Best Cat Toys Reviews – Cool And Engaging Toys For Indoor Cats (And Kittens!)

A Calico Cat Playing with a Feather cat dancer Toy

No two kitties are the same. Each cat has her own personality and preferences.

But let’s face it: they’re all cute!

Cats also super playful and inquisitive . In fact, this may be one of the things you love the most about your cat. Having a cat around the house sure does add a lot of energy and entertainment that everyone in your home can enjoy.

Now, there’s one important to keep in mind:

For your cat, play isn’t just about having fun with toys even though it’s a blast to watch your cat let loose…let alone join right in!

In reality, regular, harmless, and engaging play is important for your cat’s physical health, mental health, development, and overall well-being. That’s why having plenty of fun toys for furry balls around your home is a must-do if you own cat.

In this article, we’re going to learn about why toys and play are so important for your cat. We’ll also talk about the best kitten toys reviews we can recommend based on price, function, grade, and customer reviews. As always, we’ll include a full list of pros and cons so you can have a better idea of which ones will be best for your cat.

But first things first:

Let’s introduce the one cat toy that tops our list of the best cat toys and truly is the cat’s meow…

You love what you see? Purrfect! Rest assured that I put these products on the list specifically due to their genuine quality and not for other reasons.
I would just like to be transparent with you and inform you that FelineLiving may obtain a share of sales or other monetary compensation from the links on this page. I hope your furry friends will love these reviewed products and that it will spark joy in each pair of feline eyes!

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The Best Cat Toy Is…

The Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy!

This toy checks off almost every box in our “ideal kitty toy” checklist. First and foremost, it’s comes recommended by veterinarians. It’s also made by a respectable brand called Go Cat, a United States-based company who handcrafts all their products.

This teaser wand toy allows your cat to truly experience like she’s “hunting” a mouse-like object that mimics the real thing in appearance and movement. This makes it fun and hugely stimulating for her physically and mentally…just watch her eyes widen and her backside wiggle and pounce when she sees the wand! This toy will satisfy her hunting instincts!

Perhaps the number one thing we love about this toy is that it’s fully interactive for pets. You hold the comfortable wand and make the mouse move and dart around—cat chases it around to her delight and pleasure. This will provide your cats with perfect play time.

While this means your cat can’t play with the toy on her own—and you as a cat owner, shouldn’t leave it out while you’re gone—it does promote a healthful bonding opportunity for you and her both, which is hugely beneficial. The toy itself is also lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for cat parents of all ages and ability levels.

The Best Cat Toys Reviews

Using our knowledge about cat behavior and commitment to thorough product research, we’ve come up with a list of our top picks for cool cat toys you can buy. Of course, there’s no guaranteed way to know which type of toy your cat will love to play with the best.

1. Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy

This teaser wand toy is a perfect and affordable toy that lets your cat “hunt” her little heart out. Reviewers have commented on how realistic and life-like the toy is. They also love that it’s harmless for any family member to use as a way to bond with their kitty—from young kids to older, wheelchair bound senior cats.

This toy is one of the best options to go with if you’re looking for a way to get your kitty exercising more through play. It provides endless and ever-changing entertainment, and is highly stimulating for one or multiple cats.


  • Toy is realistic—it looks and moves like a mouse which attracts cats for a chase
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Handcrafted and designed in the United States
  • Promotes bonding between you and your cat


  • Cats can get tangled up in the wire
  • The wire may snap or break if pulled too strongly
  • Some parts are a choking hazard
  • Cats can’t chase it by themselves or unsupervised

2. Midwest Curious Cat Cube

Curiosity won’t hurt your cat—it’ll help her thrive! This cube-shaped toy is powerful and sturdy, stores easily, and provides a little place for your feline to call home. Cats can lounge in this mini “cat condo” or perch on top—either way, cats have a perfect comfortable place to watch the world around them!

Unlike some other toys or cat furniture we’ve seen, this fun cube toy is designed with a stylish brown stuff that fits into any home decor of the cat owner. It also features peek-a-boo lookouts and a plush hanging ball for some solo play entertainment time of your cat.


  • Well built and comes with a manufacture’s warranty
  • Compact size yet spacious enough for two cats to relax or play in
  • Comfortable soft beds are removable and washable
  • Furniture can be collapsed for storage


  • It only comes in one size

3. SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys

Yes, cats really do love catnip! These toys are made with 100% recycled material and contain pure, chemical-free and pesticide-free catnip for cats. They’re designed to look like little mice, which are easy for cats of all sizes to play with, bat, pounce on, carry, and chase after.

Give your kitty catnip for bursts of energy, fun and exercise followed by some mellow hang time with this variety pack.


  • Materiel comes from 100% recycled plastic
  • Mice can be washed and dried easy
  • Catnip is long-lasting and entices cats to play


  • Needs to be washed frequently
  • These are the most durable of toys on our listing

4. Colorful Springs Cat Toy

This spring cat toy may be the most unique one on our listing! It’s interesting to use together with your furry friend, or she can use it herself and you can watch. The unusual and unpredictable bouncing will keep her wide-eyed and laser-focused. There is a variety pack of colors in it.

The toy can also be used with multiple pets at once with keep-away style play. Some reviewers even say they used this toy to help their kitties learn how to play fetch!


  • Designed to be suitable for multiple cats
  • Bright and enticing colors option
  • Encourages exercise


  • May be too large for some cats to hold in their mouths
  • Potential dangerous choking hazard as pieces can break off and be swallowed

5. Yeowww Catnip Cat Toy

Here’s another catnip toy on our list—one that many pets go “bananas” over! This cat toy has a cute shape and is made with high quality and ecologically material.

Things to love include excellent stuff (natural cotton, catnip) and handmade production right here in the US. It’s pretty simple and may not be perfect for fluffy if she doesn’t like catnip, but it’s an affordable way to introduce her to the enticing herb.


  • Strong
  • Handmade
  • Made in the United States
  • Good price


  • Many cats can get bored of catnip quickly

6. Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed with Ball Toy Bell & Catnip

This lounger bed has everything your cat would need—a perfect place to relax, a place to play, and some catnip to give her extra pleasure! It’s made with powerful corrugated stuff that promotes well scratching and gives cats a place to flex paws without having to put your furniture in the line of fire.

It’s expertly designed to be reconfigured in a bunch of different designs. This plus the catnip and comfortable texture keeps many cats coming back for more!


  • Cool cat toy that can collapse and be re-configured into different shapes
  • Lightweight, portable, and simple to use
  • Excellent resistant fabric


  • Definitely not waterproof
  • Pricey
  • The elastic lock doesn’t always stay in place

7. Cat Tent Activity Center

This tent toy is honestly just adorable. Cats enjoy to hang out here on the comfortable plush bedding, but if cats want to have fun and play they just have to look up and bat at the colorful hanging balls.

The plastic arches holding up the top of the tent aren’t sharp and won’t hurt your cat. Plus, the entire tent can easily be collapsed down for quick storage.


  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Perfect for kittens and adult cats
  • Affordable


  • The wire inside the arches can’t be removed
  • Some cats are uninterested in it

8. Cat Amazing –Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

This interactive maze comes with a veterinarian recommendation and is the best way to keep kitties engaged and stimulated, especially if they are highly inquisitive and treats motivated (can even become a favorite toy). Since cats have to work to get their food that you place inside the maze, it helps promote slower eating and weight loss.

You can also put in catnip toys and tasty stuff inside, too—anything that will let your kitty exercise her natural instinct to prod, sniff, and hunt.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-toxic
  • Sturdy
  • Great for unsupervised cat playtime


  • This isn’t the most enduring toy
  • It’s lightweight and can slide around a lot
  • Inserts and attachments are not always super secure

9. MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy

This battery-operated cat toy causes a string to fling about constantly, giving your pet continual movement to track and play with (even if you’re not in the room!). The toy won Editor’s Choice in Cat Fancy Magazine and requires no assembly (other than inserting the batteries).

The disappearing and reappearing function of the string will really make your pet feel like she’s on the prowl hunting for prey. Plus, the company also offers free replacement parts if you ever need one.


  • Automated play for solo time
  • Naturally stimulates cats hunting instincts
  • Simple to install and operate


  • Batteries not included (takes three AA batteries)
  • Cats can lose interest in this quickly (so we recommend not leaving it on constantly)
  • String could get tangled around a paw or neck (so many not be best for cats when you’re out of the house)

10. PetSafe Egg Cersizer Interactive Toy and Food Treats Dispenser

PetSafe is a highly respected brand and an industry-leading U.S. manufacturer of pet products. Their egg-shaped interactive toy and food dispenser is simply adjustable so you can use different sized kibble with the toy. You can also adjust how quickly the kibble comes out with the ball toys for cats like this one.

This toy is designed to roll around in unusual patterns, enticing your kitty to chase after it. Ball toys are best way to keep her entertained with tasty stuff while you’re gone from the house, but it is also perfect to slow down fast eaters or even help a kitty lose some extra weight.


  • Designed for simple use and refill
  • Easy to clean (top-rack dishwasher safe)
  • Made of strong powerful plastic
  • Helps fight weight gain
  • A good “beginner” toy for cats new to interactive food dispensers and can easily become favorite cat toy
  • Good price


  • A bit noisy and messy
  • Can just roll into hard to reach places
  • The hole at the bottom isn’t adjustable

Best Cat Toys for When You’re Not at Home

When you’re away, your little fluff ball will play! It’s so important to make sure she has something safe to play with and exercise in an unsupervised setting.

How can you tell if a toy okay for your cat to use even when you’re out of the house?

Make sure it fulfills the following criteria:

  • The toy can’t be swallowed whole
  • They toy doesn’t have any small parts that may fall off and cause a choking hazard
  • The toy is made of pet-safe materiel
  • They toy doesn’t have anything your cat could get fully or partially stuck in (e.g., head, neck, limb, claw)

With these important points in mind, we’ve researched the top 3 toys for home alone play. Check them out below:

1. Trixie Activity Fun Board

This activity board is best for your home alone kitty who also happens to be highly food-motivated. The board features different play attachments, including pegs, globes, and holes. Your cat gets the playtime with these as she reaches for kibble placed on or inside the attachments.

While it may not be the right choice for furry balls who are a bit lazy or not highly food motivated, this amusing game board will provide intense enrichment and mental stimulation for more inquisitive and energetic fur balls.


  • Great for multi-kitty households
  • It’s simple to clean with removable parts
  • It’s sturdy enough to withstand even larger cats


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for pets with plastic allergies
  • It’s hard for cats with larger paws to get the tasty stuff

2. Easyology Premium Cat Tunnel

Cats love to burrow and hide in things. This kitty hole provides a secure way for her to hide while you’re out of the house.

It’s made with excellent stuff that’s powerful and provides a comforting sensory stimulation for your sweetie. She can snuggle up inside and enjoy the soft touch and crinkling sounds. Keep her cozy and relaxed in her little oasis while you’re at work or running errands.


  • Made with premium and presistent fabric
  • Simple to clean and store


  • Many pet owners experience that tunnel is too narrow and not large enough to fit their bigger cats

3. Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter

No more fears about your feline knocking over your favorite houseplant! This grass planter toy has a low center of gravity and wide base of support so it won’t tip over as she nuzzles and plays with it. Many cats love the feel of grass against their whiskers, and the grass also stimulates other senses as well  (scent and taste).


  • Sturdy and unlikely to tip over
  • No dirt and a perfect green grid helps you avoid spilling and digging (the grass grows through the holes in the grid)


  • You have to water it (although for cats owners who have other houseplants, this likely won’t be a challenge!)

Choosing Safe, Non-Toxic, and Natural Material For Toys

image of cotton growing in the field

Have you noticed that we’ve mentioned “pet-safe materiel” a few times already in this article? That’s because it’s super important!

Believe it or not, finding harmless cat toys for playtime isn’t always a slam dunk. Mass-produced, cheap, and synthetic toys are widespread online and in pet stores. They’re not ideal for kitty safety, tend not to last as long, and to add insult to injury often these toys aren’t best for the environment, either.

Thanks to consumers being more eco-conscious, you actually can find a lot of ecologically pet toy options that won’t break the bank. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Toys made with wool and cotton: wool and cotton fibers are very natural and gentle. Their softness is reminiscent of rodents…which for better or worse, your cat  really like! Find nature fiber toys that are made with sustainability in mind (e.g., organic and/or locally grown and crafted).
  • Toys filled with catnip: catnip is an herb that has a pleasant and stimulatory effect on kitties. Felines who get to play with catnip often demonstrate a lot of positive body movements such as rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. Choose catnip toys that are free of dye and other chemicals and ideally made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Toys made with silver vine: silver vine (also called matatabi) is a non-toxic plant from the same family as kiwis, grown in high elevation Asia. Its effect on kitties is similar to catnip. If anything, silver vine has an even more intense effect. Try toys with this natural product if your feline has become immune to catnip.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Kitty Toy

image of a feline with her toy-mouse

When choosing from the best cat toys for your pet, it’s helpful have a mental checklist to run through. This will make sure you spend your money on the right one. Questions to consider include:

  • Is this toy safe? Safety is priority numero uno! All cat toys should be made with pet-safe materiel and not pose a choking hazard. If and when a kitty toy becomes damaged, it should be discarded.
  • Is this toy durable? Hopefully, if your cat loves her new toy, she’ll want to play with it a lot! In case you’re wondering, feline playtime includes biting, scratching, batting, and chasing. Basically all of the things felines do due to their hunting instincts. To avoid the headache of having to constantly buy a replacement, choose toys made with powerful and tough fabric that can withstand feline entertainment and exercise. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a toy from a trustworthy brand that is known for making good products that last and keep her entertained.
  • What is my kitty’s personality and preferences? The great thing about cat toys is that they’re really not that expensive. So, if you don’t yet know which type of toy your pet would like best—plush and soft, noise-making, complex and challenging, or even an automatic cat toy—you can just purchase a few different styles to keep her happy and entertained. Then, pay attention to the ones she gravitates to the most. One hint: if your feline is super playful and high energy, complex “puzzle” type toys may suit her well and keep her engaged for hours. But if your girl is a bit more…ahem…laid back, then complex items may not spark her interest.
  • How will my kitty’s age and size affect her ability to play with this item? Whether your kitten is young or old and small or large can help you figure out which toy is going to be the best fit for her. For instance, toys that are too large or too small may frustrate and bore your pet.
  • Is this toy suitable for a multi-kitty home? Cats are actually pretty sociable and often enjoy playing together. Finding toys that can be used by multiple pets at a time promotes healthful bonding and playtime…and creates an even cuter spectacle for you! And that is why the best cat toys are those that can offer entertainment to multiple pets.

Don’t get us wrong—you don’t have to overthink it before making a purchase. But if you want your purchase to be a purrrfect one for your feline, it’s worth it to know these and other considerations before you do your shopping.

You can also check out our huge guide for selecting the best automatic cat toy for your feline by clicking here.

Why Your Cat Needs a Toy

image of a feline looking at her cat dancer

Hopefully, you can see why going to a pet store and picking up the first toy you see may not be the best way to provide stimulating things for your pet and keep her adequately entertained. But to be fair, maybe you’re still wondering why cat toys for indoor furry balls (or indoor/outdoor kitties, for that matter) are all that important anyway.

They’re just animals, some may think. Are the best toys really necessary?

Our answer:

Yes! (Tell us you saw that coming). Here are just a few reasons why, many of which come straight from the world of pet psychology and behavior research:

  • Regular daily play and exercise promote healthier feline bodies. The jumping, running, chasing, and rolling around your feline friend does while playing helps her stay lean, powerful, agile, and flexible. This is especially important if your pet has gotten a bit overweight and needs to lose a few extra pounds. It is best for your kitty to stay active and in an entertaining way.
  • Quality kitty toys will keep your sweetie from getting bored! Signs of pet boredom, like acting out for attention or destroying furniture, are frustrating for you as a pet owner. An interesting and stimulating toy gives your girl something to do and reduces the risk that she’ll act out.
  • Play time empowers cats to live out their predatory nature. Your little lion comes from a long line of feline ancestry that evolved to hunt and kill. These days, your little huntress may not have to catch her own food, but she does still like to enjoy “the hunt.” Many of the most popular cat toys are designed in a way to promote your sweetheart’s innate predatory hunting instincts. Bonus? You don’t have to worry about finding a dead mouse on your doorstep! Which is something cat owners know a thing or two about!

Simply stated: a good toy keeps your darling physically active and mentally stimulated. Plus, she’ll really enjoy it!


Every cat deserves a enjoyment toy or two, but not all cats will want to play in the same way. For cat owners like you, reading an article and review like this can hopefully help you understand what to consider and look for in cat toys so that you can experience confident that you will find the best toys cat will love and be entertained by.

Whether you want your cute feline friend to eat more slowly, exercise and lose weight, stay active, stay mentally engaged, or simply have fun and real ENTERTAINMENT, you definitely can find great toys to help. Let us know which toys your heir ball can recommend the best, share this review with other pet owners you know, and be sure to visit the rest of our website for detailed product reviews and great tips to help you keep a household of happy, entertained, healthy kitties!


  • August 21, 2019
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