8 Flat Faced Cat Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart

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flat faced cat breeds

What is so appealing about flat faced cat breeds?

Maybe it's that squishy pug nose. Maybe it's the shoe button eyes. Maybe it's that flat faced kitties look so much like cuddly stuffed toys.

Do keep this in mind: Even if Kitty looks like a soft and huggable plush toy, she is a living being.

She might like being held or petted for short bursts, but she'll let you know when she's had enough. There are some cats, however, who just can't seem to get enough cuddling.

Don't worry, kitty will let you know exactly how much physical affection she wants and it just so happens that flat faced cats tend to be sociable cats who love being cuddled. If you just can't resist a flat face, consider someone on this list.

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

The British Shorthair

British shorthair cat

This roly-poly pal looks like something out of a children's storybook. They're generally very well-behaved cats who can get along with anyone. The British shorthair is quiet but not aloof.

They simply enjoy calm and peaceful playtime. They also like staying close to the ground, so be gentle in picking her up, if you pick her up.

The British shorthair with her thick, insulated fur and plump features traps heat easily and makes for a good living hot water bottle. Her ancestors were working cats from the British countryside, so she's not completely sedentary either. This kitty likes to live a balanced life.

The Burmilla

flat faced cat

If you prefer the traditional slightly slanted cat eyes to shoe button eyes, maybe the Burmilla is right for you. The Burmilla gets her name from being a cross between a Burmese and a chinchilla Persian. She has a mischievous streak, but she's so sweet and cuddly you could forgive her for anything.

They've got a lot of energy and are slightly clumsy so they'll be in and out of trouble quite often. Unlike the placid Brit mentioned above, the Burmilla loves to climb, so break out the kitty condo. This cat is easy-going and not too fussy. A potential owner should be too.

The Exotic Shorthair

image of the exotic shorthair feline

Here's a breed for those who love the button eyes and squishy nose of a Persian but finds all that fur too much upkeep. They look like little teddy bears with velvety fur.

Like a teddy bear, they're content to just lay there until it's cuddle time. While they're as affectionate as Persians, the exotic shorthair is more playful.

They're easily entertained yet clever, making them interesting playmates. They're typically low-maintenance, but like the Persian, their sensitive eyes get infected easily and might need occasional wiping.

The Himalayan

image of The Himalayan kitty

This breed is also a mix. The Himmy has the cobby body and long silky fur of a Persian with the distinct markings and sapphire blue eyes of a Siamese. They're very patient and laid-back.

Unlike the occasionally cacophonic Siamese, the Himalayan tends to take advantage of those big hypnotic eyes and just stare at you until you do her bidding.

She does have more energy and curiosity than the typical Persian, however. While this breed is not demanding, she does come with a lot of fur that needs to be constantly groomed.

The Munchkin Cat

8 Flat Faced Cat Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart 1

We represent the short legged cats, the short legged cats, the short legged cats! And in the name of the short legged cats…we wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land! That song had to be sung.

As the name suggests, Munchkin cats are teeny little things. In spite of their short legs, Munchkins can pounce and dash with ferocity.

Her cheerful, playful nature makes the Munchkin almost a perpetual kitten. They're also a bit like squirrels in that they'll occasionally sit up on their back legs when feeling observant and hide shiny objects to play with later.

The Persian

image of the Persian feline

Because of their luxuriant fur, jewel-like eyes and tendency to want nothing more than to lay still and be petted, the Persian is the go-to breed for a Right Hand Cat for villainous characters in TV and movies. Even Cats, the musical about how wonderful felines are, maligns Persians with the deceitful Griddlebone.

Truth is, Persians prefer calm people who would love to spend a good half hour or more every evening just brushing Kitty's fur until it gleams. Despite the bad press and the fur that needs regular grooming, the Persian has managed to be one of the most popular breeds of all time. It's just so hard to resist that pretty little face!

The Scottish Fold

image of The Scottish Fold in basket

Anime fans will recognize this breed as Britain Cat from the Nekotalia segments on Axis Powers Hetalia. Meme lovers will recognize the breed as the one who made you a cookie but eaten it.

Just what makes them so adorable? It's probably those huge, round eyes, pudgy body and of course the droopy ears the bred was named for.

They've also got a sweet and agreeable nature to go with their stuffed toy look. They're very docile and friendly and love being picked up and cuddled.

This cat can get along with anyone, even very young children. Keep an eye on the kids anyway to make sure they're not taking advantage of Kitty's indulgent nature.

The Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

It's a kitty cat with a permanent wave! Even the whiskers have a bit of curl to them. As if the big round eyes and almost smiling expression wasn't enough, this cat's fur is curly, making her look like a cross between a super cute kitten and Mary's little lamb. Like Mary's lamb, this cat is very sociable and will follow you around.

They love attention. In spite of, or maybe because of, the natural curls the Selkirk Rex needs only occasional brushing. The Selkirk rex is both easy to care for and eager to please.

They're not the most physically active of cats but they are the most affectionate.

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