Can cats?

Can Cats Get Pink Eye

My Cat’s Eye Is Red & Swollen, Can Cats Get Pink Eye?

Pink eye is a very common eye condition in humans. You’ve probably had it at least once in your life. Since it’s pretty prevalent, it’s easy to assume that your ...
Can Cats Get Lyme Disease

Can Cats Get Lyme Disease? Lyme Disease & Its Effects To Cats Revealed

Lyme disease is a serious illness, especially if left untreated. In the US, it is the most common vector-borne ailment. And sadly, the number of infections occurring each year is ...
Can Cats Get Lice

Can Cats Get Lice? Cat Lice And How To Deal With It

Lice are cringy, clingy blood-sucking parasites that are hard to get rid of. What’s worst, they multiply fast and are highly contagious. And so we ask, can cats get lice ...
Can Cats Eat Cashews

It’s Sweet, Nutty, Hearty, & Yummy, Can Cats Eat Cashews?

Cashews are so in demand, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are these nuts so yummy, but they’re also hearty and oh so versatile. Of course, something as ...
Can Cats Find Their Way Home

Cat Homing Instinct: Is It For Real? Can Cats Find Their Way Home?

Indeed, losing a cat is never easy, and it’s good to hold on to the idea that someday they’ll find their way back home. All animals (like birds, fishes, and ...
Can Cats Sense Pregnancy

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy? Cat’s Pregnancy Senses Explained

Has your shy feline friend suddenly become extra clingy? Or do you have a well-behaved cat that has gone berserk? If you’re one among the two and you’re expecting, you’re ...
Can Cats Control Their Tails

Can Cats Control Their Tails? Can a Cat Live Without a Tail?

As a cat parent, you’ve probably had moments when you are just left in awe with your cat’s tail, while at times, you are also confused by what your feline ...
Can Cats Get Dandruff

Can Cats Get Dandruff? Is It Okay To Just Brush It Off?

Can cats get dandruff? Find out below as we discuss the topic in full detail. Getting dry, flaky skin is pretty common in humans, and the same goes for cats ...

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