Fresh Step with Febreze Cat Litter Review 2024: Fresh Scent, Clean Paws, No Odor

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Fresh Step cat litter review

This is a sponsored post. Fresh Step® sent us a free box of Gain Scent cat litter to try out in exchange for our fair and honest review. All thoughts are our own, and are in no way altered or influenced by Fresh Step® or its affiliates. In short, we’re telling you exactly what we think. Read on for our full, comprehensive Fresh step cat litter review below.

What is Fresh Step Cat Litter (Gain Scent)?

Fresh Step Cat Litter is a relatively new clumping litter that is scented with the power of Febreze Gain Original scent for extra odor-stopping power. It is their most advanced odor protection formula yet.

This 99.9% dust-free litter starts fighting odors on contact, and features the power of Febreze and Activated Charcoal to keep your home smelling fresh.  

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Fight extreme odors
  • Specially formulated for some of the busiest litter boxes
  • Features Ammonia Block Technology and activated charcoal that helps trap and eliminate urine odors
  • Delivers up to 10 days of odor control with a paw-activated Gain fragrance
  • 99.9% dust-free litter helps keep surface cleaner and air clearer
  • Helps keep your home smelling fresh

10 Day Odor Control

It should be noted that Fresh Step is not claiming that this litter eliminates odors. Odor control is the keyword here. The smell is still there, but it’s trapped beneath the scent of Febreze Gain Original Scent. It features Ammonia Block Technology and the power of Febreze to block litter box odors.

This product blocks odors as claimed, to date, this is the best smelling litter I have used so far. It leaves a scent on Rocky & Maureen as well, making them fresh smelling.

However, the scent died down a bit after 24 hours, so it wasn’t as strong. And I tell you, no smell of poop anywhere in our house!

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99.9% Dust Free

Packaging says 99.9% dust free. Which is true compared to other brands that I have used. Once again, please note that Fresh Step does not claim that there is NO dust or that it’s “dust-free” like some litters do. Many people don’t understand this, so don’t be surprised when a small poof of dust goes up your nostrils while you’re opening or pouring your litter.

fresh step cat litter

Clumplock Technology

Yes, this is a clumping litter. Most times, I like to avoid these types of litters because they can cause intestinal blockages in cats if swallowed it. For this reason, I don’t recommend this litter (or other clumping litters for that matter) for kittens or cats who are pica eaters (who like to eat non-food items).

The clumping action on this litter is really good. When they say it clumps tight, they sure did mean it. I almost had to take a chisel & hammer to one corner of the litter box. Kidding aside, it is a bit difficult to get out of the litter box for this reason, but it’s not because it gets stuck – it’s because it gets SUPER HEAVY.

Be sure you have extra set of hands ready to help when you clean the litter box. You need it, trust me.

Fresh Step Cat Litter Review

What Rocky and Maureen Thinks?

Truth be told, this is the first litter that they seem to enjoy both. They are excited and the scent it leaves around the house is refreshing. Take a look at the videos of them below.

As you can see, rocky is enjoying his “me” time. Though a bit annoyed because I was taking a video of him. (lol) Below, is Maureen using the Fresh Step litter.

All in all, our household is so happy to be able to try this cat litter and we will definitely include this for our pets' supply. Truly impressive. All paws up here!

Should You Be Concerned?

First 5 ingredients are listed on the Fresh Step website: “…premium scoopable clay (sodium bentonite), limestone, activated charcoal, fragrance and an antimicrobial agent (borates).”

We already know about the fragrance (Febreze), but another concern is the combination of borates & sodium bentonite. When borates and sodium are added together into a chemical compound, the result is borax. Borax may sound familiar to you; since it’s often used for homemade pesticides.

Although not as dangerous or effective as boric acid (hydrogen borate), borax can be harmful once ingested. The presence of borates and sodium alone is not enough to cause alarm, but I’m not sure what it takes to combine them or if they can become combined if they sit together. I suppose it all depends on what process Fresh Step® uses to make the litter.

I highly doubt that there is borax present in this litter, but it never hurts to be extra cautious.

fresh step cat litter

As I stated earlier, you should not use this litter if your cat has pica (eats non-food items). This includes young kittens that like to bite, chew or eat random things. This is due to the litter’s main component, sodium bentonite.

Unlike other clay litters, sodium bentonite clay clumps once wet. If your cat ends up swallowing it, it will cause a blockage which can be life-threatening.

Another ingredient note worthy is Limestone. It is there to counteract the acid in your cat’s urine. Have you heard of adding lime to your garden’s soil if it’s too acidic? Same theory applies here.

Activated charcoal is commonly used in pet water fountain filters to purify the water. Toxins naturally cling to activated charcoal, which is why it’s also used for cats who have been poisoned. Your vet will make your cat swallow liquid activated charcoal to absorb the toxins in their system.

The reason activated charcoal is in Fresh Step cat litter is because it helps with odor control. Bacteria and odors are trapped so that they never reach your nostrils.

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Is Fresh Step Gain Scent Right For My Cat?

Chemicals aside, this litter worked really well for the our litter box. The cats seem to like the kitty litter better than the others we have tried. I know it smells better and is easy to clean.

You should use Fresh Step® Cat Litter if you:

  • Have adult cat
  • Need extra odor control in your cat’s litter box
  • Want a cost-effective cat litter

You should NOT use this litter if:

  • Your cats are highly sensitive to smells
  • You have kittens
  • You want a lightweight cat litter
  • You are environmentally-conscious or are trying to avoid chemicals
Fresh Step with Febreze Cat Litter Review [year]: Fresh Scent, Clean Paws, No Odor 1

Product Precautions

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling use cat litter, as cat feces may contain Toxosplasma gondii – a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis.

Pregnant or nursing women, as well as children and anyone with a weakened immune system, should avoid handling used cat litter.

Always handle litter in a ventilated area to avoid inhalation. Keep contents and packaging out of reach of children and pets. Seek medical help in case of accidental ingestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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