Cat Toys

Best Laser Pointer For Cats

The Best Laser Pointer For Cats 2024: Top Picks Plus An Ultimate Guide

Cats can be incredibly picky about their toys. I can confirm this myself. Some cats prefer feathers, some prefer bells, and some go gaga over balls. (And boxes. Let’s not ...
Are Laser Pointers Bad For Cats

Are Laser Pointers Bad For Cats? Laser Toys & Its Effects On Your Cats

Looking for an easy-to-use cat play toy that can keep your feline friend physically active? Then lasers must be on your list.  Laser pointers are fun but their reputation isn’t ...
Best Cat Chew Toys

The 5 Best Cat Chew Toys in 2024: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The pet market offers a wide variety of toys for cats. Though most of these toys appear to be designed solely for recreation, many provide more important functions than the ...
Natural Cat Toys

What Makes a Non-Toxic Natural Cat Toys and Are Plastic Toys OK?

With all the emphasis on “natural” items these days, would you consider natural cat toys? Do remember that “natural” does not mean “better”. Poison ivy is natural, after all. And ...
How to Play With a Cat

How to Play With a Cat in Safe and Awesome Way

Here's the truth, as far as we're concerned: Curiosity BUILT the cat! In fact, felines thrive on opportunities to exercise and explore their world…aka, PLAY. Play is essential for helping your cat live the ...
20 DIY Cat Toy Ideas

How to Make Homemade DIY Cat Toys – Ideas And Guides 2024

How many cat toys has your cat gone through? Some cats can play a little rough with their toys. And these toys aren’t cheap! Still, cats need fun toys. They ...
13 Best Cat Toys

Top 13 Best Cat Toys Reviews 2024: Cool & Engaging Toys For Indoor Cats

No two kitties are the same. Each cat has her own personality and preferences. But let's face it: they're all cute! Cats also super playful and inquisitive . In fact, this may ...
Best Interactive Cat Toys

Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2024 – Automatic Toys For Your Feline!

How many times have you found yourself with a huge smile on your face as you watch your cat play, explore, and pounce on anything she can get her paws ...

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