on something when our cats roam in areas such as posts, fences, branches of trees, and the likes. The collar might get hooked on these potentially hazardous items, increasing their risk of choking.

Materials Used

A chunk of your consideration must be allotted to the quality of material used in the cat shock collar. You must take into account that these collars must be a bit stretchy, soft, resistant to water, and weigh light suitable for small bodies of our cats.


You must also be concerned about the life span of the batteries of your training devices. Long battery life is a plus when looking for a shock collar. Also, rechargeable batteries life must be long and considered better as compared to disposable ones.

Extra Features

Use training devices that have additional features to enhance your cat training experience. Some collar delivers the three kinds of stimulation, and some also have an LCD on the collar, which gives you information about the range, shock level, battery life, and many more. Another feature is its waterproof capacity, which lets you enjoy more peace of mind whenever your cats play under the rain.

Are there any alternative methods to using shock collar?

These training collars are generally valid and useful. However, not all cats are created and raised equally. Therefore, some owners find it ineffective. In this case, you must find an alternative way to train your cats.

Cat on the fence

For some pet owners who don't want to use shock to their pets as a way to train them, they resort to other alternatives. We have gathered below a few alternative options to train your cats:

Motion-activated Spray

This one keeps cats away from dangerous areas by releasing a quick burst of spray to the cat when it reaches the forbidden area. It could cover up to 3 feet, making it very reliable in containing your cats.


Positive reinforcement can also work for our feline friends. You may reward them with their favorite cookies and other treats when they behave correctly. Most experts believe that our pets behave better when subjected to rewards as compared to punishments.


Giving your fur babies toys will eliminate their boredom. Boredom is mostly the reason why cats wrecks and scratches your furniture. Some helpful interactive toys could be catcher wand, scratcher, ripple rug, and many more.

Fences and Gates

Although it is easy for cats to jump over your fences, placing these structures might give them a signal that there is only a limited space where she can explore. This is a kinder way that restricts your cat from going beyond the pet-free zone.

Is introducing shock to your cats dangerous?

cat shock

Several have contested the shock collars' safe level and effectiveness. Some parts of Europe and Australia ban using these electric collar devices as they find it punitive and ineffective in disciplining.

For most of them, feline animals accordingly behave when they undergo the technique of positive reinforcement training. Rewards and praises are meaningful for cats instead of punishments. Negative reinforcement discourages cats to behave appropriately, making it more challenging to teach them to act good behavior.

Some also find this electric device to be life-threatening. Even if this one only transports low voltage of electricity, some can not risk its effect on the brain and heart of our kitty friend. In using a shock collar, owners must have enough experience, as overdoing shock on cats might result in a negative outcome.

Is shock collar safe for my cat?

cat collar

Despite the mentioned adverse effects of shock collars, many still opt to use these shock devices for cats and other pets. Depending on the temperament of cats, these electronic devices work as a training tool for cats. Some owners also claim that many aggressive cats can be tamed using this device.

Using shock collars is highly effective and causes no harm. A study shows that long-term use does not pose any problem to the well-being of your cat. These behavior modification devices mostly do not bring long term stress to your cats. But very important to note that in owning one, you must first check the voltage as some are designed for a larger breed of animals, which may subject danger to your cats.

Our Take: What we think about the shock collars for cats

pro and con

Cats are known to have bad temperaments. Some find it hard to train them as compared to, most describe it, more obedient dogs. Ideally, a combination of positive and negative reinforcement training techniques is always the safest way to discipline cats, but it takes a more extended period to achieve visible results.

That is why sometimes we resort to negative reinforcements alone. The introduction of negative reinforcement, repeatedly, discourages the cat from doing bad behaviors.

Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of shock collars, it is safe to say that it is practical to own one. These shock collars for cats are here to help you in disciplining your feline friends from doing or going to any dangerous situations.

It poses a small negative effect on your cats, but its overall benefit is compensated by its positive outcome for you and your cat's well-being. Whichever method you choose, it is best to arm yourself with tolerance and kindness in training your feline friends.

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