Can Cats Eat Cherries? 5 Burning Questions Answered

can cats eat cherriesIn A Nutshell

Cherries are generally the sweet treat on top of most sweets and healthy eats. We’ve enjoyed cherries since we first ate them.

Then you start thinking if you could feed these cherries to your cat that looks intently at them as you indulge.

Can cats eat cherries? Your cat can only enjoy treats when you know when to give it to them.

So when cherries are in season, do you give it to them? To be honest, nothing is tastier than a bowl of cherries, for as long as the pits are removed! If you can enjoy them, why deny this delicious fruit to your cat?

Can Cats Eat Cherries? Why Not!

Can Cats Eat Cherries? 5 Burning Questions Answered 1

That’s right! Cats can eat cherries. The good news is, it isn’t like feeding your cat raspberries. So, you can feed your cat more than 2-3 at a time. Yet this should happen up to a healthy extent.

As you can see, cats are carnivores. So, they absorb most of their nutritional benefits mostly from animal sources and protein other than vegetable or fruit sources.

The question we need to ask is why we still consider giving these as treats to our well-loved felines?

So this query entails a rundown on the benefits of consuming cherries!

First things first, these delicious treats are soft to chew and are quite sweet on the tongue. It’s easy for this fruit to catch our attention with their bright red color.

Your cats are most likely to try a cherry out to satisfy their curiosity. Do bear in mind that not all health benefits of cherries apply to cats.

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What are the benefits of cherries?

What nutrients can we benefit from cherries? Antioxidants are at the top of the nutritional profile. Just like us, your cats need just as many antioxidants.

These groups of antioxidants can help with inflammation, eliminate forms of carcinogen, combat heart disease, and a lot more.

Can Cats Eat Cherries? 5 Burning Questions Answered 2

The best benefit of serving your cat this fruit in small quantities is the increase in his/her antioxidant intake.

When your cat receives these antioxidants, their immune system and bodily function could manage the risk of diabetes, thyroid, and other health complications.

Antioxidants also help detox their body from disease-causing elements taken in from their surroundings, most especially if your cats have access to polluted environments.

Besides the group of antioxidants, another fundamental substance you can find from cherries is melatonin. We consider melatonin as a “soothing remedy”.

The cherries your cats eat help relieve tension on a physiological and cognitive level. Your cat must get worked up when guests come home or by the sound of firecrackers.

By feeding your cat cherries, you can reduce their stress and discomfort. Melatonin calms the nervous system and the brain. So they’re less anxious, fearful, or irritable when in a new situation.

How can I feed cherries to my cats?

While cherries are incredibly the perfect source of antioxidant for your cats, having too much of it could lead to other detrimental results. Considering your cat has a different digestive system function compared to us, and because of that, your cat’s metabolism is different.

Here’s how we can safely feed cherries to your cats.

First things first, you need to know how to introduce this fruit to your cat. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm your furry friend with a bowl full of cherries, knowing you have no idea how the body might react to it.

Can Cats Eat Cherries? 5 Burning Questions Answered 3

Cats could be hypersensitive to food and are truly prone to mild or severe allergies. This is especially for other fruits and vegetables that shouldn’t be in their diet.

You can safely administer feeding your cat with a piece flesh of a cherry. It’s like doing a test patch to see if there may be any reactions to it.

Give the test at least an hour or two for results and any changes in your cat’s behavior. If your cat is pooping like the usual and doesn’t seem to express any discomfort, then it’s a go signal to continue feeding cherries.

Secondly, make sure you’re not feeding your cat just cherries. Literally treat it as the cherry on top! These fruits should only come as side dishes or add-ons incorporated into their main diet.

Your cat’s main diet consists of animal proteins. These animal proteins such as chicken, meat, or fish become 90% of their overall dish, while 10% are only cherries.

Third, as you feed your cat you can add in puree for better digestion. This shall potentially help with regulating your cat’s digestive system, while too much of it could also trigger diarrhea.

One of the most important thoughts you can take from this article is to give only a handful of pitted cherries and not more than that.

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Are cherries safe for cats?

The digestive system of a feline is different and could come off as extremely sensitive. It breaks down nutrients slower. Showing quick signs of an upset stomach, constipation, or diarrhea.

Cherries contain a natural sweetener but all sweets aren’t easily digestible for cats. Their stomach isn’t able to digest sugar as fast as humans. So, this means that giving them too many cherries may result in sugar indigestion which can lead to obesity over time.

Giving your cats too much of the cherries might upset the stomach or trigger an uncontrollable bowel movement. This is from how potent the effects of antioxidants are when it’s absorbed from the cherries as their bodies digest it differently from ours.

Can Cats Eat Cherries? 5 Burning Questions Answered 4

That is if you go overboard with the feeding. Consider feeding your cat cherries every once in a while. Say you’re going to reward your cats for being obedient or responsive. With this, you can go ahead and use just a handful of cherries to feed them as treats.

Just remember that feeding your cat a few cherries is fine, but overdoing this by consistently giving them a batch certainly won’t help them!

Are cherries toxic to cats?

A serious health complication that is associated with consuming too many of which is cherry poisoning due to the fruit's cyanogenic glycosides. Cherries become toxic to cats when there are unripe ones included in the mix.

Cherry poisoning is an entirely serious health condition in cats. It happens when a cat eats an unripe part of the cherry fruit. Cyanide is formed when fruits being consumed release cyanogenic glycosides upon chewing. This often occurs when there are too many served all at once without thorough checking.

So, you’ll know when your cat’s eaten an unripe cherry with these first symptoms such as a sense of discomfort, episodes of indigestion, vomiting, or diarrhea.

More so, as your cat accidentally eats the seed of a cherry or any part that also contains cyanide may lead to cherry poisoning as well.

The Major Take-Away

There are only a few fruits and vegetables you can safely give to your cats, and yes, cherry is one of them! Cherries all contain antioxidants your cat can benefit from in the long run.

Here are a few things to take note of before anything else!

  1. Consider the number of cherries you give to your cat. These are desirably given in small quantities.
  2. Do a patch test by giving just a piece of flesh to your cat and then observe their reaction to the flesh for at least two hours.
  3. The benefits of antioxidants are fundamental to your cat’s bodily function.
  4. Take away all the seeds, stem, and leaves of the cherry when serving it as a treat.
  5. Cherry-pick the ones that are already ripe!
Can Cats Eat Cherries? 5 Burning Questions Answered 5

So if your cat is bored eating the same old treat, I believe cherries are going to change that!

Is it OK for cats to eat cherries?

In moderation. Steer clear of grapes and raisins as it can cause kidney damage. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruit as well as persimmons can cause an upset stomach.

Can cats eat cherry stems?

All parts of the cherry plant other than the ripe fruit are considered toxic to cats, including the seeds, blossoms, stems, leaves and pits.

Can cats eat cherry pie filling?

The fruit of a cherry is considered safe for cats, though the cherry's leaves and roots are not.

Can cats have cherry yogurt?

Many cats are lactose intolerant, but they should still be able to consume small amounts of plain yogurt. Small amounts of plain yogurt should be safe for your cat to consume, but avoid any yogurt which has been flavored with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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